Top 20 Best Photo To Cartoon Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Best Photo To Cartoon Apps

Using the following Photo To Cartoon Apps, you can turn photos into cartoons, can adjust filter settings & become a superhero in several simple touches. One of the Best Photo To Cartoon Apps suitable for users of all levels. A straightforward and convenient interface and comes with many filters. And other cartoon character apps currently available for iOS and Android.

Top Free 15 Photo To Cartoon Apps For Android and iPhone

You can effortlessly create awesome cartoons in seconds. Just pick your best-loved photo, or you can directly click a selfie-and convert them into cartoons by only one click. So let’s check out the list. Also, discover cartoon yourself apps Android/iOS 2020.

1. cartoon photo filters Android / iPhone

One of the great apps on the Google play store with more than 10 million downloads for creating cartoon pictures in seconds. You can easily pick your images and convert them into the cartoon by just one single click. You can directly click a new image by its cartoon camera and create live cartoon pictures. A large number of different filters & cartoon effects available for your cartoon pictures needs. Let’s download and convert yourself cartoon in a few seconds. Easy-to-use and simple UI design. Download free from Google play store & start creating cartoons now.

2. cartoon face animation creator Android / iPhone

It is a great cartoon app for iPhone users. You can download the app from its official website with ease and create cartoon directly from your iPhone device. One of the excellent cartoon picture app iPhone/iPad. A large number of cartoon filters available here. Crop your images, style them, and apply your most-liked cartoon effects on it. Now your cartoon pictures on your iPhone are ready to use. Let’s save it on your iPhone or iPad device and start sharing now.

3. cartoon yourself Android / iPhone

More than 1 million downloads on Google play store. One of the top-rated and free cartoon yourself app for creating incredible cartoon pictures in seconds. It’s come with a sketch effect, painting, drawing, pencil sketch, portrait pencil, Lomography, graffiti, etc. Just one tap cartoon picture converter. Let’s make the best cartoon pictures from your Daily day life photos. Let’s download free & start creating now.

4. clip2comic iPhone

Sorry Android users, this app is merely available for iPhone users. One of the great cartoon yourself app iPhone Lets’ download it free from the iOS store and start creating cartoons from your pictures. Easy and simple UI Pick photo applies effects. You can even create videos from it. After successfully creating, do not forget to share with your buddies and family members.

5. sketch me Android / iPhone

Another best app for creating cartoons in a few seconds. Available on both platforms iOS/Android. You can make a sketch and create awesome cartoons in seconds with ease. You can turn your images in cartoon drawing. One of the excellent app for drawing cartoons directly on images. Unique and easy-to-use the app. Let’s download and sketch now.

6. Cartoonface iPhone

Another great free app for iPhone users. It’s also available on the iPad. This app contains a vast number of different video and photo filters. You can pick any of your best-loved photos and convert them into a cartoon by just a single click. This app also contains a large no. Of artistic effects that you can use for increasing the beauty of the pic. Let’s set download & convert your pics in cartoons now.

7. Cartoon art Android

It is another best free cartoon pictures app Android with over 1 million downloads on Google play store. It comes with an excellent cartoon camera, great cartoon editor, image editor, 39+ best cartoon filters, ample filters, etc. Let’s click an image for converting into cartoon from its cartoon camera app, or you can easily pick your pictures & convert them in cartoons with its cartoon editor. Let’s show your talent by creating impressive cartoon artworks and share with your friends. One-click Instagram sharing option also available on this. Let’s download and dive into your ability, create awesome cartoon pictures now.

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8. Artista cartoon

It offers you many cool cartoons and artistic effects; you can easily convert your pictures in cartoons photos by just a single tap click. There is also a cartoon camera available that gives you excellent cartoon effects directly on your smartphone screen. It’s one of the great cartoon pictures apps with advanced picture editing tools. Let’s download and create unique cartoons in seconds. Let’s set a cartoon.

9. Cartoon photo android

It is also a great free cartoon picture app Android 2020. this app contains a large number of different cartoon effects. You can select your photos and apply real-time filters on that. Or you can even try it’s camera feature click the picture, and apply cartoon filers. One of the best apps with many functions is the focus, pinch zoom, live filters, artistic effects, etc. Let’s download & create your picture cartoon now.

10. Cartoon photo filter effect

It is another excellent app on this list for creating cartoons in just one tap. Only one single click, and you can quickly transform your pictures into cartoons. Additionally, more than 30+ best cartoon effects available here. One of the best apps on the Google play store for converting images into cartoons in just one click. Let’s download now and transform your pictures into cartoons. Let’s set a cartoon.

11. moments cam Android/iOS

It is one of the best cam apps for cartoon lovers. You can create awesome stunning cartoon pictures with it. It contains advanced functionality of emotions & animation. You can create your animated emotion cartoon with it. Interact with your buddies and family members and share your creativity in its community to get likes and shares. If folks love your content, then you also win exciting gifts and prizes. Let’s start clicking cartoon selfies now.

12. cartoon Photo Editor android

Another great app for Android users. As the name says, all it’s a cartoon maker camera with just one tap snap option. Choose live art filers, artistic effects, cartoon effects, etc. One of the excellent cartoon camera app for cartoon images. It also contains double exposure effects, blur effects, etc. Let’s download it on your smartphone & snap new cartoon selfies or convert your pictures into a cartoon with its impressive cartoon effects. Let’s start clicking/generating.

13. cartoon camera iOS / Android

It is another excellent app to convert photo to cartoon .simple, easy to use, download the app, and open the camera Live cartoon creator app for your cartoon needs. It’s ultimately fulfilling your expectations—one of the best cartoon camera app on this list. Let’s have a try excellent cartoon effects available here, tap a picture, and your cartoon is ready to use. Let’s share your creativity with your buddies and family members; they like it. Let’s set snap a cartoon selfie now.

14. Deep art effects

It is also a best cartoon maker app for Android users. You can create awesome stunning full high-definition cartoon pictures in seconds—more than 30+ best cartoon filters & artistic effects. You can easily sync your images data from the app directly. Let’s create an account on this app and easily manage all your stuff—one of the best, most straightforward cartoon picture app.

15. Paint pro

Another great app with a large number of artistic and cartoon filters, effects. Turn your pictures in a cartoon with this awesome cartoons pictures app android. Let’s download it free from the play store and showcase your cartoonist skills. Create a full high-definition cartoon and directly share it with your social media buddies by just one single tap. Let’s download & generate now.

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16. Art Camera Android

The first app that we’ve on our list allows you to put artistic and creative effects on your pictures. You can make your images into watercolor paintings, comic strips, etc. It comes with over a hundred filters for you to play around with. It even comes with above thirty cartoon styles, which let you make your selfies like cartoon characters. Best of all, it’s free, and you can upload all your images to your favorite social media platforms with just one click. Do not wait any more, and go check out this tool right this second.

17. Cartoon Camera Photo Editor Android

Here’s another excellent cartoon camera app that will give all your self-portraits and selfies a funny & cool cartoon effect, making them look like it’s from a comic book. You can utilize any of their 40+ filters to give your images a unique look and express your inner artist. It even has real-time cartoon effects. Every selfie you take will have a creative & imaginative twist and get you many likes and shares. All the images that you edit get automatically saved to your gallery, in an external folder. Also, you can share your edits on all the popular social media apps.

18. Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam iphone

Get all your followers to like & comment on all your pictures by editing your photos with Insta Toon. You can either load your images from the gallery or click them using the real-time camera and put various effects and filters on them to make them look like cartoons & comic characters. You can also control the tone, saturation, texture, and more, all by yourself. Besides, you can save them as a video, a GIF, or even a Live Photo. Edit all your HD and Ultra HD images without any degradation in quality.

19. Pencil Photo Sketch Android

Make all your pictures & selfies into beautiful pencil portraits to assist this fantastic tool by Minerva Studios. With its easy and straightforward usability, you can turn all your images into complete artworks. There’s a wide variety of effects ranging from pencil drawing, silhouette drawing, etc. All your edits get saved to your gallery, and you can even automatically share them with all your social media platforms. Convert all your pictures into eye-catching pieces with a flick of the button with this tool’s help. Go ahead & download it now.

20. PicMagic – Cartoon Photo Editor iPhone

The final pick on our list of the top-notch cartoon camera app is PicMagic, which helps you put several gorgeous effects on your images, making them into mosaics, sketches, comics, etc. You can also turn them into modern and classical art with absolute ease. You can reduce & increase the saturation and depth as well. All your images will have a significant magic effect, and you can put your watermark on it.


So this is the list of top-rated and best cartoon picture convert apps iPhone/Android 2020. Let’s pick any of your most-liked apps from this list and start creating awesome cartoons in seconds now. Just pick & apply filters and convert them. Excellent live camera filters give you the ability to click the cartoon picture directly from your front cam. Let’s try these apps and create awesome stuff. Let’s share this with your buddies and family members and get likes and shares on your social media accounts. And don’t forget to leave your valuable comments here. Thank you

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