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Hey guys, Need the Best and Most Recommended, Similar Alternative Torrent sites like

As a result, this article discusses sites like Regrettably, it has been far too long since, one of the world’s largest torrent websites, bid its tens of thousands of users farewell and shut down.

Torrentz search was not a true pirate website; rather, it was a meta-search engine that linked to other popular BitTorrent websites such as The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, and RARBG as well as KickassTorrents.

10 Best Sites like | Alternatives

Well, This article will teach you about sites like; the details are included below.

Torrentzsers were used by millions of people to download movies, video games, television series, and other large files. Once it was taken down, users began looking for its mirrors, proxies, and gush sites like torrentz.

1. 1337x

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Until recently, 1337x was considered to be the most popular torrent site. Additionally, it is a website that hosts a directory of torrent files and magnet links. It was founded in 2007. Additionally, it is considered a piracy site due to the fact that it distributes illegal content online.

1337x is a well-known movie download site. Additionally, this is almost certainly how consumers unfamiliar with file-sharing websites wish to view all torrent sites. Despite the appearance of its current website, 1337x has been around since 2007.

It is one of the best Torrent sites like It is a source of new content for a large number of torrent users worldwide. 1337x’s primary domain is currently, but it also maintains a number of backup domains. In addition, 1337x is a well-known torrent tracker on the web. As a result, 1337x is a strong alternative to


2. TorrentFunk

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Torrentfunk was founded in 2011. It includes numerous gushes declarations for downloading movies, music, television series, Ebooks, Animes, and various other gushes items. Without a doubt, TorrentFunk is one of the most popular torrent sites like All you need to get started torrenting at Torrentfunk is a functional computer and a high-speed internet connection.


3. YTS

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YTS is one of the greatest sites, and it is practically ingrained in the daily lives of every user on the planet. This website has consistently maintained a significant advantage over other gush sites over the years. Because of its excellent graphic design and download compatibility, the YTS torrent website is one of the most popular.

There’s a diverse selection of films, television programs, and web series in various languages and genres. This site makes it simple to download web series from the United States, Japan, India, Korea, and China.

The YTS gush motion picture portal is primarily dedicated to providing free access to Hollywood and Bollywood films.

However, a Google Trends analysis indicates that the website’s popularity has declined significantly in recent months, owing to the site’s limited resource accessibility. Users are extremely dissatisfied with the performance of this site, but I will not let you down any longer.


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Sites Like

EZTV is a popular Torrent sites like and an online community for TV show fans. It’s jam-packed with features that will help you improve your torrenting abilities, from an integrated anonymity checker on major websites to a calendar that lists the release dates of various shows’ episodes.

Although the website is straightforward to navigate, there is a comprehensive FAQ and support section, as well as an active discussion board, if you run into any difficulties. While on the EZTV website, it is recommended that you use a popup blocker, as clicking on menu links generates clean popup windows.

Is EZTV no longer available? Are you looking for an alternative method of unblocking EZTV? When EZTV is disabled, there are several ways to gain access. Nonetheless, the most effective method is to use EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites. On the other hand, locating functional EZTV Proxies and Mirrors is not as straightforward.


5. Thepiratebays

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Thepiratebays3 will be the newest and fastest proxy in 2021. The Pirate Bay (abbreviated as TPB) is a 2003 website. This torrent website sells pirated magnetic links and torrent files. It features an intuitive interface and makes use of peer-to-peer file-sharing techniques via the BitTorrent protocol.

In 2009, the Pirate Bay’s inventor was sentenced to one year in prison. Numerous countries’ ISPs have blocked this site. There are, however, a plethora of proxy websites available on the internet. The website features numerous popup advertisements and is currently the third most popular torrent site in the world in 2019.


6. uTorrent

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uTorrent was widely recognized by all gush downloaders prior to being acquired by BitTorrent, Inc. Before BitTorrent took it down and stuffed it with advertisements and spammy deals, it was an open-source and lightweight client. Although many people continue to use it, some users who are dissatisfied with uTorrent’s current state are looking for alternatives.

Fortunately, several Torrent clients are readily available, both open source and closed source. Some are extremely similar to uTorrent, while others may include features not found in uTorrent. Choosing an appropriate uTorrent client, on the other hand, can be challenging, as many other popular clients contain spyware and infections that can harm your computer.

To assist you in your search, I’ve compiled a list of intriguing alternatives with the least suspicious activity. Although some still provide Adware, if you are cautious, you can easily opt out (don’t worry, we’ll warn you about those).


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7. LimeTorrents

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Limetorrents is a popular torrent sites like that allows you to download movies, TV shows, software, Android apps, and music, among other things. The site makes use of the peer-to-peer data transfer protocol BitTorrent.

No gush website will ever function properly due to legal and piracy issues. However, you need not be concerned, as numerous torrent websites with advanced features appear daily.

Fortunately, lime gushes operators, and fans of alternative Torrents assist us with the most recent Limetorrents proxy & Lime gushes mirror sites, which include similar information, indexes, and updates with new material. The only distinction is that they are operated under different names.


8. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrents first made its presence known in 2006, during the reign of torrent websites such as Mininova and TorrentSpy. ExtraTorrents fought back tenaciously, and until a few years ago, it was the second most popular torrent website, trailing only Pirate Bay in terms of daily visitors.

It’s one of the most popular Torrent sites like and is also well-known for hosting movies and television shows. As a result, numerous issues with hosting companies and domain name service providers were raised, resulting in the site being taken offline. Nevertheless, it is unknown whether the torrent behemoth’s demise was precipitated by legal pressure.


9. Zooqle

Zooqle is another competitor and one of the most popular torrent sites today. This is because virtually every file on this gush platform has been validated. This means that the likelihood of contracting an infection on your computer or mobile device is extremely low.

Despite various attempts to shut it down, it has been modified to improve its usability. When writing, it’s not easy to create an account or log in to this website, as logging in is required to connect to the website.


10. TorrentReactor

It is exceedingly rare to come across a torrent website that remains operational and unblocked by authorities. Well, It all began several years ago with the arrest of the creator of KickAss Torrent for sharing and hosting copyrighted content. Following that, nearly every major torrent site was shut down by the police.

The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, TorrentReactor, and a few other websites were exempt from the bulk gush prohibition. The most popular of them all was TorrentReactor, which hosted millions of legal torrent files.

On the other hand, TorrentReactor was quickly overwhelmed by a wave of torrent restriction, eventually leading to its demise. However, prior to its demise, the site drew a large number of devoted visitors who are still looking for TorrentReactor.


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