RARBG Proxy & Mirror Sites – 10 Best RARBG Alternatives


Today’s article is regarding RARBG Proxy & Mirror Sites that you can use. The torrent site RARBG was created in 2008. It is useful for downloading torrents from different media such as TV shows, movies, software, and games. While millions of people have used it, the program is only accessible through RARBG’s proxy. Many countries have implemented legislation against its usage due to the high piracy rate. Following the closing of extratorrent, limetorrents, and torrentz2, the kickass torrent was taken down in 2016. A lot of the popular torrent sites were banned by ISPs and Google.

How to Access RARBG Proxy and RARBG Mirror Sites?

If you’ve been prevented from accessing the original rang, or your ISP has blocked it. Still, no problems if you want to use the RARBG proxy. A plethora of alternative options are available for accessing the RARBG torrent site. Some working methods are mentioned below.

  • Use of Proxy Websites
  • Use IP address instead of URL
  • VPN
  • Use Extension

When compared to the other methods, using proxy sites and VPN is seen as a safe and fast approach.

How to Unblock RARBG Proxy?

RARBG Proxy/Mirror sites are a replica of the original site RARBG. The design, torrents, and updates are all the same on both domains. To unblock RARBG if you’re unable to access the original site, use one of these RARBG proxy sites.

List of 20 Best RARBG Proxy & Mirror Sites

RARBG staff and many volunteers maintain these RARBG Proxy/Mirror sites in order to make sure everyone can unblock RARBG, even if they can’t unblock the original website.

How to Use RARBG with VPN?

VPN refers to a virtual private system. It provides a private IP address to make your browsing private, and you can visit any website without restrictions. In addition, any RARBG proxy site is accessible with the use of a VPN.

10 Best RARBG Alternatives

Well, If you don’t want to use RARBG proxy unblock, then make sure to use one of these amazing RARBG proxy alternatives sites.

1. 1337x


The easiest RARBG Alternatives is 1337x. The most appropriate domain for 1337x is, and if this site isn’t accessible, then or should be attempted. A current market-leading torrent and one of the best alternatives.

2. Zooqle


Zooqle is a prominent torrent similar to RARBG. You simply type “,” and you’ll have anything you want to be downloaded to your web. Again, it’s an above-average type of file that will be downloaded.

3. The Pirate bay

RARBG is the domain for this torrent. Enter this, and you’re good to download torrents from this torrent site. Also, there will be a lot of different things here for you to explore. In addition, you can find content in multiple languages that you can just download.

4. Limetorrents


The domain for Limetorrents is limetorrents. In order to type ‘limetorrents’ into your browser, you’ll get Limetorrents. Here, You must enter at least one keyword to search the torrent site. If you don’t, you can use any of the categories displayed on the torrent’s house page.

5. YTS


This torrent is being run on the domain. The HD movie torrent site says that it has the smallest size of movies and shows in HD. This is an excellent RARBG alternative for movie downloading. The movies in this torrent range from 720p and 1080p in quality, letting you choose the quality you prefer.

6. Torlock


After visiting Torlock, you’ll find it difficult to go to any other torrent site. Just as RARBG, it contains all the functionality of a torrent site, such as an excellent user interface, great categories like Music, Movies, Games, and Applications, and much more.

7. Elitetorrent


When you think about it, Elitetorrent is a large-scale distribution service for flicks and series in Spanish, which suggests that we have a vast array of movies and series available for you, as well as a one-click download. Also, It’s worth mentioning that we attempt to supply the elite of flicks, that is, the simplest of the simplest.

8. Torrentz2

Here, You may be surprised to know that the new portal is simply a copy of the Torrentz portal. Torrentz is only the newest iteration of a popular web Torrent search engine.

When you consider that RARBG Proxy alternatives operates with a minimalist UI (user interface) and strives to provide users with relevant torrents by way of a wide range of seeders, you will find it common to find torrents of a decade-old with over 20 seeders.


Among people who download TV series, EZTV is a well-known name. This is because every EZTV torrent provides full TV shows, series from years, and users of the EZTV torrent network can’t find an alternative to locate such incredible TV torrents.

10. Kickass Torrents

Some of the internet’s most popular torrent portals, such as Kickass Proxy, are over a decade old. However, kickass Torrents doesn’t only offer content of that age and reliability but also offers a wide range of content such as music, software, movies, eBooks, and more.

It delivers everything you desire, plus it has an extremely simple-to-use interface, making it effortless for even first-time users to use.

The Bottom Line:

So, This is what you can expect from the RARBG proxy sites: these sites are there to help you. If these proxies fail, use a good VPN service. It’s possible that ISPs have also blocked these proxies. Please tell me your thoughts on this. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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