8 Best Online Photo Printing Services in 2020

Best Online Photo Printing Services

As we all know, taking photos has never been easier, thanks to the popularity of smartphones. These images can be shared with buddies and family through text messages or on social media platforms. Though, don’t think for a moment that actual photo printing services no longer exist.

Each year over 1 trillion pictures are taken, and some of them are truly spectacular. Many of these pictures are lost due to phone owners not uploading them to a computer, phone breaking, or deleted photos. To preserve them forever, you will need a quality photo printing service, and the good news is that there are ample options to choose from. As a result, you can easily find a high-quality printing service for a very reasonable price online.

Even With Social Media, Physical Photos Are Still Popular

While social media has changed how we consume & share images with buddies and family, make no mistake that physical photos are still remarkable.

Moreover, in particular, most families will go the extra mile to print out trip pictures to display around the house or special events such as birthdays, holidays, weddings, & more to make sure they have them forever. After all, physical pictures can last well over 100 years.

Can you say the same for your hard drive? Or how long your best-loved social media platform will survive?

Although most families will typically depend on local options for photo printing such as CVS or Walgreens, photo printing has come a long way over the years. Besides, ordering quality prints online can make a difference, and the more critical the photo, the better the service you want to use. It has also become trendy to add family photos as a decoration to coffee mugs, phone cases, shirts, and other apparel. They make the perfect gift for birthdays & holidays, especially for parents.

Here are the best and top-notch online printing services you should be using

The Best Online Photo Printing Services

1. Printique


Printique has been all around for over 20 years, and they know how to print high-quality photographs. I spent enough time looking at reviews and must say Printique was at the top of nearly every list.

Additionally, it excels at providing a host of printing options, including photographs, coffee mugs, book covers, acrylic, canvas prints, calendars, and plenty more. If you want to add your image to a specific object, odds are Printique can do it. One of the significant concerns folks have about ordering photos online is the delivery process. After all, you do not want your photos bent, but that’s not a concern at Printique. All images are delivered in a cardboard package to ensure nothing is out of place.

Benefits of Using Printique
Great print quality
High-grade print paper
TIFF file support
Fast shipping
Protective shipping container
Photo editing

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.31
Canvas 8×12 prints: $32.99
Metal prints starting at $16.49

2. Snapfish


Snapfish is one of the most affordable and best printing services around, but do not let its low prices fool you; their prints are great for the price. It is one of the most famous printing websites around, and you can also pick up your prints in person at a local Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens.

Besides, it provides a host of printing options that you can choose from, including cards, hardcover books, matching blankets & pillows, reusable shopping bags, coffee mugs, custom facemasks, and plenty more. If you want an image on a specific object, they can do it.

The most significant advantage is the shipping options. Unlike numerous other online photo printing services, this one contains physical pickup options. Since most neighborhoods have access to CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, this is available worldwide. It’s the best way to save on shipping!

Benefits of Snapfish
Very affordable
Print on most surfaces
In-person pickup available
High image quality
Excellent phone app
Online gallery support

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.09
Canvas printing starting at $19.99
Printable sheets starting at $59.99

3. CanvasChamp


CanvasChamp has been around since 2012 & has printed over 2,000,000 pictures to date. As its name suggests, it specializes in canvas prints that enable you to enlarge your stunning images spectacularly but gives plenty of other options to choose from.

These include pillow prints, photo blocks, coffee mugs, metal prints, a variety of collage options. Acrylic prints and plenty more. It’s the best offering that comes from its canvassing, which lets you go huge (up to 36×72). The website is user-friendly and enables you to upload images straight from your computer or favorite social media account, including Facebook & Instagram. The cropping tools are easy-to-use, which makes it ideal for anyone to use.

Benefits of CanvasChamp
Best photo printing website
Extensive canvas options
The best selection of printing surfaces
Reasonably cheap
Easy-to-use cropping tools
Best print quality

Canvas printing starting at $4.20
Magic mugs starting at $10.19
Metal Prints starting at $24

4. Nations Photo Lab


Nations Photo Lab has been around since 2005 & is a terrific option if you’re looking for high-quality photo printing services. And the quality of the photo prints is top of the line with an attractive color correction option available.

It covers a massive variety of print surfaces that include lustre, metallic, glossy, and linen, while also offering various photo books and albums to choose from. It is perfect for a family album or to capture a whole event such as a wedding or holiday. Furthermore, when it comes to shipping, no other online printing services match the protective shipping containers. Your pictures will come in a double-layered cardboard container that makes it nearly impossible to receive bent images in the mail. Alternatively, if you live by the store, you can pick them up for free on the same day.

Benefits of Nations Photo Lab
The great shipping containers
Amazing photo quality
TIFF file support
Multiple picture shapes
Multiple print surface options

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.32
Photobooks starting at $36
Album99 starting at $99

5. Walmart


Walmart has built a reputation for selling their products inexpensive than the competitions, & when it comes to printing photos, they are one of the most affordable options around. Although, while large retail chains are not always the same quality-wise across stores, Walmart does a pretty best job at it.

As you probably expect from the superstore, it offers just about everything regarding photo printing, including photo books, posters, calendars, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and just about anything else you can imagine. If you’ve ever wanted a photo on something, they can probably do it. The website is straightforward to use and allows you to upload from your computer, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, & Google, Photos; you can have the photos shipped for free with orders over $25 or pick them up at nearby stores.

Benefits of Walmart
Offers some of the lowest prices around
Has over 4,700 stores in just the US
Shipping is free on orders over $25
Uploading photos is a cinch
You can add an image to just about anything
Great photo quality

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.09
Reusable water bottle starting at $16.42
T-shirt prints for $15

6. Amazon Prints


There’s almost nothing that Amazon does not sell, & photos are no exception. Amazon Prints produces quality photo printing at a reasonably priced point. Plus, since it is on Amazon, you can expect shipping to be very rapid and quick, especially with a Prime membership.

The central part about this service is the Amazon Photos app. It is available on Android & IOS and enables you to select images straight from your phone for printing. You can put the image on a variety of surfaces and objects, much like any other photoshop. Besides, it is worth noting that any touchup or photo editing options are not available on the platform. The prints’ quality is excellent for the price, & the majority of print options are some of the cheapest you can find.

Benefits of Amazon Prints
Fast delivery, especially with Prime
Best phone app
Multiple print surfaces & objects
Very affordable prices
Great photo quality

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.12
15 oz coffee mug $23.99
Metal prints for $24.99

7. Mpix


Mpix is one of the best and well-known photo printing services available. It’s known as a high-end photo printing service that appeals to professional photographers. It is essential to point out it has limited options for a 4:3 ratio that all smartphones use.

Although it has an excellent phone app that enables you to print in various sizes, you can print the photo instantly after taking it on your phone, which is perfect for those who do not like to wait. Although, you can also use the website to upload straight from your PC. The website is also very sleek & intuitive to use, which is excellent for all users. And when it comes to shipping, you can easily rest knowing that your images will be delivered in a cardboard container, safe and protect it from getting bent on the trip.

Benefits of Mpix
Some of the excellent packaging available
Best photo quality
Terrific website interface
Invite others to view your online gallery
Free shipping on orders $35 & up

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.33
Hardcover photo books starting at $39.99
Canvas printing starting at $57.75

8. Shutterfly


Shutterfly is one of the more famous photo options available and has a host of features & printable surfaces to choose from. It uses great packaging, but not quite as good as some others on this list. It is also the only service on this list that allows you to print words on the back of photos.

Furthermore, you can print photos onto various objects, which makes it perfect as a gift service. These include calendars, iPhone cases, jigsaw puzzles, blankets, canvas, magnets, and plenty more. If you’re looking to turn a family picture into a present, this is the place to do it.

Additionally, you can do all of this from the comfort of your mobile. It is available on both Android & IOS and enables you to print any photo on your mobile. Also, you can add them to any of the mentioned gift items. It is excellent for mobile photographers.

Benefits of Shutterfly
The great selection of gift items
Allows you to add text on the back of images
Online gallery sharing for PC users
Above-average delivery packages
Very reasonable prices

Standard 4×6 photos: $0.18
The best selection of iPhone covers starting at $44.99
Canvas printing starting at $69.98

Be On the Lookout for Deals

Photo printing is a pretty competitive business, & as such, there are often deals you can take benefits of that can save you quite a bit. In some cases, more costly services may end up being cheaper if the right deal is active, so make sure to do some shopping. Moreover, you might also find discount codes & coupons available online for many photo printing services. These are best to pair with big orders.

So be on the lookout for deals!

Photos Are Great Memories

Photos are the best way to capture your happiest moments with buddies and family. As such, photo printing is trendy, and there are ample options to choose from. And as a result, it’s not easy to find the best place to print images.

There are numerous factors to consider when including quality, shipping, price, materials used, and plenty more. You probably find that a different printing service is better at a particular task after using a few. It does come down to what you’re wondering for.

If you take many images on your smartphone, I highly recommend using a service that includes a phone app. While you can upload the image to other platforms, it is far more convenient to do it from your phone. Many photo printing services also support social media images, so make sure to give it a try.

What is, are some of your best-loved photo printing services? Do you prefer printing photos from your PC or smartphone?

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5 Best Website Builders in 2020


Hiring a web developer is costly and not for everyone, especially when you’re just starting. However, web development has been made easy and accessible over the years, thanks to many excellent website builders to choose from.

So, Website builders have come so far over the years that it is now feasible for someone with zero web development knowledge to create a stellar site. And you do not even need to write a single line of code.
In most cases, an easy website builder will utilize a drag-and-drop interface to assist you in putting together a site in one sitting. Most essentially, unlike hiring an actual web developer, it is incredibly affordable, making it an excellent choice for newbies.

What Is A Website Builder

A website builder is a software that enables you to build a website without manually entering code. It provides various tools that make it simple enough for someone with zero experience to create a stunning website from scratch.
Website builders come in two forms, online & offline.

An offline website builder is a software program that you should install on your PC. Once the website is built, you need to upload the files to your web host. This website builder has one huge benefit; you can edit your website without affecting your live pages.

Online website builders are web-based, meaning that they run on a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). They are by far the most accessible website builder to use. Most of these services come with web hosting features, which saves you an upload step. The main benefit is being able to work from any device in any location.

In many cases, online website builders are far more common in 2020, but ample offline options still exist.

Why Drag & Drop Is Amazing for Web Development

You’ll hear a lot about on this list is drag and drop interfaces, and trust me; it is a big deal.
Suppose you’ve ever looked into web development before drag and drop. In that case, you should know you needed a thorough understanding of HTML to do anything, which made web development inaccessible to most people.

Even the simplest changes were causing difficulty or annoyance, especially if you will not visualize the changes. After all, you couldn’t see the changes in real-time in many instances.
Although, that’s changed in 2020.

Drag and drop interfaces enable you to drag elements onto a page and place them anywhere you want without coding. As a result, web development has never been simple, and all of the excellent website builder tools utilize it.
I would go as far as to say that it’s a requirement at this point. Not merely has it gotten easier over time, but this has sped up web design significantly. And if you go back to before drag and drop, you will find that web pages took days to craft (they still can if you use HTML), especially once they have tons of content.

Although, once again, that’s changed; you can put together a stylish page in under an hour if you’re familiar with the website builder. As such, all of the top-rated website builders on this list will contain this feature.

Who Is A Website Builder For

While website builders are the best way to build a website, numerous will agree that hiring a web developer is worth the higher cost. Therefore, it’s essential to understand who should use a website builder & who should not.

In many cases, the most common customers of website builders include:

Small Business Owners
Freelance Workers
Building Online Portfolios

A website builder is great for these audiences because it is cheap and perfect for starting. For instance, if you plan to start a blog, prepare to make virtually no money for quite some time (6-12 months).

Cutting costs is necessary, and a website builder can help you save money.

However, some people and professions should consider going above and beyond when it comes to their website. For instance:

Restaurant Chains
& others should consider hiring a web developer.

As said, “you will get what you pay for,” and hiring a web designer can provide your site the edge or appearance your customers expect. And if visitors are going to expect a professional site, you need to make sure you’ve one.

Here are some of the top-notch website builders you can use for WordPress & other CMS:

1. Elementor

Elementor is one of the best WordPress website builder available. It began in 2016 & quickly rose to the top of website builders in the WordPress ecosystem. Even though it’s plugin became one of the largest on the platform in record time.


Besides, what makes Elemenetor so successful is how simple it is to build a pixel perfect website with zero experience. Additionally, it is compatible with some of the biggest plugins and tools in the WordPress community, such as Mailchimp. It can’t be stated enough how easy the platform is to use. It offers a massive library of the unique page and post designs that assists your site stand out from the other 455 million WordPress websites. In just some clicks, you’re ready to go.

With the new Expert beta, you can also get help from some of the best Elementor users. Even you can hire them, which will be much cheaper than hiring an actual web developer.

Benefits of Elementor

Drag & drop interface
Over 300 templates to choose from
Pop-up builder
WooCommerce builder
No coding needed

Pricing of Elementor

Free version available
Personal Plan: $49 a year
Plus Plan: $99 a year
Expert Plan: $199 a year

2. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another best website builder that utilizes a simple drag and drop interface. You can create a ridiculous amount of quirky and stunning WordPress pages to make your site stand out from the competition.
Its main features include mobile editing, template import and export support, an icon library, Facebook widgets, custom Gutenberg editor blocks, 404-page templates, Yoast SEO support, and plenty more.


It’s just scratching the surface of the features it offers.

The live Frontend editor, Tree view, and Inline editor all make editing your website a breeze. Seeing the changes you make in real-time is critical for creating pages on time, and Visual Composer has one of the great to offer.

Benefits of Visual Composer

Frontend editor
Mobile editing support
Yoast SEO support
Icon library
No coding necessary

Pricing of Visual Composer

Free version available
Single Website: $49 a year
Three Websites: $99 a year
Unlimited Websites: $349 a year

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a premium drag & drops the page building plugin for WordPress. This plugin is one of the great available when it comes to page building in WordPress. It comes with an incredible amount of customization & page options to choose from.


Some of these include multiple content modules, an excellent support team, sliders, video row backgrounds (best for showing off products), lightweight, works with any WordPress theme, and optimized for speed, and so much more.
Unlike many other websites or page builders on this list, you can create these stunning pages without ever leaving your WordPress website. It makes creating & adding pages/posts on the fly a cinch.

Once you get used to it, there is no going back.

Benefits of Beaver Builder

Allows you to build pages straight on WordPress
Video row background support
Compatible with any WordPress theme
Optimized for speed
Excellent support team

Pricing of Beaver Builder

Standard: $99 a year
Pro: $199 a year
Agency: $399 a year

4. Themify Builder

Themify Builder is one of the best & intuitive page designers for WordPress. You probably already be using a Themify theme. Each of these themes comes automatically with the Themify page builder and enables you to make changes on your website’s front and back end.


Besides, it comes with a host of features that include row & column customization, custom layout parts (reusable!), over 70 animation effects, and translating your website to another language a cinch & multi-site support.

While Themeify Builder will work on any theme, you’ll get excellent results if you combine it with a Themify theme. These themes are made to work correctly with the builder and, when combined, can open up customization options you never thought feasible.

Benefits of Themify Builder

Easy translations
Multi-site support
Built into every Themify theme
Over 70 layouts to choose from
Draggable column widths

Pricing of Themify Builder

Free version available
Builder Pro: $69 a year

5. Weebly

Last but not Least, Weebly is one of the best website builders available. The free version is baked in so everyone can take benefit of it.
Contact customer support to activate it for you.


We choose Weebly because it is one of the simplest website builders to use. It offers customers the customization they need to create any website.

Starting a website is no simple task. Even with the great tools, it is still hard to pull it off.
Moreover, some of the key features include no transaction fees, Instagram & Pinterest integration, form building, multiple blogging templates, and much more.

Benefits of Weebly

Drag and drop editor
Ecommerce ready
Mobile Friendly
Form building
Social media integration

Pricing of Weebly

Free version available

Practice Makes Perfect

I have said ample times that using a website builder is extremely easy. Although, it still takes some getting used too.
After all, you’re building a website.

While these software are much easier than building a website from scratch, expect a learning curve. But there’s good news. These website builders have been all around for years, and comprehensive guides & tutorials exist to help you make the most of them.

In many cases, the website builder will offer instructional videos & tips to help you along. And do not forget to take full advantage of support teams as they can help you if you’re brand new to web development, especially if you are not familiar with the terminology.

If you first create a website, I strongly recommend having buddies and family try out the pages you create. Often, you can overlook simple details that can easily get pointed out with a second opinion. For instance, if the font is hard for them to read, other visitors will probably feel the same way. Thus, it would help if you never let a page go live without getting a second opinion. The last thing you need is an offensive or inappropriate typo getting through.

Have A Plan Before You Begin

I’ve one last tip to offer you; make a plan.
Well, there are over 1 billion websites online in 2020, & standing out from that large crowd is not simple and easy.
Having a sharp web design is a huge part of that. Take a long glance at the colors, find ones that complement each other, study the competition, what kind of layouts they use, and develop ways to improve. I can assure you that it’ll not look perfect if you try to put something together without a plan.

Dear Visitors, which website builder did you like the most? What do you think is the essential feature? Did you find anything incredibly hard while using a website builder?

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5 Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services in 2020

Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services

Cloud storage has been on the move for several years. It is quickly overtaking traditional storage styles like hard drives & servers as the most popular way to keep files safe, organized, & shareable. So without further ado, let’s dive into cloud storage and the available options waiting for you.

With the big boys such as Amazon & Google getting into the cloud storage game, it makes sense that more & more businesses are turning to them for their small business cloud storage options and solutions. That being said, there are quite some available cloud storage options out there. Sure, you know the big two mentioned above, but are these the great options available?

What is Cloud Storage Service?

Cloud storage stores all your data, including files, photos, documents, videos, and other digital assets on a series of physical offsite servers known as “the cloud.” A business that hosts servers will own this setup & operate all of these storage devices. You can store your files on these servers for a small fee. Despite being called “cloud services,” think of this sort of storage system simultaneously, you would need a physical storage unit.

You see, people & businesses rent storage units from the unit owner or owners. They can use these units to store whatever they want. Family photos, valuables, physical items, and more.
That is the exact layout of cloud storage, except that we’re dealing with digital assets instead of physical or tangible goods.

Why Should You Store Data in the Cloud?

First and foremost, cloud storage is usually very safe. Apart from that, the main cause to store data in the cloud is for business file sharing. There are not many more essential things than sharing your work documents remotely with your team members or coworkers. Moreover, Business cloud services play a considerable part in online file storage, syncing, and sharing. They make it easier to accomplish all of this & more. As I stated earlier, cloud storage has become ever more popular & continues to do so.

Computer systems have been slowly but steadily moving away from a local storage setup to server-based storage & processing, also known as the cloud. Although, it is not only businesses moving more toward a cloud storage setup; consumers are directly affected.

Think about it, we now stream almost all of our video & music from servers, instead of playing them from our discs. Cloud storage enables you to keep your documents & media in the cloud, which you can then access and enjoy from any location, at any time.

Suppose you’re looking at different cloud storage options, or are starting to consider this as a valuable option. In that case, the suggestions below will help you sift through all that is available and make a solid choice when trying to find the excellent cloud storage & file-sharing services available today.

What Can Cloud Storage Do for You?

There’s quite a bit that cloud storage services can do for you. The great solutions will play very nicely with outside apps & other services. It makes the overall experience of viewing or editing your files more straightforward and more natural.

Furthermore, it is even more true in business settings. You want other software products and apps that you probably be running as part of your business to retrieve or access your files. Cloud storage provides you a way to do this, as several services such as Box & Dropbox will easily authenticate with other tools.

Additionally, the range of capabilities that come along with the best cloud storage & file-sharing services is quite incredible. While a lot of them provide certain things, they all even specialize in certain areas.
It’ll help you along with the one you choose below.

For instance, cloud storage services such as Dropbox and SugarSync focus on keeping synced folders everywhere. Others, like SpiderOak, focus more on the security aspect of things.
And then you have the generalists, such as Apple iCloud, Google Drive, & Microsoft OneDrive. These offer not only folder and file syncing, but even media-playing and device syncing.

Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Often these two get put into the same category. It should not be the case. While most cloud services do indeed provide some level of backup, it is merely a consequence of their intended function, i.e., save files for access when required.

An online backup service focuses on disaster recovery when it comes to PC hard drives and files. An excellent instance of this is Carbonite. They will sync with your machine and offer you daily backups. If anything happens to your PC, you can access all the files you’ve chosen to save in your account and reinstall them.

Both of these are the best options for backup, recovery, & saving files. However, they are usually used differently for different reasons.

Is There a Cloud?

It is where it can get confusing to some. Let’s quickly clear up any confusion. The “cloud” part of cloud storage refers to storing your files somewhere other than your PC’s hard drive.

There’s no actual cloud as you are storing your files on other servers. Having all that data in the said cloud allows you to access all those files via the Internet whenever you want to or need to.

Besides, your data is encrypted before it makes any journeys to other servers, and while in transit to those servers, it is also encrypted. You can access your files via apps & other utility software that is installed on your computer.

The Best Cloud Storage Services Available

So, with all the above info in your arsenal, what are the best cloud storage and file-sharing services available today? Well, there are five that I admire and personally like right now.
Below, you’ll find some info on all of them. The one you choose will be based on your setup and what you may or may not need. That being said, this will give you five excellent and top-notch cloud storage services to look at and consider.

1. IDrive

Kicking off our list is the powerful & popular IDrive cloud storage service. It is an excellent cloud storage system that backs up your files also. It enables users to backup everything from computers, mobile, & tablets.
IDrive works well for businesses that have massive amounts of data that need to be backed up. It provides continuous syncing of your files, even the ones on network drives. It also has an easy-to-use interface that supports sharing files by email, Facebook, & Twitter.


Moreover, backing up files is its specialty, as up to 30 previous versions of all files backed to your account are retained for you to access if required.

IDrive also lets IT admins to have access to the IDrive Thin Client application. It’ll enable them to easily backup or restore, manage settings, & perform other applicable functions for their connected computers via a centralized dashboard.

Main Benefits

Fast & spacious
Easy-to-use interface
Good security
Backs up 30 versions of files
Free option available
Unlimited devices
Facial recognition feature for photos
IDrive Express

Pricing Options

Basic: 5GB Free
IDrive Personal: 5TB $52.12/year, 10TB $74.62/year. One user, unlimited computers.
IDrive Business: 250GB $74.62/year, 500GB $149.62/year, 1.25TB $374.62/year. Unlimited users, computers, & servers.

2. pCloud

pCloud is another one of the excellent cloud storage and file-sharing services available today. One of the more quirky things about this option is that they are among the few and only on this list that offers lifetime subscriptions. That means if you go this route, you get a virtual, permanent cloud drive.


Besides, it has a very user-friendly interface that shows you where everything is and what all the functions do. The service comes with a 30-day trash history, so if you need something back, you have a month to access it after you delete it.

You even get unlimited remote upload traffic. However, you’re limited in download traffic to 500GB for the premium package and 2TB for the premium package plus every month, which should be more than enough.
There are some bandwidth limits in place, but you probably will not ever come close to hitting them. That being said, there’s no limit to the size of files you can upload to sync all the large media files you would like.

Main Benefits

Elegant interface
Up to 5 devices
Offers lifetime subscription plans
Unlimited upload traffic

Pricing Options

Premium Annual: $47.88/year, 500GB
Lifetime: One-time payment of $175, 500GB
Premium Plus Annual: $95.88/year, 2TB
Plus Lifetime: One-time payment of $350, 2TB

3. Zoolz

Zoolz is considered by most to be the best service for those individuals & businesses that are looking for unlimited everything. The product provides an easy to follow and use interface that combines with excellent web management options.


Additionally, this cloud storage company uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to deliver a solid price-to-performance ratio for all those interested parties. By doing things this way, it enables them to offer prices that are cheaper than the competition, while at the same time having the ability to add more features such as instant search or data policies.

For businesses looking for all the data & storage they can handle, Zoolz provides a 100TB package that costs as little as $500/month if you book it for 60 months (5 years).

You can even step this up by using their service called “BigMind.” It adds a layer of artificial intelligence, primarily for image discovery & facial recognition.

Main Benefits

File versioning
Very affordable
Hybrid backup
100TB package available
GDPR/HIPAA compliance

Pricing Options

1TB: $14.99/month
2TB: $29.99/month
5TB: $74.99/month

4. Google Drive

The main thing when folks think Google Drive is that they think, free storage. While they have an excellent option for free storage, they even have better-paid options for you to dig into.
Great different features are made available to you by Google Drive via “One.” It is what ties everything into Google’s Cloud platform. You can even use a companion app like Google Photos to store unlimited high definition photos on your phone.


Moreover, Google Drive is a well-known and trendy cloud storage option because it provides many options and is easily accessible for most people. Besides, most of us are already using something tied to Google and their other services, so integrating Google Drive is another logical step.

Main Benefits

Very generous amount of free storage
Android integration
G Suite integration
Companion apps
Affordable paid tiers available

Pricing Options

Free storage option available
2TB Tier: $99/year

5. Microsoft OneDrive

As is the case with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive will be great for anyone dedicated to using all of Microsoft’s services. For instance, it’ll easily integrate with Microsoft Outlook, which is their top-notch email service.
They even provide a very generous amount of free cloud storage space for users. Not that 5GB is overwhelming, but it is a substantial amount for free. Besides, you can quickly increase the amount of space to 100GB for a relatively low cost.


There’s a storage capacity limit of 6TB. But if you’re using that much space for something, then you can probably afford more. You’ll be able to use this on up to 30 devices, and it rounds out our list of the best cloud storage and file-sharing services that are available right now.

Main Benefits

Very generous amount of free storage
Comes with Microsoft 365
Edit files online without downloading them
Up to 30 devices
Integrates with other Microsoft products

Pricing Options

Family Option: $9.99/month, 6TB of storage up to 6 people
Personal Option: $6.99/month, 1TB of storage
Office, Home, & Student Option: One-time purchase $149.99


If you’re wondering for a reliable cloud storage solution, you’ll be in good hands with any of the options above. It will make more sense to invest in cloud storage services when it comes to things such as:

Saving Money
Creating Backups
Accessing Files From Anywhere
Flexible Storage

IDrive made it to number one on this list. Although, if that does not suit you, then take a glance at the other options. There’s sure to be one that is perfect for what you need.

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Top Online Video Compressor without Watermark


Handbrake is my goto video compression tool, but there are many times when I do not have access to my system and need a run-and-gun online video compression app. A quick Google search brings up many online video compressors, but often they are paid or have a watermark. So in this article, here are the incredible and decent online video compressor without a watermark. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

Before we Begin

If you’ve a YouTube channel, a smart option would be to upload your video to YouTube & download it from the creator studio. YouTube features a good compression algorithm and can drastically reduce the file size from a few GB to hundreds of MB.
The merely issue with this method is that if you upload a 4K or 1080p video, YouTube allows you to download it back in 720p. Hence, to overcome this obstacle, you’ve to use a 3rd party tool like a 4K downloader to download your videos in full resolution. 4K downloader can even compress your videos without much loss in quality. In our usage, it turned 1 GB file to about 30-40 MB.
Top Online Video Compressor without Watermark:

1. WhatsApp

Before we head over to any other web app to compress files, you can do it directly on your smartphone. The easy and fastest way to compress a video without much hassle is to send it through WhatsApp. Now, here is the trick. WhatsApp enables you to create a group with just one user or yourself as the participant. I often use this group feature to send files to & fro from my laptop to phone. Plus you can use this same trick to compress videos by using WhatsApp and send it to yourself.
WhatsApp does significant compression with video files, but there are two limitations. The maximum file duration is only 03:08 mins, & the file size is 100 MB.
More extensive videos do not show up in WhatsApp since they are longer than 3 mins. So to cut and send them, head over to the Gallery then share it through the Android share menu.


The massive amount of compression
No watermark and free

Huge loss in quality
Maximum video duration of 3 mins

2. EZGif

The issue with the first method is the 03:08 time limit. Thus, to overcome that, we can use EZGif. The top thing about the web app is no watermark and utmost control in optimization settings. EZGif does not have a dedicated video compressor. Although, you can use the Video Resize segment to do the online video compression. Just keep the resize dimension identical to your source video & “H.264/aac” as Output format and encoding. It does a relatively good job of compressing the video to about half the size.
Moreover, EZGif also has an online editor that enables you crop, resize, trim, and even speed up videos. The merely caveat with EZGif is that the maximum video upload size is 100 MB.

No Watermark and full-size export
Supports video formats like MP4, WebM, MOV, FLV, etc
Ample video editing options

Maximum video upload limit is 100 MB
HTTP connection
Visit: EZGif Video Resizer

3. YouCompress

If you want a better compression with a noticeable loss in quality, YouCompress is the right place. You upload your video file, & YouCompress does the rest of the calculation for you. In the end, it will show you the export video file size, and then you can choose to download it. Besides that, there are absolutely zero customizations, and it’s the epitome of 1-click video compression.

YouCompress did not work with the “M4V” file that I compressed with other web apps.

1-click automated compression

Does not work with M4V files
No H.265 compression
Visit: YouCompress

4. KeepVid

The issue with the above-mentioned video compressors is the file size. If you shoot RAW or in 4k, the file sizes are huge. is the best online file compressor by Wondershare with no file size limit. Like YouCompress, the web app does not let you modify the compression settings. You upload your clip, and it offers you three options. The 1st one enables you to decide the export resolution. My most-liked one is the second option, which tells you the export file and compression percentage upfront. It’s great to see the output file size even before hitting the compress button. With other websites, the compressed file size is mostly a surprise until the compression completes. has a dedicated desktop app. You should go ahead & download it if you regularly compress videos and need batch video compression.

One-click file compress
No limit on file size
Shows compressed file size upfront before compression.

Not much customization
Visit: Media.IO

5. FreeConvert

FreeConvert, as the name suggests, is a top free conversion tool for any media file. Unlike YouCompress & Media.IO, it enables you to choose the video output format, type of compression, which is new. So, you can decide what sort of compression you want. It can be compression by video quality, video size, or bitrate. The prime option is targetted towards reducing file size whereas the rest of the two are for video quality compression
Furthermore, if you find the file size compression to be low, it has a slider to further lessen or reduce the target file size by aggressively compressing it.

Option to select the video output format
Option to choose the compression type
Customizable compression speed and quality
H.265 supported

Visit: FreeConvert

6. AConvert

AConvert is not precisely a video compressor but a video converter. Although, it’s a lifesaver if you’re struggling with Internet connectivity. In my case, when I’ve to review video files uploaded to Google Drive from a low-internet zone (hey, WFH), I usually use AConvert. It can right away fetch your file from Google Drive or Dropbox, convert it to smaller file sizes by changing the resolution, and downloading them. So, I convert a 4k video on Google Drive to 480p & download it through AConvert. It uses fewer data and offers a faster download speed.

Moreover, it provides an extensive range of file export options & compression options.

Capability to fetch and upload files from HTTP server, Google Drive or Dropbox
Batch video file compression
Lots of video export formats

Need to change options to compress video manually
Max file size limit is 200 MB
Visit : AConvert

Compression Results

To have a better idea about these web apps’ compression, I compared them with a single video file. All the compression options are kept default, to avoid discrepancies.

Application Original File Size Compressed File Size
WhatsApp 98.2 MB 17 MB
EZGif 98.2 MB 32.3 MB
YouCompress 90.65 MB 20.34 MB
FreeConvert 98.2 MB 56.12 MB
Media.IO 98.2 MB 28.11 MB
AConvert 98.2 MB 60.2 MB

Final Words

Well, I mostly use Media.IO for compressing videos online due to the significantly smaller file size & noticeable less degradation in video quality. In case I’ve to fetch a file from Google Drive, I resort to AConvert. Depending on your use case, there are ample options on this list. For more issues or questions, let me know in the comment section below.

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