Is CricFree Working? 20 CricFree Alternatives That Work In 2020

CricFree Alternatives

Folks who love sports enjoy streaming matches online. Well, for sports enthusiasts, especially cricket patrons, CricFree is a most-liked site. It is a platform that lets you watch and enjoy sports for free. As a result, CricFree probably blocked sometimes. Don’t worry; in that case, you can also use CricFree alternatives that perfectly work in 2020.

So, CricFree TV is a platform that operates legally to enable you to watch sports online. It hosts many links to other sites that offer free streaming of televised events across the world. And if you have trouble accessing the website, you can choose sites like CricFree to stream sports just for free.

What are the best CricFree alternatives? Let’s take a glance at our suggestions.

Best CricFree Alternatives That Works in 2020 to Stream Sports Online

CricFree is a famous platform for sports patrons because it is an online TV channel with 12 categories. It is free-to-use and operates legally, as it does not itself host the content. Additionally, it provides links to other sites. But if you’re unable to access it, here are some top-rated CricFree alternatives to try:

1. SportP2P

Our next top suggestion on the list is SportP2P. It is the best platform for live streaming of sports events that are famous across the world. If you’re looking for websites that offer sports, especially football, this is one of the incredible online TV channels.

Here, you’ll be able to enjoy different types of events, from championships to leagues. This platform isn’t an independent channel for streaming sporting events. Furthermore, it uses several protocols to transmit sports channels so you can enjoy sports for free.

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2. Stream2Watch

The other fantastic alternative to CricFree, where you can watch free sports events, is Stream2Watch. It hosts a vast range of TV channels but is primarily known for offering sports streaming links. With an extensive collection of sports channels available, you can enjoy any match here.

Golf, hockey, football, snooker, you name it, and this platform will find you a way to catch a new event or match. Wish to watch famous tournaments like the NHL or Premier League? It is where you’ll find it all. You’ll keep getting feeds from the website to stay updated about all sports.

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3. Atdhe

The following website on this list of sites like CricFree is Atdhe, an online sports channel that enables you to stream sports events without interruption. No matter which part of the universe you live in, you’ll be able to access the website and enjoy your most-liked sport on this streaming channel.

Moreover, the site works as an aggregator and hosts third-party links that take you to other sites to enjoy streaming videos of the sport that you want. Be it tennis, soccer, or handball, you’ll find it here. The website takes you to all the popular sports channels, including ESPN.

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4. WiziWig

The first and great platform on our list of the top-rated CricFree alternatives is WiziWig, a site where you can stream sports channels. You’ll find many of the popular channels on this platform, no matter what part of the universe you live in. From live matches to highlights, almost everything is here.

If you’re used to watching different sports types, from motor racing to football on CricFree, you’ll surely enjoy this platform. It will even help you plan your sports night by giving you match schedules of different sports types. The top part is the smoothness of the streaming.

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5. Sport365

For sports enthusiasts who like to stream matches for free, Sports365 is one of the most best-loved sites. You’ll find channels that broadcast everything from cricket to WWE, from basketball to hockey on this platform. So, you’ll get a large number of options available.

It is safe to use, as you’ll not be required to add any personal info. The site will allow you to enjoy sports all day, any day, without any restrictions. It is an excellent CricFree alternative but is considered even better because of the quick access & better features.

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6. SportLemon

Another recommendation list for the top-notch CricFree alternatives that work in 2020 is SportLemon. It is a comprehensive entertainment platform for sports lovers. You can watch the live streaming of your best-loved event. It hosts a vast number of links to take you to your favorite match & start streaming.

The site gives you access to all significant events being aired on different sites and is a highly innovative platform for folks who love to stream live matches on the internet. You do not have to go into any hassle of downloading toolbars or surveys. It just provides safe & fun sports for the patrons.

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7. SportStream

If you’re desperately looking for sites like CricFree, one of the great options to try is SportStream. This platform enables sports patrons to stream live matches and events and indulges in sports’ high energy without paying a dime for the experience. You will also get the scores here.

Moreover, one of this website’s best features is that you can easily access it & enjoy your best-loved sports, no matter which part of the earth you live on. Besides that, it functions without geographical restrictions. Well, no matter what kind of sports you’re into, you’ll be able to steam it all on this online channel.

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8. LiveTV

Wondering about an alternative to CricFree to watch streaming sports online? Then you can try LiveTV, an online best sports channel. Here, you can watch the free streaming of your most-liked tournaments. All you need to do is create an account on the website. There is no subscription fee involved.

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The platform hosts third-party channels & streaming providers by embedding the channels. It means that you can enjoy watching the events aired by most of the best channels. Besides live matches, you’ll also find highlights & live scores on the website to stay updated.

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9. NewSoccer

The following website on this list is the NewSoccer, one of the top websites for soccer lovers. If you’ve used CricFree extensively, you might know that it is not just about cricket. You can even watch soccer on CricFree. As an alternative, NewSoccer lets you stream the latest matches.

On this site, you’ll find all the most prominent soccer tournaments going on in the universe. Additionally, you can even find match schedules on the site. It will help you know in advance which days to block on the calendar for La Liga, Europa League, Liga 1, etc.

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10. fuboTV

Are you wondering about a platform that enables you to enjoy watching sports for free? Then fuboTV is one of the top alternatives to CricFree for that. This platform will allow you to enjoy live sports and stream TV channels’ broadcasts seamlessly without interruption or fee.

Moreover, the platforms can be accessed using the site itself. It offers a massive range of channels and sports and is the ideal website for any sports enthusiast. However, the only downside of this site is that it is not available in all countries. It mainly provides services within the US territories.

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11. FirstRow Sports

A platform dedicated to online streaming of various sports, especially soccer, FirstRow Sports is one of the great CricFree alternatives if you love to stream matches online. It is a site that enables you to access all the leading TV channels that air sporting events, so you can watch and enjoy the game you love.

Additionally, the site has one shortcoming you will need a supported browser to run the website with Adobe Flash Player. If you can fulfill this criterion, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited sports without any disturbance or demand for subscription fees. You can even access the website through your phone.

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12. goATD

For most sports fans who like to stream matches online, goATD is usually not their first choice. However, it continues to be a trustworthy site that allows you to enjoy sports without any interruption when all else fails to give you what you’re looking for.

The issue is that it is not available beyond the US. But this is a go-to option when none of the other websites are working. The UI is user-friendly and is not cluttered at all. It gives you the chance to enjoy watching sports without great complexity.

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13. LAOLA1

The following site on our list of recommendations is LAOLA1, a designed platform for sports enthusiasts. What type of sport you enjoy watching, this platform has everything for you. You can enjoy all the major sporting events on this easy to use the platform without spending a buck.

Apart from that, you will also be able to find highlight clips on this website from the world of sports. Sports & games being aired in different parts of the universe are all brought together in a single place. Additionally, you can pick any content from its on-demand list & start watching it without any hassle.

Link to Website

14. StopStream

The next fantastic platform on our list of alternatives to CricFree is StopStream, a platform dedicated to providing patrons sports. You can indulge in any sporting event on this website. No matter what side of the world you are on, this platform will bring you your most-liked sport.

Furthermore, the site has a clean and clutter-free interface that makes it easy for you to use it. It will also inform you about the upcoming matches so you can start streaming the match. There are various categories available, just like CricFree, and it is entirely free for all users.

Link to Website

15. Feed2All

Another top-notch alternative to CricFree to enjoy streaming the best sports for free is Feed2All. The site will enable you to enjoy the events aired by all the major TV channels. Be it football or any other sport; you’ll be able to enjoy watching your most-liked sport on this website with no hassle or subscription fee.

Besides, the site has a simple design, with the home page providing you a list of the matches or events that you can stream. All you need to do is click on each of these, and you’ll automatically find your way to the game. With HD streaming, you will find no reason to complain about the display quality, either.

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16. VipBoxTV

If you’re having trouble accessing CricFree to enjoy free streaming of the matches of your most-liked sport, VipBoxTV is one of the fantastic online platforms at the moment. The site enables you to watch all the major sporting events from across the universe. You do not need to pay a single penny for that.

Moreover, the site is easy-to-use and is considered one of the best alternatives to CricFree by all the site fans. It provides 33 categories available for live stream, and there’s no limitation. There are various fun tools on this site, including one that lets you watch two channels together.

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17. StrikeOut

Another best platform to enjoy free streaming of your best-loved sports is StrikeOut. Like other sports sites, it gives you free & easy access to many sports events you can stream online. Unlike most other websites, you can view this platform by using phones and tablets.

Whether you’re into NFL or college football, you will use this site to enjoy it. All the major sports tournaments worldwide, including Premier League, MLB, etc., are available here. All you need is to install Adobe Flash Player, and you’ll be able to access the site easily.

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18. MyP2P

If you are wondering about a platform that can allow you to watch live sports events online, MyP2P is an excellent platform for you. It is a free site where you can enjoy high-quality & smooth streaming. The website also has a user-friendly UI that allows you to watch your preferred sport anywhere!

From soccer to tennis, from boxing to racing, you can watch it all here. Apart from that, live streaming sports can access detailed schedules of upcoming games & read sports news. An exciting feature of the website is the chat platform that lets you converse with other sports lovers.

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19. Rojadirecta

One of the most leading and popular sports streaming websites in the world is Rojadirecta. Here, you cannot just enjoy live sports. You’ll get a real-time directory that indexes all info about your best-loved sports. If you need to find fixtures & schedules, you’ll never have to look beyond this site.

There are various categories of sports available on this site to update match info and the newest games. You can even scroll down and find old matches. Additionally, it hosts links that will take you to various matches, and you can watch it all in different languages, making it best-loved across the universe.

Link to Website

20. StreamHunter

Another fun site for streaming events is StreamHunter. It is perfect for sports lovers who watch events from the PC. A comprehensive streaming website with modern features allows you to watch events from across the universe, no matter where you’re. There’s no restriction related to location.

Furthermore, other features of this site include global sports news. You can read & learn about all the latest updates on sports on this website. Cricket, soccer, handball, boxing, almost everything is available here. The site is easy-to-use, and you do not even have to register to use it.

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Well, remember that CricFree TV operates legally and is safe to use. However, since it provides links to other sites that offer free content, CricFree itself is under the radar & lands in difficulty with paid sports channels. Because of this, the channel ends up becoming inaccessible now & then.

Apart from that, the site is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It offers different categories of sports. But if you cannot take advantage of its ample features, you can always shift to the CricFree alternatives that perfectly work in 2020, and you can watch uninterrupted sports online whenever you want.


What is CricFree?

Every sports fan who wants to stream matches for free has heard of the platform called CricFree. The name suggests that it is a website for watching cricket. While the website is primarily dedicated to cricket, it is even a place for enjoying all types of other sports and sporting events.

Is CricFree Only for Watching Cricket?

CricFree is a famous and most leading website for streaming cricket matches. The name might suggest that it is solely for cricket players. But in reality, it is for all sorts of sports. Whether you are a fan of WWE or F1, you will find it here. Basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, you name the sport and available on CricFree.

Why is Cricfree Not Working?

CricFree is the best sports-streaming platform, and since it provides videos for free, it is always under the radar. As a result, folks often find it difficult to access the website. It’s possible that your PC’s cache needs to be cleared. Or, the website probably is blocked by your Firewall. It can even be a DNS fault.

Where Does CricFree Find Streamable Data?

CricFree offers free streaming of sports. And it puts a combination of a cable TV provider & a capture card or TV tuner to use. Many TV stations provide live TV streaming. In simple terms, they function by operating data centers to receive content on a set-top box, which they link to encoders & air the videos on the internet.

Is CricFree Safe?

Sports lovers popularly use CricFree to watch cricket and other sports for free. It is a hosting site that can redirect you to websites offering live streaming of sports events without providing any free or pirated content itself. So the platform itself is legal, although it is hard to confirm that all the links it hosts are safe.

How Can You Access CricFree?

CricFree is an excellent platform that hosts links to websites where you can watch and enjoy free sports. Whereas it is legal in its operations, it probably still be blocked in your area. To access the website, you can use a VPN. It’ll allow you to access the site easily and protect you against possible but rare legal consequences.

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