Best 16 Working Rainierland Alternatives In 2020

Best 16 Rainierland Alternatives That Work In 2020

COVID-19 and loss of Rainerland platform! Sadly, a harsh reality to digest for several movie buffs. Rainierland free movies were one of the incredible and easiest ways to watch movies. However, unluckily, that site has now been closed down. But don’t anxious, as there are more unique options to keep yourself updated with the movie world.

Here’s the complete list of 16 best rainierland alternatives movies that are all great in functioning just like Rainierland and will surely keep you entertained & updated with the latest releases and old classics.

Top 16 Best Rainierland Alternatives

1. SolarMovies

With more than 70 million-plus users, is among the popular and widely chosen movie & TV series streaming website. This website is free and also holds a collection of massive genres, including documentaries and biographies.

From horrors to sad & emotional, every type of movie content is available on this website. The SolarMovie has a very straightforward UI. On the center of this site, you can find the search engine, and on the top, there are options for the Latest and trendy releases, Movies, TV Series, Most watched, Top IMDB, etc.

This website also provides descriptions & reviews that give a little insight and h&minimal numbers of ads, which is why it is perfect for a movie night its Best rainierland alternatives.


1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is one of the top rainierland alternatives as this site has the perfect collections of movies & TV series that will always keep you entertained.

Popcorn time enables users to download the videos also, and the navigation is simple and easy. The suggestions and filters make the website even more organized & straightforward to control, and the wide variety of movies & TV shows makes it a perfect choice for movie time.

Furthermore, the audio is also available in multiple languages with subtitles, and everything is for free. The advertisements are limited. Could this website be any more incredible? Yes, it can be with its high-definition quality streaming and with data-saving options.


2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is also among the best rainierland alternatives movies. This website gives fierce competition to Rainierland with its massive range of genres, including science-fiction & animations. Popcornflix is probably the perfect option for you as this side also streams fantastic short movies. And everything is free on this website.

Popcornflix is exceptionally organized and easy-to-use. The site also provides descriptions & reviews of the movies that help you get a little insight into the movie and choose which one to watch.

Furthermore, this site does have little random pop-up ads, but not to an extent where it ruins your movie experience. Overall, this website is a perfect alternative for Rainierland free movies.


3. PrimeWire

Primewire is the most accessible manageable website for movies & TV shows, making it a perfect alternative for Rainierland. This site also has a massive collection, including popular movies & series like Joker, Grey’s anatomy, Parasite, Frozen 2, How I met your mother, and so on.

From horror to documentaries, every sort of genre is available on Primewire. And the top part is that everything is easily accessible for free. No need for registration or sign up needed. All you have to do is visit the site, search for the movie or series, and enjoy your time.

Also, there are almost zero advertisements on this site; your experience will not be ruined or interrupted by an ad. You can stream videos in 360p easily; although, you’ll have to switch to the premium version if you are looking for HD content.


4. 123 Movies

123 Movies, generally known as GoStream, is among the best rainierland alternatives free movies. This site also covers a vast range of genres, just like Rainierland.

Moreover, this site has around a 25million plus happy customers, and why would not there be? After all, this site has a super user-friendly interface with various movies & series, and that too for free. Even plenty of anime and Kdramas are available on this website.

This site does have ample ads popping up on your screen, which can be annoying at times. But everything is for free, so a few ads are justified. And the download option is also available, and you can even stream or download in HD quality.


5. Fmovies

Fmovies is one of the fantastic rainierland alternatives free movies that don’t have any cons in it. The collection of movies and TV series are broad. Whether you’re in a mood for mysterious movies or in the air for romantic comedies, Fmovies has covered it all.

Additionally, the site’s main page has a simple search box, and this website offers a minimal and straightforward UI. All you need to do is type the name of the movie or series, and you’ll have the desired results. Everything is available for free on this site, and the number of advertisements is also less in numbers than the other movies or series streaming sites.


6. Putlocker

Putlocker is considered among the ideal rainierland alternatives. The reason being its comprehensive variety and collection of movies & TV series. This site has been there another long run with millions of active users every month.

From the classic 70 movies and TV shows to the latest releases of 2020, everything is available, and that too for free. Putlocker also offers a trending list from which you can choose what you want to watch or search for a movie or series from the search bar.

Additionally, if you create an account for free, then putlocker keeps track of what you watch and suggests your taste in movies & series. This site is straightforward to navigate and contains almost 50 plus different categories with minimal numbers of ads.


7. Los Movies

Los Movies contains over 100 million-plus users, making it a trendy and top-rated rainierland alternatives for movies & series. Its popularity is the massive collection of movies & TV series available on this website to watch without spending even a single penny. This website is probably not very fancy looking, but do not judge the book by its cover as what it holds inside can blow your mind.

Besides that, most of the videos are available in various languages with subtitles. Plus, the loading speed can be a little slow sometimes, but not to the extent to which it starts bothering you.

Also, pop-up ads usually do not show up, but they can last for about 2-3 minutes when they do. Overall, this site is undoubtedly a good option for binge-watching and chilling.


8. Mega Share

This website does not look very appealing initially, but it is fascinating with the varieties of movies & collections. Moreover, this website is extremely user friendly and has many filters that help you decide what kind of movie or series you wish to watch. Megashare also offers reviews and descriptions for its collections, which further helps in the deciding process.

A couple of ads pop up at random moments and sometimes be annoying, especially when you are in the movie. This site is free, and you can easily access the latest releases or old classics.


9. Watch Series

The watch series is a perfect website for you, as this site has a very straightforward UI. The watch series has categorized the vast collection of movies & series under different genres and filters with its reviews and descriptions to finalize what to watch. And also, everything is free on this website, and no registration is required.

It is among the highly-rated rainierland alternatives. The only drawback of the site is the terms of annoying pop-up ads. The ads do not usually show while you’re watching something, but you may have to go through numerous pop-ups while selecting what you wish to watch. Besides that, this website has no issues and is the best alternative for rainierland.


10. Cmovies HD

Like the name suggests Cmovies HD streams HD quality movies and series. The collection of them is vast. From mysteries like the vampire diaries to comedies like Friends, everything is available to watch on this website.

It is one of the top-notch rainierland alternatives. This website has a super easy & user-friendly UI, and if you choose to register, you can also keep track of what you’ve watched and come up with movies & series suggestions accordingly.

Even the latest and trendy releases of 2020 are readily available & accessible on this website. The pop-up ads are also limited, with everything being available for free. Additionally, this website has millions of users and is another incredible alternative for Rainierland free movies.


11. Movies Time

Movies time is one of the best rainierland alternatives that offers its app for download and is one of the easiest ways to stream the latest and trendy releases in almost every popular language.

Besides that, from Asian dramas to American Sitcoms, everything is available to watch on this site. The movies & series collection are so vast that it is very rare for you to search for a movie and not find the desired results.

Additionally, the interface is also straightforward, and it allows you to download the content as well. You can watch in 360p or HD quality, and everything is for free. Besides, the navigations are super easy, and this website has a massive range of Hollywood and Bollywood films. Short movies are also available to watch on this platform, making it an even best choice than it already is.


12. Netflix

You must have heard the name of Netflix, as this platform is currently one of the biggest movies, TV shows, and web series streaming sources.

Netflix has its short movies and series that are widely popular & entertaining, like Stranger things, Sex education, Dark, The perfect date, To all the boys I have loved before, The half of it, secret love, The Irishman, etc.

This platform will always keep you entertained & offers streaming in 360p and HD quality as well. Furthermore, the download option is also available, and there are absolutely no ads because the website or app is a paid one. Although you can have a one-month free trial, you will have to pay for it after that.


13. is one more legendary option for streaming TV series and movies online in excellent quality, and that too for free.

This website has a massive variety of movies and TV series available to watch. The website has a simple UI that is not difficult to navigate, and the pop-up ads do show up but not frequently. The varieties of movies & series available are also good, and the platform describes each movie or series, which is no doubt a plus point.


14. Free Movie Cinema

Free movie cinema is the top fast loading movie & TV series online streaming website. This site appears to be fancy with super user-friendly & easy navigations and allows users to download the content. Moreover, the home page is full of the most trending movies or series, though it can be changed with the filter options given on the top of the site, and there’s also a search box on the top corner.

This website even gives the option of streaming short movies along with music, and everything is free. There are almost no annoying or bothering pop-up ads on this platform. The only downside of this website is that even though it has many varieties, it does not have many of the latest releases.

This website is very smooth & fast functioning in an overall review and is excellent for watching something different from the usual.


15. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is the top-rated & paid movie, TV, and web series. Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime even produces its originals, which are widely popular & entertaining.

Besides its original productions, almost every other movie or TV and web series can be found on this platform. Amazon Prime also has a straightforward & user-friendly UI and allows you to download the content and stream it 360p and HD quality.

Besides, there are absolutely no ads since it is a paid platform. However, you can enjoy a one-month trial for free before deciding on whether you wish to make a purchase or not.


Final Verdict

So these were the best and top-rated rainierland alternatives. Now that you know them, you are ready for the perfect binge-watch with all your best-loved genres.


What Happened To Rainierland?

The site was an illegal video streaming platform, which is why it had to shut down. Furthermore, Rainier Tamayo, the site owner, got arrested and will be in prison for 12 years because of uploading pirated videos without any copyright or license.

Is Rainierland Legal?

No. Unfortunately, Rainierland is an illegal movie & series streaming website with no license or copyright to upload videos for free. This website offers pirated content, just like the torrent sites.

Which Is The Best Among All The Free Movies And Web Series Sites?

However, all the websites have their pros & cons; Putlocker and SolarMovies are the trendy and top-notch websites that stream the latest entertainment content. Though, all the other sites are also famous for their outstanding features.

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