Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

What is Soul Anime?

Soul Anime is one such website that enables users to Watch Anime Online for free. Users can watch online anime in HD quality on this site and yet download it if they wish. It has an easy-to-use interface that enables users to use it instantly.

Anime is currently getting popularity with people all over the world. Anime is a Japanese name for hand-drawn cartoons and network animation. It is explained in various countries using various languages.

SoulAnime’s menu page provides users to choose from anime lists, movies, completed anime, and random anime. If you open the site, the newly released series is displayed on the front screen. Soul Anime is also seen as a community in which anime enthusiasts can communicate with one another.

Soul Anime has a vast range of the most original anime series and episodes. Because it is connected in different countries and languages, most of its series are dubbed and subbed. This enables users to watch anime in their preferred language.

Soul Anime is popular among anime enthusiasts because of the high-quality anime content that the site provides. The site’s streaming content is mainly in 1080p, which makes it popular among anime fans. Soul Anime has a wide variety of anime, making it a one-stop shop for all content.

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

There may be times if you cannot access the Soul Anime website for a variety of reasons. Therefore, to help you overcome this issue, here are a few best Soul Anime Alternatives that will provide your anime online in full HD quality.

1. OtakuStream

Best 16 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

OtakuStream offers recently released anime movies and series to its users. The site Best Soul Anime Alternatives has a unique feature of light/dark which you can set according to day and night in your location.

The site does not have pop-up ads on its homepage. Moreover, it has an excellent interface and user experience. You can watch anime series online and movies without any hindrances. You can create an account by logging in with the help of Facebook or Twitter accounts. The site has approximately 15 million users per month. The traffic mainly comes from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany.

2. AnimeUltima 

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

AnimeUltima has many parts on the page. Each section is dedicated to particular categories like the latest episodes, popular shows of the year, all-time popular and most advanced added anime. The homepage of the site is free from ads.

There is a search bar where you can search for a special content that you wish to watch. The site takes about 3 million users by month with most of the traffic from the UK, US, plus Brazil.

3. KissAnime

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

KissAnime is the best site Soul Anime Alternatives for watching anime online without having to pay a subscription fee. It provides instant premium anime streaming. You can find the latest online anime and anime series in HD quality. This has anime in both English subbed and dubbed versions. It also has a mobile-friendly interface, and simply one drawback is that there are too various pop-up ads.

4. KissCartoon

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

KissCartoon is a Best Soul Anime Alternatives website that enables users to watch free cartoons and anime series. The site is popular among anime followers because it regularly updates and categorizes the series for users.

Register as a site member if you need to be notified whenever a new cartoon or anime is uploaded. This gives users the best experience imaginable at streaming anime online. The site is created in such a way that ads include both sides of the homepage. There are also pop-up ads if you click on a new video.

5. AnimePahe

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

Another choice for anime enthusiasts is AnimePahe. Here you can get subbed and dubbed anime series. It has an ad-free homepage plus an easy-to-use interface. If you want to watch the most popular anime series, this is the site to go. The website represents the most newly released anime series.

In increase to its legal services, the website has a slew of new features. If you want to view the thumbnails and title of the anime video in question, let shown in display mode. All month, it receives almost 2.5 million visitors. The bulk of guests to this website are from the United States, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

6. GoGoAnime

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online
GoGo anime is another excellent option for those who do not wish to pay to watch anime online.
There are some shows that you can watch online for free.

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The best thing about this site is that it offers so much free content that other sites do not.
You can view your favourite content and all of the anime collections based on various manga sources and genres.

7. Netflix

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

Netflix wasted no time in releasing Watch Anime Online after learning about the rapid growth of anime. Netflix now has an extensive anime library with dubbed and subbed anime to choose from. There is a lot of popular anime out there that you would enjoy watching.

The best part about Netflix is that there are no commercials to distract you while watching your favourite shows. It has high-quality content, with HD and 4K resolutions supported for most shows and anime.

8. CartoonsOn

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

CartoonsOn is a website related to Soul Anime. Users can watch famous cartoons and anime series for free. But, because there is just specific content to watch, this site is not very popular among anime fans.

Only famous cartoons and series are available for viewing. The site’s database is not extensive. Another limitation of the website is that there are too many ads on the homepage. The site receives short traffic as a result of all of these drawbacks.

9. AnimeShow

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

AnimeShow gives its users a massive collection of anime series and movies. There is a search tab on the site’s homepage where you can look for the content you want to watch for. The downside of this site is that there are too many pop-up ads and display ads, which are annoying to users. The website takes approximately one million visitors a month. The bulk of visitors to the site come from the United States and the United Kingdom.

10. AnimeFLV

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

AnimeFLV is one of the most popular best Soul Anime Alternatives. It is generally considered as the forefather of anime content provider websites. The downside of this site is that it only allows anime series and movies in Spanish rather than English.

The website has a simple-to-use interface and is very optimized. Users can watch videos without breaks, such as buffering.

11. AnimeTV

Best 17 Soul Anime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online

AnimeTV is another excellent website where you can catch up on all of the newest anime. The videos have each subbed and dubbed versions. As a result, you can watch these videos in any language you need. Pop-up and ads display overflow in the sidebars on each side of the homepage.

All of the most original anime series can be found in the center. You can immediately sign up using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. The site takes about 7 million visitors per month, with most visitors coming from the United States and the United Kingdom.

12. Anime Heros

Anime Heros is a nearly new site in the world of cartoon streaming. At this site, you can find all of the most recent and well-known anime in high quality. You can watch videos in HD+ resolution. It has a warning feature that keeps users up to date on the launch and release of new web series and movies. It has an easy-to-use interface.

13. VIZ

VIZ  Watch Anime for Free is the best Soul Anime Alternatives for Watch Anime Online series. It has a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to navigate the site. The site’s video player is very similar to YouTube’s. All of the videos are available in HD quality. Because this site is new in the anime streaming world, it does not have traffic.

14. AnimeFreak

Another option to Soul Anime is Anime Freak. You can watch series by genre. The site has a broad range of genres. The site is easy to use and has a user-friendly platform.

You will have not to buy with disturbing pop-ups and display ads. You can watch HD quality videos in without any difficulties. This website takes around 12 million visitors per month.

15. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a popular Soul Anime Alternatives to watch anime online with anime followers. This website has an advantage over its opponents because it is already well-liked by its users. This website has an extensive collection of cartoons. This website’s distinctive feature is that it allows web-based games for children.

The site is of high quality, with an excellent user-friendly platform. There will be no lag and playback errors on this site. This site takes around 1 million visitors per month.

16. Animelab

Animelab is a free Soul Anime Alternatives to watch anime online. This website essentially concentrates on New Zealand and Australian user although the watchers are from all over the globe. The app is available to download on both android and iOS devices. The content on AnimeLab is classified into more than 25 genres that are genuine and unique. It centers more on themes like LGBT relations, romance, and actions.


– Simple to navigate and make all the simulcasts on the screen.


– The platforms are restricted.

17. Crunchyroll

One of the most famous anime websites that you can find on the internet. Here, you can easily stream all the content that you wish. All of their anime series are organized in a pervasive range of anime of different genres. All of these are legal. If you want to view some of the anime that are not found in the free area, you need to purchase a premium version to enjoy the anime. There are even subtitles in the anime.

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Besides, the premium version comes with more features; it offers a wide variety of anime movies. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. It makes the site very navigable. Crunchyroll has a vast collection of the latest anime serials. Additionally, the homepage has filter tools and a search box for even faster access to the contents onsite. I admire the fact that this platform has a very active community forum. Here you’ll find insights and updates about what is trending on the platform.

Moreover, the free plan has some ads, while the premium platform guaranteed an ad-free viewing. If you wish to experience anime movie watching at a new level, we recommend Crunchyroll.

Key Features of Cruncyroll:

  • Has organized anime categories.
  • Full of various genres.
  • Has premium and free plans.
  • Massive collection of anime movies & serials

Conclusion of Soul Anime

These are some excellent Soul Anime Alternatives for watching anime series for free. There are many other websites where you can watch anime online. You can look through these options and choose which site you want to watch anime online.

There are various features in the sites that you will not find on the Soul Anime site. We hope that you will like these sites to watch anime online.


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