Best 8 Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS (2020)

Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS

As modern camera technology improves on our smartphones, it, in turn, brings innovations to the consumer apps, sometimes in the form of Face Swap apps. Well, Face Swap apps allow you to switch faces with buddies or photos in real-time for those who do not know what it is. The image produced is sometimes hilarious & sometimes surreal. Let’s check out some of the excellent face swap apps for Android and iOS.

Best Face Swap Apps

1. Face Swap by Microsoft

Unlike all the other apps we’ve seen so far that let you swap faces with other people or pictures from your camera roll, Face Swap by Microsoft enables you to swap your face on almost anything.

Take a new image, fine-tune it a little, then use keywords to find the picture from the Internet where you can replace the face with yours. It can be a celebrity, an astronaut, an animal, or even a wall. It adjusts the skin tone automatically and texture to the surroundings. If it does not align properly, I can rotate & expand my face to fit his frame.

Moreover, the Face Swap app becomes a little complicated when you bring licensing into the picture. You may not use all the images that show up in the app on your social media. Additionally, the app is well built. The face swap through automatic is not perfect for every picture; thankfully, you can always manually align the images to fit the different frame sizes.

Install Face Swap (Android, APK Mirror)

2. Reface

An AI-based face swapping app allows you to swap faces with celebrities in famous movies & music videos. It also contains a set of popular memes as GIFs wherein you can swap your face. So, the renowned coffin meme can have your face or your friend’s face. The app allows you to save the videos on your local storage or share it directly with a Reface watermark.

Moreover, Reface provides the option to upload your GIFs. This feature is behind the paywall, and you would have to pay around $3.99 per month. Besides, the subscription removes the watermark and full-screen ads.

Download Reface (Android | iOS)

3. Face Blender

Face Blender is a funny and entertaining selfie poster creator app with which you can blend your face into any photo. The app is straightforward enough, and you will not have to spend time figuring out controls. Just tap an image and choose a template to blend your face on that template. The app contains over a hundred templates ranging from an astronaut to a gymnast.

Furthermore, the app automatically detects the face in the template & adjusts your face’s angle and orientation to fit the frame. And if the templates are not enough, you can create your face swaps by adding an image from the Camera Roll or the Gallery app. Plus, Face Blender is free on the Play Store.

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Install Face Blender (Android)

4. Cupace

Cupace is another top fun little app that provides face swap. Unlike Snapchat, Cupace allows you to extract faces from an image manually and then paste them into other pictures.

It contains a three-step process – cut a face, choose an image, and paste the face onto the image. The face cutting tool provides a magnified view not to miss a part of your ear in the cutout. And after the crop, the faces are saved in the app, and you can start pasting those cutouts on other people’s faces.

You can share your images with buddies on social media directly from the app. Overall the app works fine, but it lacks an auto face detection feature, which would have been great.

Install Cupace (Android)


Yeah, that’s not a typo; it’s the app’s actual name; this app contains many cool filters, though. Mrrmrr is a fantastic face app powered by DeepAR; it even offers real-time filters and masks.

The app has four categories emoji, filters, masks, and effects. Emoji does not have ample variations but three. You can be an animated emoji, Donald Trump, or Kanye West with this app. Mainly thanks to its real-time face tracking algorithm. It captures your facial movements and applies them to the emoji to create an interactive emoji. The masks offer some unique varieties such as rainbow drool, sunburn, goth, cat ears, anime, soda cap, etc.

You can take a photo or a video with the masks on. Sharing photos is very easy; after every capture, it shows you a preview of the image and some social media share buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Or you can also directly save the picture to the photos or move it to your PC without iTunes.

Install Mrrmrr (Android | iOS)

6. Portrait AI

Portrait AI is a straightforward app that converts your pictures to a 1980’s portrait painting, and that’s it. The app astonishingly works perfectly, and the paintings do not look like some filter snapped on your face. There are developed by an AI algorithm by examining your face in the painting. Besides that, if your paintings look European, that’s a slight AI bias. The AI in the app is currently merely trained with European faces, and it leans slightly on that side.

Plus, it has a couple of other filters & a video mode. They are recently behind the paywall at the moment, starting at $3.99 per month.

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Download PortraitAI (Android | iOS)

7. FaceApp

While already famous, FaceApp went viral once it released an aging filter as a feature in the app. Besides this feature, it also offers some quirky features that none of the above apps do.

Moreover, you start with taking a neutral picture of yourself; next, you can make yourself smile, change your gender, look older or young, change your hair color, and see yourself with glasses. Additionally, the aging filter is based on machine learning and AI, meaning that all the filters are procedurally stitched. It results in an organic picture that seems authentic. You must check it out to see how you would look in two years.

However, some features are locked & available in the pro version merely. Judging by the free filters, I recommend this app to everyone wondering for the best face swap app. The app contains no ads and offers in-app purchases.

Install Face App (Android| iOS)

8. Snapchat

Snapchat is the most famous app that provides face swap with someone else in your photo or video, or even from your camera roll. Just launch the app, and switch to the front-facing camera. Next, click on your face until you see white mesh lines over your face.

That’s Snapchat analyzing your face. Afterward, swipe left until you find the face swap option, and now you can swap your face with anyone in real-time or from the photo library of your mobile. To save the image, click the circle at the bottom with the face swap icon. You can take images ranging from funny to unflattering with Snapchat and hide them on your mobile.

Update: Snapchat is always adding exciting filters that take over the internet pretty quickly. Must ensure you check those out. For example, this baby filter has taken over the internet by storm & is surprisingly very cute.

Some folks have complained about the laggy performance of the app on Android phones. So, if you are not using Snapchat already, there’s no need to install it, just for its Face Swap features. That said, there are numerous apps out there that provide these features as standalone apps. Let’s check them out.

Install Snapchat (Android | iOS)

The Best Face Swap App?

MSQRD & MRRMRR are the best and highly-rated apps for real-time masks and filters with high accuracy. Face Changer 2 and Face App are useful apps for their masks, and Cupace needs manual editing skills. Let me know which apps you like the most in the comments below.

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