12 Best Sites Like Movierulz To Watch Movies Online

Well, Movierulz is a free movie streaming site where you can watch movies from Bollywood. A website is available with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, and other Indian movies. In addition to streaming Hindi movies, your favorite Hollywood movies can be viewed In addition; the website offers a wide range of different movies and cool features. However, it redirects you to another site every time you click on its homepage. Also, Some of the embedded video links don’t work, and certain links are annoying publicity during streaming. In addition, some of the movies uploaded from this website have a low-quality definition. Fortunately, with this article, we found some sites like Movierulz to watch Bollywood high-quality movies.

12 Best Sites Like Movierulz | Movierulz Alternatives

Here, Below you’ll find the list of the best websites similar to Movierulz. So check out these sites and enjoy your favorite movies in Bollywood!

1. OnlineMoviesGold


OnlineFilmsGold can be an alternative to Movierulz to watch your favorite movies free of charge. According to the most widely viewed movies and videos recently uploaded on the streaming website. You can also sort movies from various Indian dialects. You can also view some famous American movies in addition to other dialect movies by clicking on the “Hollywood” tab. Or you may also use the website search bar to look for your favorite movie directly. Again, from 1970 to the present, you can watch some of the old movies. The downside of this site like Movierulz is the annoying interface ads, which redirect you from another tab every time you click.

2. Netflix


It is a web service that allows users to view movies, shows, and series from around the world online. Users can even benefit from ad-free content. In addition, it offers four membership plans, in which users are able to choose their plan by paying the associated price.

Users can predict the soft handling of this Movierulz alternative site because it offers several sections to help them decide what to observe. First, it categorizes the entire content based on movies, series, sports, children’s section, which is further divided into horror, drama, suspense, thriller, etc.

Initially, users are provided with a free 30-day trial. It is a premium and standard user membership with good results. In every plan, there are no limitations on watching any program or show. In addition, users can stop their existing plans and easily move to a different plan.

3. WatchMoviesFree


The third Movierulz alternative website is WatchMoviesFree. You can see your favorite movies in other Indian dialects like Hindi, Tamil, etc. The most recent English movies are arranged on the site’s homepage according to their newly uploaded videos. Then, go to the “Country” section and click the “India” button at the top of the site to access Bollywood movies such as Tamil, Telugu, etc. By clicking the “Filter” button in the top right corner, you can quickly categorize Hindi movies in accordance with the most frequently viewed, release year, and the most famous movie. The good thing about the site like Movierulz is a review and IMDB ratings for an idea of the movie in a specific movie.

4. TodayPkTv


TodayPkTv is one of the easiest yet most intuitive sites like Movierulz. Why? Within a few clicks, it allows you to view Bollywood videos with only minimal ads. Here, the website classified the Web series, Top Movies, Updated Movies, and so on. With this, TodayPkTv is your Bollywood movies and television series one-stop-shop. Besides that, you can also watch movies from Hollywood. Moreover, it is good that some of these Hollywood movies are available in the Hindi language. Finally, you can also use its search bar to find the video you want to watch from Bollywood.

5. Sony TV


It’s the best online platform to watch live TV shows, live news, popular live programs, movies, and much more free of online charge content. But you have to subscribe to this Movierulz alternative site for more good, and new content and the charges are much lower. Users can also view online sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, etc., including live matches of popular sports.

This could be the best place for the lowest price premium service. It’s one of the cheapest apps or sites that offer movies and shows online.



Hindilinks4u is a streaming website like Movierulz and one of the best websites for free viewing Hindi movies online via a web browser. The top part of the website consists of seven sections to help you categorize movies. For example, if you wish to see the recent upload of the website, click the “Latest” tab and check it out. And you can go to the “Movies” tab to view access to all Hindi movies on the website. In addition to this site like Movierulz, you can view your favorite Hollywood movies by clicking the ‘Dubbed Movies’ section in Hindi.

You can now click on the “Results” tab to browse your favorite series from various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. Or, by clicking the “Browse by” tab, you can view the list of actors, actresses, and director’s names. Finally, you can use the search bar to quickly navigate to search for the specific movie you want to see.

7. Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video is a web-based entertainment service that offers its users movies, videos, and TV online. It also helps users to watch all the entertainment items around the globe. Further, It is usually different from other platforms, as its online streaming services are restricted to other platforms. It covers the purchase and rental of movies. All the movies can be viewed online with only a subscription at a fixed price.

Users just need to pick up the Amazon from the shop and watch all the incredible things there. Users can easily find their favorite movies, movies, etc., by typing the name or the tag with the search options. It is an app that can be used on all gadgets, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

8. PopcornFlix


This site like Movierulz deals with various types of entertainment by allowing you to view online movies on the smartphone or any other operating device. It offers long and good quality videos from all over the world. All movies are available for the users, from branded movies to independent director movies.

It’s a user-friendly site that allows visitors to see anything they like in different movies. Registration is not necessary. It also features various celebrities from Hollywood. It allows users to easily search their movies. Only a constant internet connection is required, allowing users to download the movies for additional entertainment.

9. Bolly2Tolly

The next Movierulz alternative is Bolly2Tolly. In addition to its catchy name, the site will certainly attract your attention in its large collection of videos from Bollywood. It covers various categories, including movies, television series, reality shows, sitcoms, and more. The website classifies videos alphabetically, which helps you navigate their content more quickly. It offers free movie streaming with a resolution of up to 1080p. In addition, it updates episodes of current television series episodes hours after their official publication. The disturbing thing about the website is that ads appear randomly, which for free websites is typical.

10. GoMovies

GoMovies is an online streaming application or website allowing users to view all recent online blockbuster movies free of charge. It regularly updates its website to enable people to view the latest videos in high quality immediately upon release. Here, In addition, you can find your favorite movie or TV show by searching for multiple options based on the date, year, name, and movie or TV show category.

One of the best advantages of using these sites is that they can be accessed worldwide. All movie categories also include subcategories such as recent movies, most-seen shows, popular programs, etc. It provides its users with the most innovative documentaries, award-winning movies, and so on.

11. YesMovies

This site like Movierulz or application allows users to view online the latest movies and other television shows. All new videos and movies can be classified based on new releases, actions, excitement, satire, TV shows, etc. Yesmovies is incredible for young people. Everything has a number of possibilities, such as new releases, the latest ones, etc.

The quality of the content is very good, but the users must go through several annoying advertisements. This Movierulz alternative site allows users to view movies released recently in theatre. It also provides subtitles of stuff from all over the world to make things comfortable for its users.

12. Hotstar

Hotstar is India’s biggest online streaming website, enabling users to view serials, online movies, and other streaming content. The website offers hours of drama and movies in 17 languages which attract large numbers of visitors.

It offers live streaming options for content from all major global sports events. Users only have to pay premium fees for accessing the Hotstar library in exchange. Unfortunately, it also displays some annoying ads that users must bear.

Wrapping Up:

We advise users to go to other platforms to watch the movies and similar content. The device can also be affected by overheating caused by this application. Considering the risk, you may have while visiting this site like Movierulz. We advise you that it is better not to download and stream the movies using your personal computer on this website. There is some kind of risk at every step.

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