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Rabbit Alternatives

Watching a movie or a TV show with friends, family, or a special someone becomes impossible if you are physically away from them. Rabbit used to be a top-rated platform that made virtual movie nights possible. But unfortunately, now, the website is closed and taken over by Kast. So don’t worry, in this article, I will give you top Rabbit Alternatives.

The website had to be taken over by Kast in 2019 because of was facing funding issues or problems. Kast is now trying its best to become the next big name in the virtual watch parties’ universe. However, there are even other Rabbit Alternatives that you can use to watch movies or shows “together” with folks who are far away.

Top Rabbit Alternatives – Sites like Rabbit for Virtual Watch Parties and Movie Nights

Wondering about streaming websites like to start watching movies and TV shows online with your loved ones while they are in their own homes. Here are some of the top-notch Rabbit Alternatives.

1. Netflix Party

No doubt we all love to “Netflix and chill,” right? The massive selection of TV shows, movies, and web series on Netflix is enormous and varied, and it can make date nights super-fun. It is among the best Rabbit Alternatives to co-watch shows and movies that are available merely on Netflix.

Furthermore, on this platform, you can only access the library of Netflix. But, considering the library’s massiveness on this website and the rate at which it gets updated, you’ll have plenty of content to enjoy. Besides, you can enjoy synchronized video playback while interacting with your partner by using the group chat option while watching content in real-time!

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2. SyncLounge

Stuck at home during a lockdown? Have your plans with your best friend to watch movies together gotten canceled several times in the last few months? Do not worry about such situations. You can easily use SyncLounge to co-watch the content available on Plex by playing synchronized media. But remember that it is designed for Plex users only.

Moreover, all you have to do is connect the library on Plex with this co-watching app, and you will be set to enjoy a virtual watch party with your buddies in a private “room.” The synced playback is of high-quality as the app doesn’t depend on the Plex server. Instead, it uses its server and allows you to share data with some parties while interacting with them.

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Yet another platform that can act as one of the best Rabbit Alternatives is If you are looking for a co-watching platform to play synchronized content with your best-loved people, this is an ideal place to do that. It enables seamless playback of videos from various content streaming portals, from YouTube to Vimeo to Dailymotion.

When you start playing a video on this website, the members in your virtual “room” will be able to see the videos, thanks to the synced playback simultaneously. Or, you can also share URLs from different video websites to watch videos together on this platform. You’ll get a chat feature to interact with the other members of your watch party.

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4. Twoseven

Twoseven is among an excellent Rabbit Alternatives. It is a co-watching website to enjoy synced video content playback with your buddies and family members while interacting with them.

Moreover, the interaction on this site is unique in its way. That’s why it supports webcam use, and you can share live reactions with the help of this best feature. Besides, the site aims for the best real-time video watching experiences without latency. It supports top OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, etc. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent Rabbit alternative.

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5. ShareTube

YouTube is a famous video streaming site that we often take for granted, right? But who does not love to watch cute animal videos or learn new recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s channel and share them with others? YouTube also contains incredible documentaries, travel videos, & more. Here is your chance to co-watch YouTube videos using ShareTube.

It’s a simple service-provider that works to let you play videos in sync with others & enjoy a co-watching experience. All you need is to create a “room” like on most other portals of this kind & share the YouTube URL so everyone can enjoy synchronized content. It also provides an interactive option for group chat.

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6. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is one of the famous Rabbit Alternatives where you can enjoy a shared experience of watching videos & listening to music with your most-liked person. You can also shop together on Amazon with the help of this website. It provides a luxe sync playback option that doesn’t cause delays while streaming movies or TV shows.

Furthermore, remember that while watching shows on Watch2gether, you need to pick the video option with the highest upload speed. It’ll ensure that you & your co-watchers enjoy the best experience while enjoying the movies and shows together. You can even communicate with others with the help of the chat feature on this website.

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7. TogetherTube

One of the most famous streaming alternatives to Rabbit, TogetherTube, lets you host a watch party. With this website, you can sync videos from YouTube, Video, SoundCloud, and DailyMotion with your video-watching partner. You can come together to enjoy the newly released trailer or just the new video of your most-liked YouTuber.

Additionally, TogetherTube will give you the chance to create a private chat room, just like other websites in this genre. You can also enjoy communicating with the person with whom you are enjoying the co-viewing experience. Besides, in this chat room, you can add videos to your shared playlist. Members can vote to choose the new video.

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8. Airtime

Are you looking for how to share a content viewing experience with your buddies and family when you are all physically far from each other? With Rabbit closing down in 2019, folks who loved that co-watching site became heartbroken. But there is no need to anxious because Airtime is here to replace and offer you a video-sharing option.

Airtime enables you to co-watch YouTube videos and listens to music with your buddies and family while chatting with them. The site doesn’t just support simultaneous media playback without any interruption. It also enables audio commentary. You can even add up to 10 users in a single chat room for a whole family experience.

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9. Metastream

For the shared streaming of video content & enjoying a digital watch party, Metastream is one of the best Rabbit Alternatives to pick after It enables superior-quality live sync playback. Additionally, the portal has developed its proprietary technology to enhance live streaming quality by multiple viewers, which means there is almost no latency.

Moreover, you can even enjoy on-screen chat and video queueing, besides managing users. The platform supports all famous streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. It doesn’t support the streaming of downloaded media or chatting via webcams with audio support. It’s excellent for watch parties.

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10. Rave

If you are looking for Rabbit Alternatives, Rave can be a perfect choice. You can access Rave using your smartphone & experience great results. It lets you watch Netflix simultaneously with another user & interact with your co-watcher. You can even co-watch content on Vimeo, Google Drive, DailyMotion, and others.

You will notice that the synchronized playback quality is excellent, and it works without any issues. The website does support the video chat option, but it does not work while the video content is being played. An exciting and top feature of Rave is that you can co-listen to music & sync smartphones. Altogether, it is a solid choice for shared content viewing on phone devices.

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11. Invited

Wondering for a platform to host a watch party to enjoy the content of Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave, etc., with your virtual friend? Invited as the best medium for that. Any website that can be played on a regular browser can be played on Invited. It provides high-quality video and audio during your shared video playback for a great experience.

Furthermore, the site allows you to create a shared room where you and your invitee can watch synchronized videos together. It will enable all members of the room to control the browser & surf the web. Additionally, there is a monthly and yearly subscription fee, though it’s optional. But paying a subscription fee lets you skip the queue for a room during peak hours.

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12. Syncplay

Bored out of your mind? It is time to invite your buddies to a virtual watch party & enjoy watching video content with them via Syncplay. They can join from their respective locations, & together, you can co-watch downloaded content on your PC. It supports all media players such as VLC and MPV.

Moreover, all users will be in a room on Syncplay, where the portal will broadcast the playback on your PC to watch the same content together. However, you will not be able to chat or communicate through this site. But if you have many buddies who are serious about watching movies without interruptions, this is the ideal platform.

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13. Parsec

Yes, co-watching movies and series online with buddies or family is cool; but have you thought how much entertainment it might be to stream games? Parsec enables both. Though it’s not primarily built to stream video content, & other members can’t control the playback, the website is still an excellent platform for high-quality synced playback.

It is also a fantastic choice for synced video viewing and game streaming if you can ignore the one-directional control. You can invite your buddies and family to the virtual room & enjoy real-time video viewing without latency. Additionally, like any other multi-player game streaming, Parsec also allows you & your buddies to comment and interact in real-time.

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14. AnimeParty

Love Anime? Wish to watch these Japanese animation videos with your friends from the Anime club? It is time to shift to AnimeParty! This portal enables you to stream & watch Anime content with your buddies through a digital watch party. It’s a straightforward platform that lets you create a private room to share the invitees’ content.

The great part is that the platform has a vast library of Anime videos of its own, and you can access this library to start watching. Apart from that, the portal allows a group chat option to interact with the co-watchers. The synchronized playback quality is laudable, and you’ll not face any significant issues while enjoying Anime with your buddies.

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15. Kosmi

Do you wish to spend some time with your buddies virtually? Would you love to chat with them, play poker, & watch YouTube videos together just like you would in case of a casual hangout? Kosmi will enable you to do everything in its virtual chat room, where you can communicate over a webcam & share your browser or screen, and view videos.

Moreover, with Kosmi, you do not even have to go into the hassle of installation or signing up. You can create a room to start interacting with your buddies. You can watch synced YouTube videos together & enjoy local video streaming, just like on You can also play games and with whom you share, the URL will be capable of joining your room.

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16. Together TV

You can share your best-loved shows and movies with your friends & family through the online platform of Together TV. You can stream content from the massive libraries of famous sites such as Netflix, Hulu, & others also share it with others through its web-based UI. It is one of the great Rabbit Alternatives for co-watching videos.

Moreover, with Together TV, you can share a remote screen with others with whom you are connected online. You can choose to play the videos on your PC through this website or let it play random videos for you and your buddies if you are in a casual mood. You can also use the audio chat with your friends via Together TV for the complete “hangout” feel.

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17. Synaptop

If you are wondering about a web-based app like to enjoy shared video-viewing experiences, Synaptop is one of the top-notch Rabbit Alternatives. It enables you to co-watch videos with friends & family with the help of a remote connection. Besides, the platform is free, but you’ll need to create an account to enjoy its features & start sharing viewing experiences.

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Besides watching videos, you can even play games and listen to music with this site’s help. You can even use it for collaborating with others on work or study projects. Put merely, Synatop will enable you to share all types of content with others. Thanks to its streaming services, you will not need to download anything. It contains a library of movies available for you.

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18. TogetherJS

TogetherJS is among the best Rabbit Alternatives that’s loaded with the excellent features needed for watch parties online. With this website, you can enjoy the real-time collaboration that supports different sites & apps. You can also watch movies and videos with others on this site.

Besides that, TogetherJS provides an open-source library where you can add tools & collaborate with other users’ websites. To start enjoying shared video & movie watching with others remotely, you’ll first need to install it and then send it to your buddies. Using this, they can join in, & you all can start interacting with each other.

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19. Caracal Club

Users of swears by Caracal Club as a replacement for the website. It is a platform that lets you stream virtual web browsers, just like Put merely, Caracal Club supports all available websites so that you’ll not have to take the trouble of sharing your screen. You can create both private & public rooms to host watch parties.

It is easy for the host to pass the control of the room to the other invitees. Besides, you can chat with the other members in the room, though video or voice chatting is impossible. If you pay the subscription fee, you will access the rooms on the website at any time. It can be useful since the number of rooms on this portal is limited.

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20. Tutturu

Among the alternatives to Rabbit, Tutturu is another favorite. It is a shared browsing platform where you can invite your buddies and enjoy sharing videos & other content. Like other Rabbit replacements, you’ve to create a room on this site to share the content. From YouTube to Reddit to Anime websites, you can share it all.

It is also easy for members to take control of the shared virtual browser. You’ll find all the major features of is in this platform, like private & public rooms, virtual browsers, interactive audio options, video, text chatting, remote passing, etc. Additionally, you can use it on iOS & Android. The host requires to pay a small monthly subscription fee.

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21. AndChill

The last name on our list of Rabbit Alternatives is AndChill, a platform supporting shared video viewing with your visual buddies. You have to create both public & private rooms to watch videos with folks from around the world, no matter where they are located physically. The platform makes virtual watch parties easy.

The UI of AndChill is simple, and the option to share both videos & audio is just a click away on this website. You’ll have to start with the open public rooms on the site and join the room, depending on their watching. It’s a fun way to meet folks with the same interest as you do. Sharing content with buddies & family is also easy.

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Well, used to be a platform that kept buddies & family members together through the fun activity of watching great content “together” even when folks were not in the same place physically. It was the best platform for hosting virtual movie nights. Though, all that stopped when the site closed in 2019.

With shut down for good; the new platform that came into being was Kast as a Rabbit replacement, with a massive collection. But besides Kast, there are numerous other Rabbit Alternatives that you can use to have online watch parties to enjoy movies & TV shows with people who’re far away.


What Is Rabbit?, or Rabbit, was launched in 2014 as a video streaming site & mobile app that offered a group chat platform. It enabled people to browse & watch the same content remotely and enjoy text or video chat. Unfortunately, in 2019, it was shut down due to funding issues.

Why is Rabbit Down?

Rabbit, which was even called, is a platform that used to offer video streaming & chatting options, but it closed in 2019 due to a lack of sufficient funding. Additionally, after remaining semi-functional for about a month, the platform was taken over by Kast by the end of July.

Is Rabbit a Safe Website?

The rabbit was a platform that provided video streaming & chatting options for its users. It was a legitimate website that had to be closed down because of funding issues & not because of any piracy accusations or legal matters of any kind. While it was functional, it was safe and secure.

Is Rabbit Dead?

In 2019, Rabbit had to be shut down. And the announcement of the shutdown was made on the LinkedIn profile of CEO Amanda Richardson. The platform remained semi-functional in July, & by the end of July, its intellectual rights, software stack, and patents were all taken over by Kast.

Is Rabbit Shutting Down?

The rabbit was a happening platform that buddies could use to share videos & watch them remotely at the same time. Due to a lack of funds, the website had to be closed in 2019. Besides, the platform’s intellectual property, along with software & patents, was taken over by Kast.

Is Kast The Same As Rabbit?

Kast took over Rabbit’s intellectual property rights in July 2019, striking a deal with the latter. Kast has acquired Rabbit’s software stack, rights, & patents, and it intends to welcome the followers and fans of Rabbit to its new & improved platform for enjoying and sharing videos.

What To Use Instead Of was the top platform for sharing videos, enjoying them “together” remotely, & chatting through texts and videos. Plus, it was like a platform for virtual movie nights with friends. However, the website had to be closed in 2019. You can now use Rabbit Alternatives like Netflix Party, SyncLounge, TogetherTube,, Airtime, etc.

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