Top 10 Word to PDF Converter Online

10 Best Word to PDF Converter Online

In this article, you’re going to know 10 top-notch Word to PDF converter online in 2020. There is countless Word to PDF converters available on the internet, and all of them provide different features. But based on their user-friendliness, easy UI, and the features they provide, I have listed the top online word to pdf converter. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Word to PDF Converter Online in 2020

1. Zamzar PDF Converter


When it comes to converting file format into any other file format, Zamzar always tops the list. It allows you to convert your docs file to PDF and into any file format you want to.

Zamzar works in four steps.

1. Firstly, select the file from your computer or drag & drop it there.
2. Now choose the file format to which you would like to convert your file.
3. Afterward, you need to enter your email address where the converted file will be sent.
4. And the final step is to tap the Convert button.

As sooner your file will be converted, you’ll get notified about it through email, and you can download it right from there. Besides, Zamzar is entirely free to use and offering file conversion services for about ten years now. So no matter if you need to convert your doc file to PDF, ebooks, video file, or any other file format to other, you can always rely on Zamzar.

2. OnlinetoPDF


OnlinetoPDF is a feature-rich & full-fledged word to PDF Converter. If your needs are not limited to just docs to PDF conversion, but you need to merge, edit, unlock & convert your PDFs online, then OnlinetoPDF is just for you! Unlike other online file converters, OnlinetoPDF enables you to edit your documents before converting them into different file formats. Additionally, you can format your file in a way you wish to.

You can select particular pages, rotate them, reorder pages, split files, and much more formatting options are there. Moreover, you can protect your PDF and put a password to protect your PDF from unwanted access. The list of features provided by OnlinetoPDF does not end here. You can also customize settings such as header, layout, footer, and compression in this converter, and all are free. OnlinetoPDF is free to use.

Besides, the maximum file size supported by OnlinetoPDF is 100 pretty great MB, and you can upload up to 20 files altogether. Overall, it’s an advanced word to pdf converter online, which gives almost all the features one can think of!

3. ToPDF


ToPDF is exclusively designed to convert different file formats into PDF Files. It is incredibly easy-to-use and has a very clean UI. Even though a noob can understand its working in one go as sooner he visits this site.

Furthermore, you can upload & convert up to 20 documents all together with ToPDF and download them singly with thumbnails or in the ZIP format all at once. And the supported file formats by ToPDF are word, excel, Lotus, PowerPoint, graphics, images, and several others. You can consider ToPDF if your requirements are strictly limited to Pdf files conversions.

4. Free PDF Converter


This PDF Converter is precisely designed to convert various file sorts into PDF file format. Using FREE PDF Convert, you can quickly convert MS Office documents, Open Office, Lotus, images, and other formats into PDF and vice versa.

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The thing which is not so good about this Online converter is, it is not entirely free. The Free version provides limited file conversions, but if you go premium with this converter, you’ll get access to unlimited file conversions & faster processing. But this is the best word to pdf converter online, which offers one-tap conversions in good quality.

5. PDF Online


Converting a word document into a PDF with PDF online is just 3 steps process like tap the upload button, select the document from your PC and download the file in PDF format.

The top thing about this converter is that it never changes the text formatting, image quality, and results pretty much faster. Furthermore, it also supports other formats, such as Word, Excel, TXT, PPT, and all the Image formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

6. Document Online Convert


The most impressive and admirable feature, which makes this online document converter stand out of the crowd, is its capability to convert a website into a PDF. You only need to enter the URL of the web page; this converter takes the screenshots and produces a PDF without having you do anything additional.

Furthermore, you can also upload your doc file right from your dropbox or google drive storage. When the file is selected either from your computer, URL, or your cloud storage, tap the Convert button and allow this converter to do its job. Document Online converter is entirely free to use and supports different file formats, including Excel, PowerPoint, and images.

7. Convert Online Free


Convert Online free is completely free and gives a high-quality result in no time. The top part of Convert Online Free is, you can also convert your doc file into a PDF file sized more than 50 MB.

Another feature that makes this online converter the perfect is, it supports batch conversion of several files. It does not require you to have MS Word installed on your computer as the file conversions take place on the server. Besides, it also does not need you to enter your info to download the converted file as it downloads the files on your PC directly.

Furthermore, it supports MS Word documents in all languages. The results produced by Convert Online Free are high-quality, and it gives the same PDF as your word file like Image quality is not lost & text formatting remains the same.

8. Doc-Pdf Converter


The Next top-rated word to pdf converter online, which you can use to convert your word files online, is Doc-PDF Converter. This converter is extremely easy-to-use and provides free conversions without having you to pay anything.

This online converter does not only offer the word to PDF conversion, but also, you can easily convert your PowerPoint, Excel, and Open Office Documents to PDFs in high-quality. The converted files are sent to you through email, and you can even copy it directly to your memory card. Besides, this online converter is even supported on smartphones.

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Doc-PDF Converter provides faster file conversion in just a mouse click. Overall, it is an excellent online doc to PDF converter, and you can opt for it if you want to convert your doc file to a PDF file in high-quality and faster, that too for free.

9. SmallPDF


If you’re interested in converting your docs file into PDF in a secure way, or, if Security is the foremost concern for you, then smallPDF is the right destination for you. Within an hour of your file conversion, all the files are automatically deleted from their server, assuring the uttermost security.

Moreover, smallPDF offers a very easy-to-use interface. You have to upload your docs files by clicking on the Choose File button, wait for the conversion to take place, and download the file. You can also drag & drop your doc file from your computer to convert it into a PDF.

If we talk about the other features provided by SmallPDF, it’s compatible with all the platforms, including Mac, Windows, or Linux. Additionally, it supports other file formats than words, i.e., image, Excel, & PowerPoint, and offers high-quality results.

10. Doc2PDF


Doc2PDF is an excellent word to pdf converter online, which is extremely easy to use. No matter if you’ve much of the technical skills or not, if you visit the Doc2PDF website once, you’ll know how to use this online converter; it’s that easy, trust me.

The top part of this online converter is that it not only converts files from your PC, but you can also directly upload files from Dropbox or Google drive, making the process easier. When you have browsed the docs file to be converted from your PC or drive, wait for the conversion to happen, once done then download the file.

Like several other above-mentioned online converters, Docs2PDF does not only offer the word to Pdf conversion, but it even supports other file formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, text, or image. You can quickly convert files up to 25 MB in size with this online converter. Besides, this converter is also supported by all versions of windows.


So, these are the top-notch 10 Word to pdf converters online. But as I suggested, the list does not end here. If you wish to explore more options, you can try your hands on Word to PDF Converter, Coolutils, ToPDF, Docx2doc, etc. Another best but not so known option to convert docs to PDF file is the Google docs.

If you’ve ever tried your hands on Google docs, then you no need to try any other online converter to convert file type online as google docs does it best. All you have to do is, open your docs file in google docs, make desired changes, and download it as a PDF file, simple enough!

Aside from this, you can even download docs to PDF converter software from the different sources on the internet if you wish to get it done offline. I sincerely hope this article helped you convert your docs file into a PDF file in an efficient and conveniet way. So did I miss any best Word to PDF converter online? Also for any doubts or questions, you can leave a comment below.

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