How to Easily Download Music on Spotify

Download Music on Spotify

Spotify is currently the most famous and leading audio streaming service with over one billion users. Spotify has over 50 million tracks, over one million podcasts, and over four billion podcasts. According to Spotify website, they are the primary source of revenue for the music industry today. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to download music on spotify.

Variety of Plans to Meet Your Needs

Spotify for Free

This is the most basic service that Spotify offers to all of its customers. You’ll be provided with 6 skips per hour and will be exposed to advertisements every day. If skip limits aren’t something you’re interested in, various premium options fit almost any situation.

Spotify Premium Individual

All premium accounts share all of these highly-rated features.

Unlimited Streaming of over 50 million songs
Play albums, podcasts, & playlists offline
No ad interruptions
Unlimited Skips
No limitations once traveling abroad

Spotify Premium Family

This is a good deal for up to six family members who live together. The plan manager then e-invites the family members to link their accounts and prohibits explicit music.

So that no one has to listen to anyone else’s music, if you have kids between the ages of zero & twelve, you can get access to Spotify’s kids-only music and content. Family Playlist includes a variety of content that everyone enjoys listening to.

Spotify Premium Student

This is a reduced individual account. It has to be claimed every year and is only valid for 4 years. Attend attendance at an accredited institution must be validated with SheerID.

How to Turn on Downloading on Desktop

Several things must be completed before you can activate downloads on the desktop app. To subscribe, make sure you select the best option and then follow the subscription process instructions.

Most people who sign up for Spotify for the first time will get some deal or discount. A trial period ranging from three months to discounts and partnerships can be applied. You only need to search if you’re to receive an e-mail.

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If you’ve done subscribing or had already, be sure to log in using your paid account. You have completed these 2 tasks and are ready to import your playlists.

It is impossible for users who don’t have Spotify installed on their desktop to download music or podcasts. In the case of an album or song you want to be downloaded, it is easy to set that as a list for your individual usage.

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Once you’ve finished building your perfect playlists, downloading them is simple. You can choose a playlist from the side menu, wait for a moment, and then toggle the “Download this” link located at the top of the playlist screen to become active.

Downloading will begin automatically, and a green down-pointing arrow will appear once the download is complete.

To make your desktop app go into an Offline desktop app. Here, all users have to do is select the File menu, choose Other Options at the top of the window. And then Offline Mode will be available drop-down menu. Only the music you have previously downloaded will be available for your use.

How to Turn on Downloading on Mobile

Except for podcasts, which are available for download for free with an associated free account, you must have a subscription & be logged in with a premium account. There are just a few steps in downloading a desktop; simply read through the downloading tutorial if you need assistance.

The Spotify app lets you download playlists, albums, and podcasts. Downloading is as simple; you go to the podcast, album, or playlist and tap the download icon (download toggle switch for the Android app).

The download will start immediately, and a green circle with a downward-pointing arrow will appear once the download is finished.

Next, tap the Settings icon, then tap the Playback icon.

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Having hours of content to download can save data if you have an unlimited plan. And, I do it every time I go on a long drive or flight to ensure I can still enjoy my best-loved music and podcasts even if I don’t have cellular connectivity.

How long will I Keep My Downloads?

You will be able to retain your downloads for as long as you have a valid paid subscription and an internet connection at least once every 30 days.

Spotify even allows up to 10,000 songs to download to spread on up to five different devices. Well, you can create a custom audio experience with each of your devices.

Final Words

Dear Visitors, that’s all guidance on download music on spotify, you can now enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, songs, and playlists from anywhere. If you’re not sure about subscribing, do a free trial.

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