Pubfilm Work in 2020? Pubfilm Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Pubfilm – Does it Work in 2020? 16 Top Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

Pubfilm used to be a top-rated and best free Movie streaming website, especially in the United States. In 2014, it had a debacle with the law because of issues regarding copyright wherein Pubfilm won. It was due to many domains the creators used to keep themselves being shut down.

For years, Pubfilm maintained its credibility & popularity as a free streaming site. Still, the creators had to eventually throw in the towels in 2018 when the government succeeded in shutting down all Pubfilm domains. In this article, I will share the list of Best Pubfilm Alternatives to watch free movies.

What Is Pubfilm?

It used to be one of the most leading Movies streaming sites of the time. Besides, it managed to stay afloat for some time despite the ongoing trials, but in 2018, the offense party succeeded in shutting down the site.
Do I Become Prone To Hacking If I Use Free Movie Streaming Services?

Regardless of what you’re using the internet for, you will always be prone to hacking. We recommend keeping your antivirus updated and active, especially when you’re watching a movies online. Also, you should use a VPN service.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is the best platform with various titles to choose from, ranging from animated movies to your best-loved thriller movies. One can even say that the site contains a title collection for each movie category.

Besides, it used to be one of the fastest free streaming services on the internet, but due to its ample users, Putlocker has slowly been lagging. However, Putlocker still counts as one of the most trustworthy resources for free movies.

Furthermore, you can start streaming for free without having to create an account. Just be aware that the website is infested with ads because that is how the platform is financed. its Best site Like Pubfilm.


2. Vumoo

Vumoo’s library is not as diverse as Putlocker’s, but if you’re wondering for a movie title that very little people have seen before, then you’re in the right place. The top thing about this platform is that it has little to no ads. The site functions in a smooth manner. There are little buffers in between streams. But take note that the titles are not as organized compared to other free streaming platforms. You do not have to create an account to get started.

Besides, there are very few HD titles on the website, but the video quality is not too bad. It’s just somewhere around standard quality. its Best Pubfilm Alternatives.


3. FMovies

This website doesn’t need a lot of graphics to make it look attractive. Professional developers designed the platform. The site is also simple and easy to navigate and loads pretty smoothly.

You don’t have to sign up on FMovies to start streaming. The ads are pretty minimal. The titles are well-organized. The site creator even makes it a point to update movie titles daily to never run out of movies to watch. its also good Pubfilm Alternative.


4. SolarMovie

Looking at the site, you probably mistake it for a premium streaming service such as Netflix. But despite the magnificent web design, all the video content can be accessed free. There are a few ads, but they are tolerable. You do not have to create an account to start streaming. And the movies are all in HD. Similar to FMovies, this one is even well-maintained when it comes to movie content. The streams are smooth & almost buffer-free.

Moreover, in all the free streaming platforms, this is the merely one with no history of copyright infringement, which is impressive considering that SolarMovie is also a famous streaming site like


5. YesMovies

The site is appealing. One may wonder why the site hasn’t opted in to a subscription-based service just yet. The video quality of the website is also in HD. The ads are pretty minimal.

You don’t have to create an account. It is considered a popular free streaming platform but not nearly as famous as other sites such as Putlocker. What offers this website its deserving appraisal is the updated video content. They have title varieties for both movies & TV shows. And the site owner continually adds new content from time to time to don’t run out of cool shows to watch and its Best Pubfilm Alternatives.

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6. Popcorn Time

It is a free streaming platform. It’s just not a website. Sure, there is a website, but you won’t stream your favorite movies directly when you go there. Instead, you’ll be asked to download and install their software. When you do so, you’ll no longer be required to create an account, and you can proceed to stream all your desired titles. But I still highly recommend that you use VPN software to protect your location & identity.

Furthermore, when you use this software, you will not have to endure countless ads. It’ll be just like paying for a subscription service like Netflix. Popcorn Time also provides VPN services, but you can only use it while using the software.


7. Hotstar

It is both a paid and free streaming service. For free usage, you don’t have to create an account. The website is ad-free, as you can expect due to the already-existing income model. The best thing about this site is that it also provides titles from Disney. You can only expect classics to be played for the free version and a couple of lesser-known titles.

Furthermore, if you want more and better content, you have the option to switch to the paid version, wherein you’ll now be required to create an account.

It is an incredible platform for families because there are categories that are specifically designed for children. The streaming quality is outstanding, with zero buffers. The videos are also on HD. Besides, the only drawback is that it only works for some countries. But the best news is that you can quickly resolve this minor issue by using a VPN service.


8. Kanopy

It is for people who are members of a library. You can register an account on Kanopy & borrow copies of movies your library has in its resource files. And of course, the site is free from ads.

When you borrow content, you can’t keep it for long. You will usually have a two to three days’ deadline for the borrowed movies. It means that even if you save the copy to your device, it’ll be removed when the deadline arrives. While the site doesn’t support all libraries globally, it is still considered a useful app, especially for students who need to watch movies for the sake of an educational requirement.



Alternative Apps to Shop Smarter

9. IoMovies

Not many folks are aware of this site mainly because it isn’t easily searchable on Google. But I believe that this is just the owner’s strategy to keep the site reeled into copyright issues.

IoMovies isn’t precisely an unpopular site, but it just doesn’t have as much traffic as other free streaming platforms like Putlocker & SolarMovie. The site is quick to load and contains zero ads.

You do not have to create an account to start streaming. It is undoubtedly a haven for movie lovers. Since it does not have massive traffic, users experience a smooth streaming experience. The website owner also makes it a point to update the site with new movie content regularly. its good site like Pubfilm.


10. Yify Movies

The website may be simplistic in design, but most certainly has a game for movie title variety. It even has a library of TV series to brag about. You do not have to create an account to start streaming. There are ads, but it’s pretty minimal.

Furthermore, the site loads quickly. There probably be a bit of buffering at the beginning of the movie, but everything becomes smooth right after that. Besides, the owner updates the site with new titles every once in a while.


11. ZMovies

ZMovies is proof that you do not need a lot of graphics to create an attractive web design. The website gives off a millennial vibe due to the choice of colors. Additionally, it has a quick loading speed with little to no ads.

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You do not have to create an account to get started. The site contains an immense library of movie titles. Whether you’re looking for classical titles or a bit of the newer ones, this site has it all. The website owner still manages to update the site with new movie content. The movie titles are well-organized. The streaming quality and video quality are fantastic. Almost all of the movies are in HD.


12. Tubi TV

If you are not looking for a specific movie title, in particular, I strongly recommend that you start visiting Tubi TV. It’s a legitimate site that provides you access to free movies & TV shows. You do not have to create an account, but I think it is better if you do. It is entirely free.

Moreover, there are absolutely no ads. The owner of the website finances the site himself. Of course, you will not expect to find many of the most popular movies here since the latter are usually excessively advertised and will not allow for free streaming of their content.

Apart from that, Tubi TV’s collection is one of the most magnificent movies we have ever seen. And some of them are classics that you even have not heard of before. The rest are contemporary. Nonetheless, the plot & production of movies is good.


13. Movie4k

The creators may not have exerted sufficient effort into making the site more attractive. But that’s only because they have been way too focused on bringing in as many movies as they can into the platform. Due to this cause, it remains to be a movie streaming best-loved.

You do not have to create an account to start streaming on this website. There probably be some ads, but they are pretty minimal. The quality of the videos is not that bad either. Standard quality at the very least, and then the rest are all in HD.


14. GoMovies

The website is more so focused on entertaining the younger audiences. I concluded because there are absolutely no classic titles on the platform, but it is an excellent place to watch the latest and trendy movies for free.

Besides that, there are many pop-up ads on the homepage and when you tap on a movie to watch. But after you tap on all the ads, the movie streams smoothly. Despite the multiple ads, the website also has a quick loading speed. You do not have to create an account to start streaming your most-liked shows for free. Also, impressed with the quality of the videos since they are in High-Definition.


15. CMoviesHD

CMoviesHD is proud of the fact that they have never get into a problem with copyright law. They were able to accomplish this, although they have massive traffic. And the reason they were able to do so is that they use multiple mirror sites. So, they do not have to change domains.

Similar to Movie4K, this site is also commended for its vast library of movies. Additionally, the creator adds new movies to their platform regularly to ensure that the users will not run out of movies to indulge on.


16. AZ Movies

AZ Movies is the best free streaming platform that uses for our entertainment. It is an excellent alternative to Pubfilm because there are no distracting ads on the user interface. Even the ads that pop-up, when you tap on a title is minimal. It also is not a requirement for users to create an account to take advantage of the free services.

The video quality of the movies is superb. Most importantly, its movie collection is pretty vast, and it just gets more significant with time.


Can i Download Movies From Free Streaming Sites?

Some sites Like give you the ability to do that, but this isn’t an option for most sites since they usually attach mirror links to their site to watch the content.

So, which Alternative from our list do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section.

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