WhatsApp Error Something Went Wrong Solved

WhatsApp Error Something Went Wrong

WhatsApp may randomly give you a message stating, “Something went wrong when you tried to launch the app, sync with contacts, search for chat groups, or access your chat history.” What could be wrong here? If you are curious about how to fix the whatsapp error something went wrong, continuous reading.

Troubleshooting WhatsApp ‘Something Went Wrong’ Errors

1. Check your connection

To prevent cellular data usage, visit the “Network” screen and uncheck the “Airplane Mode” option. Ensure mobile data is on.

If you’ve established any monthly data limits, make sure to disable them and review them.

If you are connected to a wirelessly, you may have to reset your router and make sure you are no further away from your network devices.

2. Disable other apps running on the phone

Quit all the apps currently running on your device and re-start WhatsApp. When WhatsApp app conflicts occur, the service may be limited or blocked.

Be attentive if you a particular to the app or game you’re functioning if you are running it on your phone. Do not use both the respective app at the same time.

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3. Clear the cache

You may also fix the problem by clearing your cache. Caching helps apps open faster, but it can also clog up and slow down functionality and give errors.

To clear your WhatsApp cache, tap the Apps > tap the Clear button.

4. Update WhatsApp

The most recent WhatsApp version is the most reliable. Not to mention the latest updates are always rolling out fixes for known issues.

Check if a new WhatsApp version is available for your phone and install it. Go to Google Play & search for WhatsApp, search the App Store and tap the Update button (if there is one).

If your app version is up-to-to-date, then the update button isn’t available.

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5. Reinstall WhatsApp

Don’t panic if the verification code doesn’t arrive right away; reinstalling WhatsApp may take some time. You will have to enter the 6-digit verification code each time you obtain a new phone number, get a new device, or reinstall the app.

Hold your finger on the app’s icon until the Uninstall option appears. Uninstall your app, restart your phone, then go to Google Play and install WhatsApp’s latest version.

If you could fix the whatsapp error something went wrong, let us know in the comments section below!

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