Top 10 Video Editing Apps For iOS And Android 2020

Video Editing Apps For iOS And Android 2020

Although a mobile video editor cannot compete with decadent video editing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro, it works to do simple editing efficiently. For editing social videos or vlogging to TikTok and Instagram, at the very least, it works fine. Then with robust features, it could even surprise.

However, you are at the right place regardless of the reason for editing videos on the move. I’ll pick and discuss in this article the best and top-rated Android & iOS video editing apps. So let’s try them out without any more ado.

Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the Premiere Pro mobile sibling, one of the most potent creative video editing apps. It is an all-in-one, cross-device video editing app with an in-built camera for creating pro-quality videos on mobile devices.

Furthermore, if you are a pro video creator, you will love its multi-track timeline editing & cloud sync capabilities, which are missing in FilmoraGo. Additionally, on top of the basic editing features, it avails motion graphics & auto-ducking effects. However, it does prohibit the free export, rendering or uploading of three videos, as opposed to others.


Promotes Adobe Premiere Pro exporting projects.

Multi-track editing timeline functionality as opposed to FilmoraGo.


No video output size support.

No free exports, unlike FilmoraGo. Free plan exports.

Supported platformsAndroid & iOS.


KineMaster is one of the easy-to-use free video editing apps for making a single animation video. With its intuitive UI, the basic editing functions can be quickly introduced and imported. It isn’t everything; there are many advanced features in it.

KineMaster lets you add and monitor voice-overs, video layers, video reversals and special effects to make great videos. It also includes chroma key composing, a feature used to compose two colour shades-based images or videos, which all of the above apps lack.


Unlike other video layers, it supports the management of several layers.

Supports voice overviews, changers of voice, sound effects, etc.


Adds a watermark for the videos, which can be removed by subscription.

A subscription is required to specific properties and advanced software.

Supported platformsAndroid and iOS.


FilmoraGo is among the easiest and best video editing apps to create amazing sleek videos. It provides the most common editing tools, including cutting, trimming, etc. It also supports reverse play and fast or slow editing.

FilmoraGo lets you import and preview images and videos and posts them on most social media in real-time. It also has enough filters, music loops, themes, still graphics and movement graphics. Then, if you are looking for more imagination, it has in-app purchases, effects and themes.


Build look-alike videos on the target website.

Supports video editing and reverse play.


Adds a watermark clip; removable with a subscription

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Supported platformsAndroid & iOS.


Funimate is your dream app for mobile devices if you want to make lip-sync or music videos. It offers everything you need to edit mainly, such as cutting, fusion, trimming and filters, as most of those apps.

Contrary to the above video editing apps, Funimate has more than 100 video effects. You can also create shockingly your effects. After you create a video, you can also share it privately on social networks or other apps like WhatsApp.


All essential options & tools for video editing.

Allows you to build your effects, as opposed to most apps.


Fewer than most apps, transitions, filters and results.

Annoys users while saving videos, reporting pro-effects.

Supported platformsAndroid & iOS.


PowerDirector is one of the excellent video editing apps, provides comprehensive video editing software for making videos with a high-resolution chroma key. Its timeline interface has important editing features like rotate, break, trim, and different tools. It has, unexpectedly, unlike most apps on the list, multi-track timeline video editing.

The video stabilizer you are using lets you create smooth, stutter-free videos, i.e. through this best video editing app, you can repair shaky videos. PowerDirector also has a slow-motion editor to create slow-motion videos with different effects.


Supports the development of effects for slow-motion images.

It supports context editing, just as KineMaster supports.


A subscription is required to support Full HD and 4K videos.

The free edition displays ads and watermarks.

Supported platformsAndroid only.


The top-rated video editor app is Quik, lets you easily create a video from your photos or video clips from the team behind GoPro. It scans your pictures and videos for memorable times and uses them to create a video. All the basic editing functions can be performed, including the setting of colour filters and effects.

What is unique? Quik boasts that before exporting the video, you can customize anything. You can cut it intelligently, add GPS stickers, speed it up or slow-move it, pick a format or resolution, and do much more. It is not as strong as PowerDirector or Premiere Rush but is useful for videos. But it works.


Auto-editing functionality for many video production options.

GoPro Fusion is enabled when exported in mode OverCapture.


Unlike a few apps on this list, no support for 4K images.

Unfortunately, some users have found several bugs in the app!

Supported platformsAndroid and iOS.


ALIVE is one of the best and quick video editing apps that enables moments like Quik and ActionDirector to be filmed, circulated and highlighted. With ALIVE, the basics — cutting, trimming, sticking, or rearranging material and design filters can be personalized.

It provides powerful timeline shifts, as with PowerDirector and Premiere Rush. Your videos can be innovative thanks to the integrated functionalities — filters, stickers and video effects. The app lets you make fun videos and engage socially with other creators to gain artistic inspiration.

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Unlike other rivals, it features timeline editing.


Fill in the free version with watermarks on your video.

Limits the length of the video to just 30 seconds.

Supported platformsAndroid and iOS.


The essential features for editing and adapting video in its intuitive user interface are Cyberlink Action Director. What sets FilmoraGo apart is its support to edit and create 4K videos with unbelievable clarity.

Furthermore, you can also record videos, add text, and add background music with this highly-rated video editing app for Android only. You can transform videos into complex action effects, for example, by replaying or rewinding sections to highlight video bits. This feature makes it unique from other apps like FilmoraGo to highlight crucial moments.


It helps to incorporate slow or fast motion effects and more.

Supports 4K images, unlike FilmoraGo, to be changed and made.


Unlike most other apps, no filter and layer support.

Supported platformsAndroid merely.


It helps to create short clips for social media platforms, like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. It has all the critical functions such as cutting, cutting, fusion, or more with a film, such as Quik and KineMaster.

VivaVideo is one of the most leading video editing apps which allows you to load or import and combine multiple clips. This app helps you to create memoranda and movies with transitional effects. It can also be useful in writing music or in stitching videos. Finally, a massive library with over 200 filters and fast/slow-motion supports the editor.


Supports full HD and 4K export of videos.

Includes a video and slideshow builder with slow motion.


Adds watermark and restricts the free version length.

Some users have recorded bugs in which the app is tight.

Supported platformsAndroid and iOS.


Magisto is among the best and helpful video editing apps for composing short to medium images. The app, like Quik and FilmoraGo, can be generated automatically with an artificial intelligence system. It can pick the best moments from your phone and create videos using some music to combine effects and filters.

You must choose your editing style, select pictures and videos, and then select your video music. And the rest, including Quik, will be managed by Magisto. It also has a video stabilizer that helps you to make smooth images, like PowerDirector.


Export HD or Full HD-quality 2.5-minute images.

Turn your moments and images into memories automatically.


Free editing functionality and length of video reduced.

Supported platformsAndroid and iOS.

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