Roku Channel Not Available in Your Region Error Solved

Roku Channel Not Available in Your Region

Does an error appear on your Roku device saying a channel you’d like to watch is not available in your area? We regret to inform you that error has occurred.’ This TV station is not available in your area. If you are curious about why you are getting roku channel not available in your region error, continue reading.

Why is Roku Not Available in my Region?

Region conflicts

Visit “Change your region” in your Account Settings to resolve any issues that may prevent you from logging in (location). If you created your Roku account in a different region, you might be subject to location-specific errors.

Use your account ideally if you plan to use the service in that region. Be careful not to avoid having conflicts with the region you are currently using.

Region restrictions

It’s vital to keep in mind that each content publisher determines where to which channel and provider each content will be shown.

It won’t be available if you set up your Roku account in the United States, and if you use the device outside the United States, it will not be available for you.

Additionally, this is because every country has its own range of IP addresses. Roku knows where you are. If your current IP location does not match, some channels will be missing.

Your VPN was on when you created the account

Creating your Roku account should not be completed until you have disabled your VPN. If you choose a random IP assignment when you launch the VPN, you won’t use your account. Your device will have a different local IP address due to geolocation.

How Can I Fix This Problem?

Create a new Roku account

To bypass the roku channel not available in your region error, create a new account using a different address in the country where you’re currently registered.

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To do so, go to, and create a new account. As a result, any information on the problem account will be deleted. Finally, you may attempt to register the new account on your device and ensure that the problem is resolved.


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Use a VPN

If you aren’t attempting to access a region-restricted channel, use a VPN to switch your virtual location and then create a new account.

To view content that is only available in the region you’ve chosen, this is the only option. Once you’ve signed up for a Roku, the region cannot be changed. If you don’t know what VPN to use, test NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Cyberghost & stick to the one that best suits your requirements.

The virtual location is required: You will need to set up and use your Roku account at the same location.

With your current account, you will be unable to access content that is only available in specific regions via a VPN. Do you remember having a conflict with the area in which your account is maintained? You should create a new account.

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