13 Best Project Free TV Alternatives To Stream Movies

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Imagine how boring life is without entertainment. Movies and TV shows have become part of our lives, after all.

Well, At the end of the day or week, someone looks forward to chilling with non-stop, ad-free movies or to continue watching the series.

One of these entertainment sources is the project free TV website. It has been noticed recently, however, that this website does not operate and that it will probably stop completely in the future.

It is a truly disastrous situation. But don’t lose hope just because we’ve created a list of 13 perfect alternatives to project free TV. They all offer fantastic entertainment doses that will help you keep boredom away.

So we present you the list of 13 best alternatives for project free TV without any more suspense or further addictions.

13 Best Project Free TV Alternatives | Sites like Project Free TV

Project Free TV Alternatives | Sites like Project Free TV that you can use in 2021 to watch movies and TV shows.

1. The Watch Series

Project Free TV

The one website to make its way on this list is the watch series. Here, When it comes to the collection of content, this Project Free TV alternative website is truly competing with its overwhelming variety.

The watch series is there to refresh your mood with much entertainment in times of happiness and sadness. Here, You don’t have to spend a single penny or register for this website.

The navigations are also quite simple, and the search bar also lists all movies in the series on the home page.

2. Solarmovie

Project Free TV

Another best alternatives for project free TV is none other than solar movies.

Well, Solarmovies is a popular Project Free TV alternative website with millions of users for movies and TV series. Not only the white collection but also additional characteristics are the reason why so many people choose this website.

Firstly, this website is free, and after playback has started, ads will not pop up. In addition, the interface is very user-friendly. Also, The search bar can be found on the homepage, through which you can find the desired content. There are different filters that also offer suggestions.

3. Dailymotion

Project Free TV

Rarely, you won’t find a Dailymotion movie or TV series. However, Dailymotion is always up to date, from Asian dramas to American sitcoms.

The interface is also simple, and the website is again completely free of charge. You get 144p-to-HD streaming qualities. During playback, the ads don’t show up. The only demerit of this Project Free TV alternative website is that it does not display some content on full screen.

4. Flixster

Project Free TV

If you didn’t try Flixster yet, you missed a lot of fun. But don’t worry, because you can do so now using the website.

This Project Free TV alternative website is the easiest to navigate. On the home page, you can find the trends along with the search bar. This site like Project Free TV also shows the ratings of each content that help to improve knowledge and decision-making.

It shows the list of ‘coming soon’ so you can make your movie plans. This website is also totally free, with almost no ads. Sounds incredible? Try it yourself, and you’re not going to be disappointed.

5. PopcornTime

Project Free TV

You know, when we mention popcorn movies, it is time for popcorn. This Project Free TV alternative website is streamed with amazing quality and offers numerous genres.

The latest versions from 2021 can be easily found on this website, and the same applies to old classics. The app is also available for download, which is also totally free. And you don’t need to go through any ads with the app.

This website offers the option to download, and the interface is quite simple.

6. Cmovies HD

Project Free TV

Whether in a new mood or repeating what I saw ten times, Cmovies HD is always here to help.

This Project Free TV alternative website can make you laugh or cry through friends about Our Stars fault. This website also contains documents and biographies. You may have to deal with the ad problem, but not after the movie starts playing.

The thing with this site like Project Free TV is that it redirects you to various links for ads that can be annoying. But it’s free on the bright side and has some incredible and tight content with easy navigation.

7. Movies 4k

Project Free TV

Movies 4k offers the best quality content. In addition, this website’s interface is so elegant that you may misunderstand it for a paid website.

This Project Free TV alternative website offers a huge collection of movies and series and covers nearly all recent releases. While this website is freely available, the number of ads is nearly zero.

It also shows the ratings of the IMDB. So, finally, this website is a must.

8. My Download Tube

Project Free TV

My download tube is not only a website that streams free movies and series but also gives its users free playgrounds.

This Project Free TV alternative website is your type if you prefer to download movies rather than watch them online. However, the content of this website will surely surprise you.

However, when it comes to ads, this website is tough. Numerous pop-up ads can be found on this website. If you lose patience quickly, avoid this website. Overall, however, this site like Project Free TV is the best downloadable one.

9. CouchTuner

Project Free TV

Turn your sofa to your monitor and prepare for the full-fledged entertainment adventure without spending a single penny with CouchTuner.

This free Project Free TV alternative website offers a wide range of content. Alongside movies and series, cartoons, documentaries, biographies, science fiction, animé, you can find it on this website.

The site like Project Free TV interface is easy. However, this website redirects you from time to time to different links. Furthermore, everything on this website is perfect and a good source of entertainment.

10. Popcornflix

Well, Another perfect alternative for project free TV is popcornflix. This website is also the perfect partner of popcorn with its wonderful and broad collection.

Popcornflix is a site like Project Free TV that is free to use. However, if you choose to log in, you can track what you have observed, and the suggestions appear accordingly. The website’s navigation is quite easy, and ads are minimal.

11. Yesmovies

The name itself states that it is time to say yes to movies. Well, Yesmovies is another perfect alternative for project free TV. This website has great content quality with super easy streaming navigations.

Here, Shows like How I met your mother, Grey’s anatomy, the big bang theory, Money Heist, etc., are on the website. The movie’s content is also wonderful, offering Frozen 2, Jumanji: Next Level, Joker, Underwater, Avengers: Endgame, Parasite, and so on.

The website interface is very similar to primewire, and the ads do not show up after the playback has begun.

12. Primewire

You will be thankful to its owner once you use this website. Primewire is another website for streaming films and series offering free and wide content.

This website’s navigation is much too easy. Only the search bar is shown on the homepage, and you will get the filter and suggestions option from the top corner.

It is another type of website that doesn’t have nearly any ads. Streaming with this website is easy, but you must select the premium version you have to pay for if you are looking for quality HD content.

13. Kiss Asian

If you’re into more Asian dramas, Kiss Asian is a website made for you. The drama collection will never surprise you because even the current dramas are available on this website.

In addition, you can also download and stream from Kiss Asian in any quality, using subtitles. Beloved dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, De Luna Hotel, Legends Of The Blue Sea, The Uncontrollably Fond, My little Princess, The Heirs, Playing Kiss, etc., are all available on this website.

English Shows are on this website, but not many. So this website is basically for someone who is Asian or loved Asian movies and dramas.

The Bottom Line:

All of these were the perfect alternative for project free TV. Whatever you like in movies, you will always find the perfect amount of entertainment on the above-mentioned website.

Well, Now that you know about them, it is time to snack and prepare yourself for the entertainment journey. Also, share this list and help them have the same exciting entertainment with your friends.

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