Top 10 Best Games for Linux

Top 10 Best Games for Linux

As we know, online games have come this far and gained their place immediately in the universe of online streaming. Millions of internet users from globally invest their time in playing games online. Many online gaming competitions and fests are organized now & then, where players can showcase their passion, interest, and awareness towards the game.

There’s an endless number of gaming options for Windows, Android, and macOS; however, this gaming list begins to shrink when it comes to Linux. If you’re passionate about gaming and own Linux-based machines, this post is just for you.

I have gathered all the data for you regarding online games & also their popularity to enjoy playing these top-rated listed games on your Linux system. Besides, all these games are free, so you do not even have to worry about spending any money.

1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the best legendary multiplayer shooter game that can be played on Linux machines. Back in 2007, the game was released, but it still has a top fan following. To keep the game alive, numerous new and unique elements are added from time to time. It houses features such as selecting your weapon, creating your character, and also customize it.

2. Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light, another top Linux compatible game, is a sequel to Metro 2033, this post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game based on the survival game concept. Besides, it delivers an action-packed experience to the players wherein they have to make certain critical choices to survive. It offers a fantastic story & gameplay.

3. Terraria

Terraria is another action-based adventure game for Linux that will bring the universe to your fingertips. Fight for glory, fortune, & survival to test yourself in the battleground. You can even choose to build your city in the world of terraria to define everything about your character.

4. Portal 2

Well, if you like to challenge your mind with solving puzzles, then the Portal 2 game is for you. This single-player game provides a great way to solve simple & complex puzzles using cubes, portals, and other mechanical resources. Besides, the game probes your mind to complete different levels of challenges.

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Furthermore, the game comes with over 60,000 puzzles with varied sizes and quantities such as voice-overs, gaming elements, expansions, etc.

5. Limbo

Limbo is a creative & intuitive puzzle-based game that revolves around Limbo, the main character of the game, finds himself in the middle of the wild forest where he comes across a giant spider trying to kill him. Released in 2010 & still catching up on the most-liked list, this game works great with PlayStation 3, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, & Linux.

6. Portal

Portal, the latest single-player game, is set amid mysterious science labs, due to which it has been titled as one of the most advanced and original games with distinct gameplay. This game’s basic concept revolves around the players’ ability to tackle, manipulate, and build an approach in a given environmental setup, similar to the concept of Half-Life 2, which involved implementing new strategies to leverage various objects in different situations.

This entertaining game involves players solving different challenges, puzzles, etc.

7. HalfLife2

HalfLife2, a first-person shooter game from Valve, comes with ample challenges, puzzles, shooting, storytelling, etc.; it is composed of many exciting features such as vehicles and science labs physics-based gameplay.

Additionally, players are supposed to control Gordon Freeman, who combats against aliens & other allies using weapons and other manipulating objects like gravity guns.

8. Civilization V

Civilization V is an incredible strategy-based game houses attacks, strategies, combat, and gameplay with no wrong turn. The gameplay is a little bit like playing a technology-based chess game; when you make a move, there’s no looking back.

This game’s primary focus is to create the empire from scratch in or stone age era. Use your strategies & tactics to play this game with full focus and attention, as any deviation from the same is a loss in the game.

9. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program game indeed sounds interesting, but it needs lots of work to master this game. The Kerbal Space Program calls for discipline & ideas as the game involves building a space rocket that can be launched to fly so far as possible into space.

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Moreover, playing this game is not as simple as it seems; it calls for purchasing parts to construct a rocket with just a limited budget and then launch it successfully to go far into space.

10. World Of Goo

World Of Goo, multiple award-winning games, is based on solving physics puzzles. Build structures, giant tongues, bridges, cannonballs, and zeppelins by dragging and dropping glob of goo, talking, living, and squirming.

Furthermore, the games house millions of goo balls that dwell in a fantastic Goo World and are keen to explore, but they’re not even aware that they are part of the game or taste just so good.


Nowadays, gaming is not seen as it used to be before. It is now full of brainstorming, making gameplan, strategies, and keeping yourself and your team alive & going in the game. There’s an endless number of games for Windows & iOS platforms, but we often think that there’s hardly anything significant out there when it comes to Linux.

Well, for Linux systems, there are ample games out there, each better & more challenging than others. Apart from that, there are many big titles and mainstream games which are meant just for Linux.

This article has introduced the 10 best and remarkable games for Linux users, giving you that gaming rush and keeping you engaged all day long in making gameplans and strategies to survive & win the game. Have fun!

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