How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger

It is said that anonymity usually results in contempt, and anyone who spends whenever online knows this to be true. Unluckily, it is often true on Facebook, too, even when your actual name is on display for the world to see. Occasionally, the only way to avoid an undesirable or unpleasant encounter is to block somebody on Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, Facebook Messenger makes it easy and straightforward to block badly-behaving individuals with just a few clicks. Send trolls back under their bridges with simple steps.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger From Your Browser

In case you use Facebook Messenger on your PC without the app, you can quickly and easily block that one.

Just find the conversation you need to block in your sidebar & hover your cursor over it. Tap the three ellipses that appear. A menu will pop-up, allowing you to Mute, Mark as Unread, Delete, and several other options. Additionally, at the bottom of this menu is the option to Block messages. Tap this.

A pop-up will display, warning that you’ll stop receiving messages & calls from that person. If this is what you need to do, tap Block messages. When you do this, you no longer have to anxious about receiving spam or any other message from the individual.

Moreover, if you change your mind and want to unblock the person at any point, you can choose the chat from the sidebar. Afterward, at the bottom of the screen is a message saying, “You have blocked messages from this person.” Tap Unblock now to once more receive messages from them.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger From Your iPad or iPhone

Blocking somebody on the go is just as straightforward as it is from your browser. Just open the chat with the person you want to block, and then click their name at the screen’s top.

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It’ll bring up their profile. You can choose from some options, including viewing any photos & videos sent to you (if you want to report them.) At the bottom is a menu titled Privacy & Support. Click Block.

The other screen will appear, providing the option to block the person on Messenger or Facebook altogether. Click Block on Messenger to prevent or stop receiving messages from the person but remain friends.

Besides, if you later want to unblock the person, the option under Privacy & Support will be Unblock. Simply click that, and then choose Unblock on Messenger on the next screen to send & receive messages from the individual.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger From Your Android

The instructions for blocking somebody on Facebook Messenger from Android are the same as on the iPhone and iPad. Simply open the conversation, click the individual’s name, now scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then click Block > Block on Messenger.

Blocking On Messenger vs. Blocking On Facebook

If somebody likes to spam you with Facebook chain letters, you probably do not wish to receive messages from them, but you still want to see what they post. Blocking on Facebook Messenger is the best way to circumvent the issue.

However, if you’re dealing with harassing or threatening you, it is better to block them entirely rather than ignore their messages. In this case, instead of just blocking on Messenger, select the Block on Facebook option. It’ll eliminate their access to your Facebook page and not enable them to send you messages.

Furthermore, to avoid unwanted messages, make sure your Facebook settings limit how much someone you are not friends with can see. Numerous users leave their Facebook accounts wide open for the world to see. It’s better to restrict all information.

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If you’re being threatened with physical harm or feel in danger, contact the proper authorities. Don’t assume that blocking the person on social media will make the issue go away. It is better to be overly cautious.

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