Is KissAnime Not Working? 22 Top Alternatives in 2020

KissAnime Alternatives

Well, KissAnime or is heaven for anime enthusiasts and is the most leading and remarkable free streaming site for watching anime online. You should think about that; for what cause would you need an option in contrast to the most significant anime streaming site in the world?

Unfortunately, the KissAnime website in recent years has gotten unstable, leading to their servers going down a couple of times. It even had some technical glitches. Considering all the events, it is undoubtedly best to know the other top-notch anime streaming sites like KissAnime.

Here are the top-rated alternatives to look into to enjoy your best-loved anime without any unnecessary hassle or difficulty.

Top KissAnime Alternatives

1. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is the top free anime streaming site, just like the kissAnime website. You can easily access this site from your PC and mobiles and enjoy the best streaming experience anywhere. The site comprises all the complete episodes of many popular animes at a single spot. Hence you can watch & seamlessly stream any of your most-liked anime on the web or even in its anime mobile app.

Furthermore, AnimeLab is mainly for the audience of Australia & New Zealand. Still, you can enjoy most of your favorite shows & stream anime online through a VPN.

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2. Anime-Planet

The Anime-Planet has a vast library of about nearly 45,000 legal anime episodes. This site even hails to be one of the best KissAnime-like streaming sites among the others.

Anime-Planet was launched in the year 2001. It is becoming the most best-loved site other than kissAnime website for both manga readers & anime watchers.

Additionally, this site’s landing page has various categories, like the latest anime suggestions, the week’s popular manga, etc. It provides an immense assortment of excellent quality anime & manga that you can stream online just for free from even creating an account.

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3. GoGoanime

GoGoanime is somewhat a similar site to KissAnime or a look-alike. If you feel like that, none of the kissAnime mirrors or the other alternative is correctly working for you, then all you required is the GoGoanime.

This website has an easy-to-understand interface. It even provides you with the most recent & latest anime content, from which you can choose anyone. The site offers you various resolution options so you can select according to your needs.

Besides, you find that all the anime series are in alphabetical & sequential order on the landing page, making it more straightforward for you to navigate.

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4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the great and most famous KissAnime alternatives. The website gives both English subbed & dubbed anime and aids the non-local speaker in comprehending the story.

Apart from that, the video quality delivered on this website is 720p. But to watch the full HD streaming of anime, you’ve to register an account on the website.

Moreover, this site is available on the Wii U, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Roku box, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and 4, Apple Devices, Windows, and Android telephones. It even supports different languages, like English, Español, Portugués, & more.

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5. Anime Land

Anime land is another great alternative you can always rely on KissAnime down. You can view this as an excellent site for all the anime shows. This site enables you to download your most-liked anime episodes and watch them compared to the other anime sites.

There’s no requirement for you to do any account registration to access this website’s anime content. This site is free & best among the other alternatives. You can quickly stream or download the anime & enjoy watching them.

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6. Anime Karma

For one who feels like all the kissanime’s alternatives have stopped working, you must check the Anime Karma anime streaming website. Anime Karma is excellent when you want to stream the top IMDB anime & shows.

This site even provides the TV programs & shows as an additional choice to navigate through the content with no issues. The top feature of this site is that there are no pop-up ads that come as you stream. It offers a straightforward UI to find and watch the content. If you feel like something or some particular episode is missing, you can request it via feedback.

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7. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is even a standout amongst other alternatives of KissAnime. It is mainly because of the best content and the UI it provides.

If you feel like your anime isn’t on the list or is missing an episode, you can request it smoothly. The massive library of the Anime shows & series it offers is refreshed, and the anime you preferred is always up-to-date. The platform provides a wide range of shows, so you’ll always feel that there’s still a lot left for you to choose from & stream.

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8. AnimeXD

AnimeXD is viewed as an amazing alternative to the compared to all the other kissanime options available. This website is a lawful streaming site, and it offers you the option to get access to many anime series & stream them with no issues at all.

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Likewise, there’s a separate chat room that you can access to connect with folks and chat with them. Besides, you can discuss the anime you both live or get new recommendations you ought to watch. This website provides you an excellent UI along with additional fantastic features.

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9. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is the best genuine KissAnime alternative because of specific reasons. Both the anime viewers and manga readers watch all the anime stuff, including TV shows, movies, etc., for free.

The UI of the Chia-Anime is not chaotic. On visiting the Chia-Anime, you’ll find promotions dwelling everywhere on the site, which makes perusing the website difficult. But this website is adequate for many anime fans.

The Chia-Anime even lets you stream the Anime, but it also enables you to download them. This website offers both subbed & dubbed anime shows.

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10. 9Anime

9anime is another excellent alternative for kissAnime. Not merely can you stream your preferred anime shows on 9Anime, but you can even download any anime you need to watch later.

Moreover, 9Anime is one of the exceptionally mainstream anime streaming websites on the internet, with many audiences worldwide. The 9anime offers an excellent UI of the site, and it also incorporates a considerable anime series base. This info base goes as around 25,000 anime shows. The top part is that they are free for everyone, and you can also download them.

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11. is another top alternative to the KissAnime website. This website offers all sorts of anime without truly involving any form of registration. Additionally, it comprises nearly all that an anime lover needs in their preferred anime streaming site.

Streaming on is more effortless. You do not have to join or register yourself for you to enjoy your preferred shows. The most vital thing you’ll ever need to have on your PC is the most recent or the latest flash player variant installed. Besides, if the flash player’s version is obsolete, you can’t stream any anime on

Furthermore, it offers a wide range of shows. You can enjoy your best-loved anime anywhere, anytime, with a stable and reliable internet connection.

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12. Daisuki

If you’re yet searching for alternatives to Kissanime that suit you and your requirements, then Daisuki is the anime site you must check. It is one more undeniable anime site that provides you anime shows in high-quality.

It provides a good deal of anime at an outstanding quality for you to enjoy. You’ll see well-rated anime to the latest and most famous anime on Daisuki & seamlessly stream them.

Besides, you can all stream the anime on Daisuki without any need to sign in or registering an account. You get various options to adjust the resolution and can watch the shows anywhere, anytime.

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13. Animeheaven

AnimeHeaven is a brilliant and top choice to stream the anime. This anime website allows you to watch the most recent & popular anime shows and movies from Japan. You can stream on this website in high-quality with no issues.

Besides that, it has an option wherein you could even watch the Japanese animes dubbed & subbed in the English language. One beneficial thing about this website is that it shows info about the timings of arrival anime episodes.

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14. AnimePark

AnimePark is another top anime series streaming site, where you can watch the shows with English subs. You do not have to pay a single penny or create an account to watch on animepark. It is free and also lets you download anime shows. So you can download your best-loved shows and even watch them later.

The AnimePark streaming site contains about 4000+ anime shows in its collections, and all are accessible on the internet for free. You can watch all Anime shows in HD quality.

This site’s interface is spotless and more comfortable to navigate through the content provided. You can easily find your preferred show and enjoy it without any unnecessary trouble or hassle.

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15. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is one most well-known platforms to stream anime for absolutely nothing. This anime streaming website is a major choice if kissanime is not working.

Moreover, the shows on Anilinkz are both dubbed & subbed, making them reasonable and a perfect choice for the best deal of anime streaming audiences. Anilinkz is one of the more often refreshed and up-to-date anime websites. It is always up-to-date with the new & latest anime episodes that are released from time to time.

The UI of Anilinkz is likewise clean. You can easily find your preferred Anime from the pre-listed classifications.

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16. AnimeFreak

Animefreak is one of the mainstream anime websites which provides an enormous library of anime shows. It offers all the anime shows in high-quality for free. You do not have to spend a nickel to access tons of content available on the platform.

There are ample series on AnimeFreak, which you can stream online without paying a single penny or registering to the site. The interface of the AnimeFreak is relatively easy to navigate.

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This website offers cataloged anime shows based on genre, most recent updates, and such. The UI of this site is a crucial feature of it. It provides a minimalistic interface design with brilliant colors & easy navigation.

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17. Netflix

If you like binge-watching Netflix, you’ll be glad to know that you can watch anime series here too. Netflix has gathered the entire most mainstream & popular Anime shows ever. Since Netflix is remarkable for providing streaming services in outstanding quality, you can enjoy your preferred anime in better quality.

Moreover, you can begin streaming anime shows on Netflix, but you’ll have to buy its premium membership to do so. Before buying it, you can also try the trial days & watch the anime series on Netflix for 30 days.

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18. Anime Season

Being an anime fan, Anime Season is a must check alternative for the KissAnime website. Anime season provides a vast collection of shows that you can keep on streaming without anxious about content finishing up.

Furthermore, Anime Season includes much of the mainstream & popular Anime series and shows in exceptional quality. The site of Anime Season is engaging and easy to navigate.

This website ultimately allows you to stream practically any anime series. The video quality is outstanding. All you have is a stable internet connection to watch the shows.

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19. AniWatcher

AniWatcher is the simple & great anime site out there among the other KissAnime alternatives. The designers made this website to provide a straightforward and elegant anime watching experience to you.

Besides that, the AniWatcher landing page has the most famous and popular titles to find your favorite show quickly. There are various other categories on the website to navigate the content and enjoy it.

Additionally, the Anime catalog makes it accessible for the users to navigate & is refreshed and updated. This site provides both the subbed and dubbed anime shows for free.

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20. Anime Streams

Anime Streams has a massive library of anime shows & series, which gives you a vibe of the genuine anime world. It is one of the magnificent websites among the other KissAnime alternatives.

The Anime Streams does not charge any money at all for watching the anime. The recording quality is offered on Anime Streams in HD so that you can enjoy your best-loved shows with excellent clarity.

You can look for your favorite anime on Anime streams by checking through the various categories referenced on this site. This site’s categories are Anime Movies, the latest English dubbed, English subbed A-Z list, etc. There’s an option to request your preferred anime if it’s absent on the site.

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21. Animedao

Animedao is likewise one of the most popular anime sites like KissAnime, where you can watch finished & progressing anime shows. You can also read the manga and its relevance and other light books from this website.

Additionally, the site offers a place to send in your requests if any anime or manga is missing the content. Animedao is likewise the best and safe house for both anime watchers & manga readers since it contains a massive library of both anime shows and manga.

The Animedao provides an excellent interface along with the enormous content free. Just go to the website and enjoy your favorite manga & shows.

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If you’re a die-hard fanatic of the anime show One Piece, then is for you. It is even a great kissanime substitution. It is a One Piece committed website, and it has all you need to watch this anime show. It offers a simple interface to watch an anime show & contains all the episodes from the beginning to the recent and latest ones.

Moreover, the One Piece anime is one of the longest & oldest running anime shows in Japan. Hence, this website is just for the One piece anime show, giving One Piece fans what they wish.

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Soul Anime Alternatives


What is KissAnime?

Kissanime is one of the most leading streaming platforms for watching anime. It is a great site that everyone prefers to watch anime shows & anime movies. It’s a one-stop destination for all anime fans.

What Happened To KissAnime?

The kissanime has been facing some problems. Occasionally, has been down before it was back up & running. There have been some technical glitches as well on this website.

To watch your best-loved shows without any interruption, you must look at other comparable options like KissAnime, where you can enjoy your preferred anime.

Is KissAnime Legal?

As shown by different online watchers & streamer surveys, Kissanime is a legitimate platform to watch anime movies & animation shows.

Besides, if you feel uncertain and concerned about this, it is best to use a trusted VPN service. It’ll ensure your protection & keep your identity anonymous to an extent while streaming.

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