27 Project Free TV Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Project Free TV Alternatives

How boring life would be without Project Free TV or any source of fun and entertainment. After all, TV shows and movies have become a vital part of our lives.

Well, one such entertainment source is the top-notch website of project free TV. However, currently, it has been noticed that this site is not working, and there are chances it’ll completely stop in the future.

Sadly, it is a real heart-breaking situation. But do not just lose hope as I have prepared a list of 27 top-rated alternatives to project free TV. They all provide fantastic doses of entertainment that will assist you in keeping the boredom away. So without any more suspense, I present you the list of Top 27 alternatives for project free TV.

1. What is a Project Free Tv Platform?

This incredible platform provides tons of TV shows to watch online without any cost. No matter what age you’re, you can go on the website and watch your best-loved TV show to spend quality time with your buddies and family.

2. Is The Platform Legal Or Illegal?

There’s no doubt in it that the platform is illegal due to piracy issues. The website does not host any content and offers several links for the content. Due to copyright issues, ample competitors in this domain oppose these platforms as they lose a significant profit. Additionally, your device may be subjected to some risks.

3. Is There Any Threat To My Device While Using The Platform?

The platform provides links to other third-party sources for all the content. It individually doesn’t host any of the content on its server. Plus, the platform promotes many ads. So there probably be some risk where your privacy & data can be in danger. So, must sure the proper safety of your device with VPN & other anti-theft software.

4. What Happened To The Project Free Tv Platform?

As the platform offered free content, any giants in the market lost a handful of their investments. So, due to piracy problems, the platform went offline in July 2017. There are some alternatives available, but there’s no guarantee that they will work properly. But do not anxious. I have provided a list of top alternatives where you can watch your best-loved content easily.

5. What Are The Major Features Of These Online Platforms?

Here are some top and incredible features of these online platforms:

1. Option for custom captions is available.
2. Free content for users.
3. Users can easily watch the content anytime, anywhere with a standard internet connection.

Best Project Free TV Alternatives List

1. Solarmovie

The opening site on this incredible list, which turns out to be one of the great alternatives for project free TV, is none other than solarmovie.

Solarmovies is an excellent movies & TV series streaming website with millions of users. Numerous people choose this website is not only the white collection but also the additional features.

This website is free, and the ads do not pop-up once the playback has started. Moreover, the UI is also very user-friendly. Besides, you can find the search box on the homepage to find the desired content you want. Various filters offer suggestions, too.

Website Link

2. The Watch Series

The second excellent website on this list is the watch series. When it comes to collecting content, this website has some tough competition with its overwhelming varieties.

Furthermore, the watch series will be there for you in times of happiness and sadness to freshen your mood with entertainment loads. You do not have to spend a single penny or make any registrations to use this site.

The navigation’s are also pretty straightforward, and you get the list of all the popular movies and series on the home page itself, along with the search box.

Website Link

3. Movies Flixster

If you have not tried Movies Flixster yet, then you’ve missed out on a lot of fun. But do not worry, as you can make it up to it by using the site now.

This website has the most simple & easy navigation. You can find what is famous and trending along with the search box on the home page. This site also displays each content’s ratings, which helps in getting better insight & decision making.

It even shows the list of ‘coming soon’ so you can make your movie plans accordingly. This site is also absolutely free, with almost no ads at all. Try it yourself, and you will not be disappointed.

Website Link

4. DailyMotion


It is sporadic that you will not find a movie or TV series on Dailymotion. From Asian Dramas to American sitcoms, Dailymotion regularly keeps itself updated.

The UI is also simple, and this website is also absolutely free. You will get streaming qualities from 144p to HD. The ads do not show up during the playback. The mere demerit this website has is that some of its content doesn’t display on full screen.

Website Link

5. Cmovies HD

Whether in a mood to watch and enjoy something new or repeat, Cmovies HD will always be there to help you. This site can make you laugh through buddies or cry over The fault in Our Stars. Documentaries & biographies are also available on this website. You probably have to go to the trouble of ads but not after the movie starts playing.

The thing with this site is that it redirects you to different links for ads, which can sometimes be irritating. But on the bright side, it’s free and has some unique and crisp content with easy navigation.

Website Link

6. Popcorn Movies

You know it is time to bring popcorn when we mention Popcorn movies. Streaming with fantastic quality, this website provides numerous genres.

Moreover, you can find the latest releases of 2020 easily on this site, and the same goes for the old classics. Additionally, its app is also available to download, and that too is free. And with the app, you do not have to go through advertisements at all. Also, the option to download is available with this website, and the UI is pretty simple.

Website Link

7. Series FreeTV

The name of this site speaks for itself. With thousands of daily visitors, Seriesfreetv is a famous growing website for streaming movies & series just for free.

The content on this website is also wild, with both the latest and oldest releases. If you’re more into watching the old classic, then this site is more suitable for you. The ads are also minimal, and you do not have to register or sign up. Overall this website is worth the shot.

Website Link

8. My Download Tube

My download tube is a website that streams free movies and series and enables its users to play free games. This site is your type if you prefer downloading movies more than watching them online. The content on this site will amaze you.

Although this website is tough for ads, there are ample pop-up ads on this website. Avoid this site if you lose patience quickly. But overall, this website is great when it comes to downloading.

Website Link

9. 123HULU

123Hulu has been in the movies & series streaming game for three years straight. This site covers it all, from animation to horror.

Moreover, 123Hulu is another free website that does not ask for any form of registration. The number of ads on this site is also significantly less. Movies such as Honeyland, Little monsters, Titanic, etcetera are available to watch for free on this site.

Website Link

10. Movies 4k

Movies 4k provides the best content in the best quality. The UI of this website is so fancy that you may misunderstand it for a paid website.

Furthermore, this website offers a massive collection of movies & series and covers almost all of the latest releases. Although this site is free, and the number of ads is almost zero. It also displays the IMDB ratings. In conclusion, this website is a must to try.

Website Link

11. Popcornflix

Another best alternative for project free TV is popcornflix. This website is also the ideal partner of popcorn with the fantastic and vast collection it offers.

Popcornflix is free to use on the website. If you choose to log-in, you can keep track of what you’ve watched, and the suggestions will also show up accordingly. The navigation of the site is pretty easy, plus the ads are minimal.

Website Link

12. Movies Time

Movies time is another movies & series streaming website that has its app for download available. The website is excellent, but if you download the app, you do not have to go through ads, and you even get the download option.

Besides, just released movies are also available on Movies Time. Though, the quality is not always useful in such cases. All in all, this website is worth trying.

Website Link

13. CouchTuner

Turn your couch towards your screen & get ready to adventure full entertainment without spending even a single penny with CouchTuner.

This free website provides a variety of content. Along with movies & series, cartoons, documentaries, biographies, science fiction, and animé are available on this site.

The UI of this website is easy. However, this site redirects you to different links from time to time. Everything with this website is wonderful, and it is a perfect source of entertainment.

Website Link

14. Primewire

When you use this website, you’ll be thankful to its owner. Primewire is another movie & series streaming website that offers free and comprehensive content.

Furthermore, the navigations of this website are way too easy. The home page displays only the search box, and you get the filter & suggestions option after selecting them from the top corner.

It is another sort of website that has almost no ads. Streaming with this site is easy, but if you’re looking for HD quality content, you’ve to choose the premium version you have to pay.

Website Link

15. Yesmovies

The name in itself declares that it’s time to say yes to movies. Yesmovies is another excellent alternative for project free TV. This site has got excellent quality content along with super easy navigations for streaming.

Shows such as How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s anatomy, Money Heist, and so on are available on this site. The movie content is even impressive with options of Frozen 2, Jumanji: The Next Level, Underwater, Joker, Avengers: Endgame, Parasite, and so on. This website’s UI is very similar to primewire, and the ads do not show up after playback has started.

Website Link

16. Kiss Asian

Kiss Asian is a site made for you if you’re more into Asian dramas. The dramas’ collection will never fail to amaze you as even the ongoing ones are available on this site. You can also download from Kiss Asian and stream in whatever quality you wish with subtitles.

Popular Dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, Hotel De Luna, Uncontrollably Fond, Legends Of The Blue Sea, He is Psychometric, My little Princess, Full house, The Heirs, Playful Kiss, and plenty more are all available on this website. This site also has English Shows, but not many. This site is for someone who is Asian or in love with Asian movies & dramas.

Website Link

17. GoStream

GoStream is another best alternative for project free TV. It is owned & operated from Vietnam and has around 100 million users worldwide.

Many people use this website because of its easy navigation, fantastic content, free uses, and minimal ads. Though, you need to sign up for free to use this site.

Website Link

18. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is a fun & free website that allows its users to stream various TV series and movies online. The ads on this website do show up but not after you started the playback. The navigations are also pretty straightforward, with the search box being displayed on the top.

This website holds decent content of movies and series and is suitable for some time pass.

Website Link

19. Fmovies

Bored with the usuals and desire to try something new? Well, then Fmovies is the perfect choice for you. This streaming media platform enables its users to download or stream movies and TV series for free.

The website has a significantly fewer number of ads, and navigations are straightforward and manageable.
The variety of contents this site holds is pretty unique. All the famous shows & blockbuster hits are available on this website. Apart from that, movies and shows which were good but did not quite make it into the charts are also available to explore.

Website Link

20. HDO

HDO movies probably do not look very appealing on the first look, but hey, do not judge a book by its cover, as this site is more fantastic than you can imagine.

The UI is pretty simple. Movies are assorted in alphabetical order and also in terms of popularity. The home page displays the search box along with the trending media.

Furthermore, the site also offers ratings and reviews, so you can have a little detail about the movie and show before you watch it. Ads are even less in numbers, plus every service is free.

Website Link

21. Netflix

Netflix is currently a popular website for streaming and downloading media. Well, the name of Netflix has become a brand that everyone knows.

Netflix covers the broadest range of genres, including biographies, podcast series, documentaries, and so on. You can either use the site or download its app. The UI of both of them is very classy and easy to use.

Additionally, this website is a paid one, and therefore you will never encounter any ad. Netflix also produces its series and shows, which have incredible plots and are liked by folks worldwide. You can use the free trial & check this platform on your own.

Website Link

22. Hulu

Hulu is the best platform to watch movies and series and has the perfect amount of entertainment. Hulu contains plenty of genres available, with thousands of movies & series.

Although to have access to those, you need to pay $12.99 per month. The navigation and UI of this website are unique, and it is needless to say that there are no ads on this platform. Besides, a free trial is available for one month. So, you can use that & check if this website suits your type or not.

Website Link

23. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is another best-paid best-paid platform for streaming & downloading movies and TV series, and other media forms.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime also produces its shows, which usually go superhit. The interface of this website is impressive, and there are no ads since it is paid.

Furthermore, you can also have access to Amazon music & additional amazon delivery services once you make a purchase. A free trial for Amazon Prime is even available.

Website Link

24. BMovies

The name says B, but the movies & series it has made it an A-class media streaming site. The primary thing displayed on this website is a search box, and you can go to the homepage for further options for trending & other suggestions.

B Movies website contains a straightforward interface that enables you to use this website with ease. Besides, you’ll always find something that suits your taste on this site, no matter what sorts of plots you are into.

Website Link

25. Crackle

Crackle is another great ad-supported video streaming platform that allows its users to access various movies & TV series. The ads do not show up once the playback has started.

The navigations of this site are easy and can be controlled by anyone. Though unfortunately, the site is restricted in some regions. This website’s content is excellent, and the streaming quality is available in 360p or 720p and HD quality.

Website Link

26. GoMovies

GoMovies is a movie & series streaming website that will make you cheer for it once you start using it. The collection this website has merely is incredible, and the UI is similar to Primewire & Yesmovies, which means that it has a search box on the home page, and for the rest of the filters, we have to select from the top corner.

Ads rarely show up on this website, and all the amazing services can be availed of without spending money.

Website Link

27. AZmovies

As the name suggests, AZmovies covers a to z movie & series with a massive range and collection. This website is again another excellent alternative for project free TV. It provides free access to all of its movies & TV content. Also, the navigations of this website are simple and straightforward.

You do not have to deal with numerous pop-up ads on this website. The site shows filters of ‘top 10 movies’, ‘new movies,’ and ‘just added,’ which helps decide what to watch.

Moreover, this platform also has the releases of 2020, such as Scoobi, The Outpost, The High Note, Babyteeth, The Hunt, Tenet, etc. Overall, this website can be your ideal partner in crime once you plan to call it a movie night.

Website Link


So these were all the perfect and top-notch alternatives for project free TV. No matter what your taste is in movies, you’ll always find your ideal entertainment dose through the website mentioned above.

It’s time to get your snacks and prepare yourself for the journey of entertainment. Plus, share this list with your buddies and help them have the same exciting entertainment.


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