Top 10 Word to PDF Converter Online

10 Best Word to PDF Converter Online

In this article, you’re going to know 10 top-notch Word to PDF converter online in 2020. There is countless Word to PDF converters available on the internet, and all of them provide different features. But based on their user-friendliness, easy UI, and the features they provide, I have listed the top online word to pdf converter. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Word to PDF Converter Online in 2020

1. Zamzar PDF Converter


When it comes to converting file format into any other file format, Zamzar always tops the list. It allows you to convert your docs file to PDF and into any file format you want to.

Zamzar works in four steps.

1. Firstly, select the file from your computer or drag & drop it there.
2. Now choose the file format to which you would like to convert your file.
3. Afterward, you need to enter your email address where the converted file will be sent.
4. And the final step is to tap the Convert button.

As sooner your file will be converted, you’ll get notified about it through email, and you can download it right from there. Besides, Zamzar is entirely free to use and offering file conversion services for about ten years now. So no matter if you need to convert your doc file to PDF, ebooks, video file, or any other file format to other, you can always rely on Zamzar.

2. OnlinetoPDF


OnlinetoPDF is a feature-rich & full-fledged word to PDF Converter. If your needs are not limited to just docs to PDF conversion, but you need to merge, edit, unlock & convert your PDFs online, then OnlinetoPDF is just for you! Unlike other online file converters, OnlinetoPDF enables you to edit your documents before converting them into different file formats. Additionally, you can format your file in a way you wish to.

You can select particular pages, rotate them, reorder pages, split files, and much more formatting options are there. Moreover, you can protect your PDF and put a password to protect your PDF from unwanted access. The list of features provided by OnlinetoPDF does not end here. You can also customize settings such as header, layout, footer, and compression in this converter, and all are free. OnlinetoPDF is free to use.

Besides, the maximum file size supported by OnlinetoPDF is 100 pretty great MB, and you can upload up to 20 files altogether. Overall, it’s an advanced word to pdf converter online, which gives almost all the features one can think of!

3. ToPDF


ToPDF is exclusively designed to convert different file formats into PDF Files. It is incredibly easy-to-use and has a very clean UI. Even though a noob can understand its working in one go as sooner he visits this site.

Furthermore, you can upload & convert up to 20 documents all together with ToPDF and download them singly with thumbnails or in the ZIP format all at once. And the supported file formats by ToPDF are word, excel, Lotus, PowerPoint, graphics, images, and several others. You can consider ToPDF if your requirements are strictly limited to Pdf files conversions.

4. Free PDF Converter


This PDF Converter is precisely designed to convert various file sorts into PDF file format. Using FREE PDF Convert, you can quickly convert MS Office documents, Open Office, Lotus, images, and other formats into PDF and vice versa.

The thing which is not so good about this Online converter is, it is not entirely free. The Free version provides limited file conversions, but if you go premium with this converter, you’ll get access to unlimited file conversions & faster processing. But this is the best word to pdf converter online, which offers one-tap conversions in good quality.

5. PDF Online


Converting a word document into a PDF with PDF online is just 3 steps process like tap the upload button, select the document from your PC and download the file in PDF format.

The top thing about this converter is that it never changes the text formatting, image quality, and results pretty much faster. Furthermore, it also supports other formats, such as Word, Excel, TXT, PPT, and all the Image formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

6. Document Online Convert


The most impressive and admirable feature, which makes this online document converter stand out of the crowd, is its capability to convert a website into a PDF. You only need to enter the URL of the web page; this converter takes the screenshots and produces a PDF without having you do anything additional.

Furthermore, you can also upload your doc file right from your dropbox or google drive storage. When the file is selected either from your computer, URL, or your cloud storage, tap the Convert button and allow this converter to do its job. Document Online converter is entirely free to use and supports different file formats, including Excel, PowerPoint, and images.

7. Convert Online Free


Convert Online free is completely free and gives a high-quality result in no time. The top part of Convert Online Free is, you can also convert your doc file into a PDF file sized more than 50 MB.

Another feature that makes this online converter the perfect is, it supports batch conversion of several files. It does not require you to have MS Word installed on your computer as the file conversions take place on the server. Besides, it also does not need you to enter your info to download the converted file as it downloads the files on your PC directly.

Furthermore, it supports MS Word documents in all languages. The results produced by Convert Online Free are high-quality, and it gives the same PDF as your word file like Image quality is not lost & text formatting remains the same.

8. Doc-Pdf Converter


The Next top-rated word to pdf converter online, which you can use to convert your word files online, is Doc-PDF Converter. This converter is extremely easy-to-use and provides free conversions without having you to pay anything.

This online converter does not only offer the word to PDF conversion, but also, you can easily convert your PowerPoint, Excel, and Open Office Documents to PDFs in high-quality. The converted files are sent to you through email, and you can even copy it directly to your memory card. Besides, this online converter is even supported on smartphones.

Doc-PDF Converter provides faster file conversion in just a mouse click. Overall, it is an excellent online doc to PDF converter, and you can opt for it if you want to convert your doc file to a PDF file in high-quality and faster, that too for free.

9. SmallPDF


If you’re interested in converting your docs file into PDF in a secure way, or, if Security is the foremost concern for you, then smallPDF is the right destination for you. Within an hour of your file conversion, all the files are automatically deleted from their server, assuring the uttermost security.

Moreover, smallPDF offers a very easy-to-use interface. You have to upload your docs files by clicking on the Choose File button, wait for the conversion to take place, and download the file. You can also drag & drop your doc file from your computer to convert it into a PDF.

If we talk about the other features provided by SmallPDF, it’s compatible with all the platforms, including Mac, Windows, or Linux. Additionally, it supports other file formats than words, i.e., image, Excel, & PowerPoint, and offers high-quality results.

10. Doc2PDF


Doc2PDF is an excellent word to pdf converter online, which is extremely easy to use. No matter if you’ve much of the technical skills or not, if you visit the Doc2PDF website once, you’ll know how to use this online converter; it’s that easy, trust me.

The top part of this online converter is that it not only converts files from your PC, but you can also directly upload files from Dropbox or Google drive, making the process easier. When you have browsed the docs file to be converted from your PC or drive, wait for the conversion to happen, once done then download the file.

Like several other above-mentioned online converters, Docs2PDF does not only offer the word to Pdf conversion, but it even supports other file formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, text, or image. You can quickly convert files up to 25 MB in size with this online converter. Besides, this converter is also supported by all versions of windows.


So, these are the top-notch 10 Word to pdf converters online. But as I suggested, the list does not end here. If you wish to explore more options, you can try your hands on Word to PDF Converter, Coolutils, ToPDF, Docx2doc, etc. Another best but not so known option to convert docs to PDF file is the Google docs.

If you’ve ever tried your hands on Google docs, then you no need to try any other online converter to convert file type online as google docs does it best. All you have to do is, open your docs file in google docs, make desired changes, and download it as a PDF file, simple enough!

Aside from this, you can even download docs to PDF converter software from the different sources on the internet if you wish to get it done offline. I sincerely hope this article helped you convert your docs file into a PDF file in an efficient and conveniet way. So did I miss any best Word to PDF converter online? Also for any doubts or questions, you can leave a comment below.

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15 Best Fake Email Address Generator Online

15 Best Fake Email Address Generator Online

Hey Guys! Here is a list of the top-notch fake email address generator tools for 2020. I also use these best websites to create fake and disposable email addresses. They are handy and safe. Besides, These tools assist in protecting your real email address from spam emails. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 15 Best Fake Email Address Generator Tools for 2020

1. YopMail

YopMail is my top choice for fake email address generator tools & protect your real email address from spams. The great thing about YopMail is that all accounts which you create with already exist. You merely need to name.

For instance, [email protected] In other words, you don’t need to use a visit YopMail email address generator to create a fake email address with YopMail. The main and vital features of YopMail are registration-optional, auto-generated inbox, no password, and messages stored for eight days.


2. Dispostable

When you don’t have enough time to create a fake email id, prefer Dispostable. It offers an extremely smooth UI, making it one of the best fake-free email generator sites.

Moreover, you can visit this website and experience the most straightforward way of creating fake emails. You can generate numerous fake emails for free and use those fake emails as per your requirements.


3. GuerrillaMail


When choosing a user-friendly and flexible, disposable email ID generator app, maximum folks prefer GuerrillaMail. It gives temporary email addresses, which users require to prevent their official email address from spam.

Furthermore, GuerrillaMail provides a user-friendly interface that makes fake email address creation relatively straightforward for visitors. Once you’ve entered the details, it generates an email Id immediately. It offers an email to check in every 9 seconds to inform you about your emails. Also, you can send emails with the attachment of 150MB files. GuerrillaMail is a unique platform where you get fake emails to reduce the chances of receiving emails in your official email address.


4. 10 Minute Mail

As is evident from the name, 10-minute mail is a fake email generator service that provides a fake email address for the next ten minutes. It’s a unique platform that offers many features.

10-minute mail also provides support to reduce the chances of errors. It means you have to enter the required email id, and you’ll get a workable fake email address to use internet services for free. It doesn’t charge any amount, and you can create many emails as per your demands. Every mail you’ll receive in your inbox will appear on the homepage of the 10-minute mail. You can open that mail, read it & reply to it. It is the best choice to prevent an official email address from spams.


5. SpamBog

SpamBog is an excellent fake email Id generator service for those who are looking for different domains. It offers you 20 different domains to use. Besides, you get a secure inbox because this fake email service provides you a password to lock your inbox. In other words, you’ll get a temporary email address that will work as your official email Id for a few minutes.

Besides, using SpamBog is relatively easy. All you have to do is just tap the key icon, and the random email Id will be generated. You can also choose a suitable domain name for your fake email ID, or you can avoid using the list of different domains. It gives a login option so that you can check your inbox.

You will probably use the fake email generator online to register on any relevant site, but you will get some crucial emails in your inbox. You can even reply to essential emails like confirmation links or login links to others you receive in SpamBog’s inbox. It’s quite similar to other reputable email services, but it offers disposable email Ids to prevent spams.


6. GMX


Whether you’re providing your email ID for online shopping or any other such purpose, once your official email ID is split among spammers, sadly, it becomes a spam collection. The same issue occurs when you create a fake email id for temporary usage.

Whether you’re offering your email ID for online shopping or any other function, once your authorities email Id is split amongst spammers, it ends up being a spam collection. The very same concern happens when you create a fake email ID for temporary usage.

The inbox receives ample spams, and thus you find it tricky to check out important mails. GMX is a fantastic fake email Id generator because here, you can create nine different fake email IDs and use them. If one email Id has many spam mails, you can delete it and start using another fake email ID. This feature of GMX has attracted numerous fake email address seekers, and today it is a favorite choice.


7. Mailinator


This fake email generating service is pretty similar to 10-minute mail. It is designed to give a fake email address as soon as possible. You’ll find it quite similar to other disposable email ID generator.

By the way, Mailinator has a quirky feature like some of the other fake email generators that you do not need to sign up or register in Mailinator if you need to use a fake email Id. Moreover, it is an excellent feature because you can get a fake email ID in a few seconds, receive new mails, reply to new emails, and that temporary email ID will get terminated soon.




If you’re sure that you will need more than one fake email addresses, can quickly meet your demands. It offers you a personalized email Id service with several other features. It might not be easy to find out the temporary email address generator program rapidly on, but still, it a useful source. Either you can sign up or avoid it to get a fake email id quickly. even offers expert support to new users. Creating a fake email id is relatively straightforward by using this website, and you can also use that fake mail ID to stops spam in your official email Id.


9. Anonymous Email

Folks who know that spreading their official email Id in online services can be risky need fake email Ids. People need fast services that can offer quick fake email ID generating service and also for free.

Furthermore, Anonymous email is such a temporary email address generator. This site asks you to sign up before you start creating a fake email Id. The signup process is pretty simple because you’ve to fill a form with some personal details, and you’re done. You can create ample fake email addresses using Anonymous email and keep your official email Id spam-free.


10. myTrashMail

Spammed inbox has become a big issue. Every email service user requires to get rid of it, and, luckily, temporary email generator programs like myTrashMail are preventing us from spam issues. Furthermore, myTrashMail is a verified temporary email ID generator that provides you different types of domain names. It gives details regarding active and inactive domains on the right sidebar.

You can also check the active domain names and choose a fake email id according to the active domain name. You can use a newly created email Id when you sign up for a newsletter or any online service. It means you’ll receive, send and use new emails in the fake email Id.



blank becomes one of the most-liked fake email ID generators when it comes to generating fake email addresses. It is a trusted source where you’ll get a chance to create five different phantasy email IDs.

Before you start creating fake emails, you have to sign up for Once you’re logged in, you will get plenty of impressive services with a fake email generating program. You can store vital mails for a long time and use all five fake mail ids manually.


12. MailCatch


MailCatch is an excellent antispam solution. It gives you a temporary mailbox to receive the necessary emails of online services to use their free services. MailCatch is the top efficient spam-prevention source because it doesn’t charge any amount for a temporary mailbox.

Here you can create numerous fake mails, and all of your fake mails will be active to receive and send new emails. There is no necessity to log in or sign up; enter your fake email ID, and you can check the inbox.


13. GetAirMail

It’s a temporary email service that works to keep your official inbox safe from spam and give a temporary mailbox. GetAirMail provides random domain names, which you can select without signing up for the website.

There’s no doubt that a website that gives fake email generator programs without any login request is worth useful for all sorts’ uses. You always get a new email ID whenever you visit this website. It is a free email generator and an efficient source of temporary email Ids.


14. MailNesia


MailNesia is a specialized fake email address provider. You should always use a fake email Id, whenever you register yourself to an insecure site.
Besides, providing your main email address is chancy; hence email marketing services can attain it and start spamming in it.

MailNesia offers a phantasy mailbox to receive & send emails. So your official email ID will be out of danger of spamming.


15. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is also a similar service that offers fake email addresses. It is providing you ten different domain names for a fake email ID. Besides, you can select any suitable domain name and create a fake email account immediately. You can check all the received emails in the inbox, which is mentioned above on the website.

No payment or registration is needed for using this email address generator. All you need to do is select a domain name and email ID, and it’ll be generated instantly.



EmailFake is another best fake email address generator. It lets you generate a fake email account with a single tap with your selected username and domain. And this fake email address is valid for 69 days. Every time you tap on the generator option, you will get a new fake email address.

You can easily use these temporary email addresses to register any specific website and receive a confirmation email. In this way, it safe your primary email account from spamming and unnecessary emails. Besides, it is very user-friendly; anyone can use it without any hassle. You can take benefit from all features of EmailFake without doing registration.


17. Email Generator

Email Generator tool lets you create a temp email with one click. You visit the email generator website and click on the generate new email option, and that’s all. Creating fake email ids with Email Generator is two-step processes. Other features and the UI is similar to Email uptime is 139 days.

Registration is not needed to create fake email addresses like other fake email generator tools. You can quickly create unlimited emails and use them for creating an account at any site on the Internet to avoid or stop spam emails into your Inbox.


18. ThrowAwayMail

If you’re not happy with the above fake email address generator tools, then you must give ThorwAwayMail a try. Like other fake email maker tools, you can even create fake email IDs with a single click.

Furthermore, you can use these temporary disposable emails anywhere to signup, and confirmation links whatever your requirement. Emails are ready to use after creation. The received email will show on the home page.

It allows you to generate unlimited fake emails without registration. The email address expires in 48 hours. If you visit a fake email inbox once in 48 hours, email uptime is extended to another 48 hours. And if you don’t visit 48 hours, they will delete your mail inbox.


Final Words

All temporary email address generator sites I have mentioned earlier are verified sources of making fake email addresses. Some fake email id generator asks you to sign up, and some do not. You can check their services with ease and use a suitable one to generate a fully functional fake email ID.

What is your most-liked fake email creator for a temporary email address? If you found this email address generator list useful for yourself, please do not forget to share it with your followers. It is appreciated. Also, feedback about the above mentioned fake email id generator before you leave.

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How to download videos posted to Reddit

How to download videos posted to Reddit

As you already know, Reddit posts can be text-based, photos, links, and of course, videos. Most videos shared on Reddit are shared from a different service, for example, YouTube, LiveLeak, Streamable, or something similar. In some cases, although videos are uploaded to Reddit directly. It makes it a little difficult to share them without the link to the original post, which is easily available but probably not is everyone’s most-liked way to share it. So, in that case, you can download videos posted to Reddit and share them so long as you are not plagiarizing anything and giving due credit. Here is how.

Download videos from Reddit

Much like web apps that let you download videos from Twitter, some apps do the same for Reddit. You can take your pick, but we highly recommend Reddit video downloader. The web app is free, but you’ll have to donate something if you want desktop apps. You can get both Mac & Windows apps for $10.

Visit Reddit Video Downloader and then paste the link to the Reddit post you wish to download a video. Tap the orange arrow button; the video will load in the web app.


You can even play the video if you want or directly tap the Download button. It will then open the video in a new tab. Right-tap it and select the save as option in the context menu. The video saves in the MP4 format.


It is a web app, and technically, it should also work on a mobile device, but on iOS, there does not seem to be any way to get a save as option in Safari or Chrome. If you would like to download a video posted to Reddit on your mobile phone, use this app, but you’ll see a ‘Copy video URL’ button there when you get to the Download button. Tap that to copy the video’s URL and then open the VLC player on your mobile.

Firstly, go to the Network tab and click the ‘Downloads’ option. Paste the URL and click on Download. The file will download, and you can use a file manager on your mobile to access it. You can go to the Storage option in the Settings app to explore files on your Android device. On iOS, open the Files app & go to the VLC folder.

The video will be there, and you can open and play it in any app you wish. It’ll still be in MP4 format, which media players generally support. You can even play it in VLC player if you desire.

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Discord Fonts and Text Formatting: Strikethrough, Underline, Bold, & Italics

Discord Fonts and Text Formatting: Strikethrough, Underline, Bold, & Italics

The most famous desktop messengers from a few years ago are now history; MSN Messenger, G Talk, Yahoo Messenger are all gone. That’s not to say that desktop messengers are now extinct. There are still ample messaging apps that you can use on your desktop, and these apps have mobile counterparts that enable you to carry on a conversation from a mobile device when you leave your desktop. What we have currently are desktop messaging apps that are famous for certain sorts of users.

Discord Fonts

Discord is popular and remarkable in the gaming community. It is used in work-place settings as well, but its reputation pits it as the go-to messaging platform for gamers. The messaging app does not limit itself and has features that enable it to compete with other messaging apps such as Slack, Telegram, & even Skype.

It’s available on macOS, Windows, and Linux. There’s also an app for iOS & Android. The messaging app supports group messaging, audio and video calls, and basic text messaging. It allows users to join servers, making it popular among gamers and anyone looking for casual communities to connect with. It even has support for Markdown that lets users stylize text sent over a message.

Discord Text Formatting

Text sent through a Discord channel can be stylized to appear bold, underlined, in italics, or struckthrough. It also supports code blocks. To keep things straightforward, the text is stylized using Markdown instead of giving users a formatting toolbar.

Discord Bold, Italics, Bold Italics, Strikethrough, and Underline

To format text in Discord, you required to surround the text with the right characters.

1. Open Discord and select a buddy or a channel to send a message over.
2. Please enter the message you want to enter but do not send it.
3. Use the table below and surround the text with the characters required to stylize it.
4. Hit Enter.

Style Syntax
Bold **
Italics *
Bold Italics ***
Underline __
Bold Italics Underlined __***
Strikethrough ~~
Bold, Italics, Underline, and Strikethrough __~~***


Please copy & paste the following examples in Discord to see them in action. Must ensure you include the special characters when copying & pasting the text.

Bold: Use two asterisks on both ends of the text.

**This message will appear bold in Discord**

Italics: Use either a single asterisk
a single underscore on both ends of the text.
*This message will appear in italics*

_This message will also appear in italics_

Bold Italics: Use three asterisks on both sides of the text.

***This text will be bold, and in italics***

Underline: Use two underscores on both sides of the text.

__This text will be underlined__

Bold, Italics, & Underline: Use two underscores and three asterisks on both sides of the text 
to apply all three styles.
__***This text will be bold, in italics, and it will be underlined***__

Strikethrough: Add two tilde characters to both sides of the text. The tilde character can usually be entered from the key directly above the Tab key on a QWERTY keyboard by holding down Shift.

~~This text will appear struckthrough~~

Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, and Underline: Use two underscores, two tildes, and three asterisks around the text to apply all four styles.

__~~***This text will be bold, in italics, underlined, and struckthrough***~~__


To send a code block over Discord, you have to use the backtick character. And this character 
is entered from the key above the Tab key on a regular QWERTY keyboard.

For a single line of code, use one backtick on both sides of the code.
For code blocks that have multiple lines of code, use three backticks on both sides of code.


Single line of code


Multiple lines of code

echo "Stay Home"```

Colored text

You can apply color to the sent text, but it is slightly more complicated to add color to do since the colors all use different commands that you’ll have to remember. The syntax will be the same in most cases.

1. Open Discord and tap inside the text input field for a buddy or channel.
2. Add three backticks at the very beginning of your message.
3. Use the below table to pick the command for the color you wish to use, and add it after the three backticks.
4. Enter the message you need to send and use the correct text marker (see table).
5. Add three backticks to the end of the message.
6. Now send the message.

Color Command Text marker
Blue ini Enclose text in square brackets []
Cyan json Enclose text in double quote marks “”
Lime green diff Add a plus + at the start of text
Orange css Enclose text in square brackets []
Red diff Add a hyphen – at the start of text
Yellow fix None



[This text will be blue]


"This text will be cyan"

Lime green

+This text will be lime green


[This text will be orange]


-This text will be red


This text will be yellow

Highlight text

To highlight text sent over Discord;

1. Open Discord and tap inside a text input field.
2. Enter three backticks and add text after it.
3. Move to the next line, add a dollar sign here.
4. Enter your message after the dollar sign.
5. Afterward, move to the next line, and add three backticks.
6. Hit Enter to send the message.



$This will be highlighted


Using Markdown to format text in Discord is not tricky. You probably need to reference the syntax when you first start formatting it, but you will learn it quickly. Besides, coloring text is a bit trickier since each color has a different command & marker. Still, numerous users prefer this method for formatting text instead of utilizing regular buttons that you will find in more sophisticated text input fields. Outside the colors listed in this article, Discord doesn’t support any other colors.

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Top Cloud Storage Alternatives to Google Drive

Best cloud storage alternatives to Google Drive

Which are the top-notch and best cloud storage alternatives to Google Drive? Google Drive is undoubtedly among the excellent cloud storage solutions. It is simple to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox & other cloud storage providers. Additionally, you get a fair amount of free storage, and it is easy to access from a lot of different devices.
But, there’s an excellent reason to look at some great storage options other than Google Drive, mainly the security.

Why search for alternatives to Google Drive

We were shocked and, to an extent, also quite worried after reading the small print associated with Google Drive. Here are some causes to consider Google Drive alternatives:

Google Scans your data – The files Google scans you upload, and then the info is taken to create your user profile- which is public;

Google shares data with third-parties – While this probably not be anything new, Google’s privacy agreement states that they can reproduce, modify, publish as well as other things. Essentially, once you load a document onto Google Drive, it will become Google’s property;

It is troublesome to track your shared files – Once you have given someone permission to edit a document, they can share it with others, and you are not told when this happens. Your documents could be found with a Google search;

Google Drive is linked to your Gmail account – In case you access your emails from a public computer or lose your device, others can access your emails & your Google Drive files.

The logical top Google Drive alternatives are Dropbox and OneDrive, so let’s compare these solutions first.

OneDrive vs. Google Drive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s solution to cloud storage and has the benefit of integrating the familiar Word, Excel, & other apps that most of us use. Google Drive has similar apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, & Google Slides. Besides, sharing files with OneDrive and Google Drive is also similar. You have the option to right-tap and share with an email address or copy a link to share.

The difference comes down to pricing, storage, & security. Google Drive provides 15GB for free, but OneDrive currently only offers 5GB. For 100GB, both cost $1.99/month. When you start looking at more massive amounts, OneDrive becomes the better value for the money.

For $9.99 a month, you’ll get 2TB of storage with Google Drive and 6TB with OneDrive. There are more pricing plans for both, but generally speaking, OneDrive is more cost-effective.

Like Google, Microsoft has the right to scan documents, but with significantly fewer ads coming your way, you’ll feel that Microsoft does not abuse this right. To date, Microsoft hasn’t experienced any major data breaches.
Google Drive vs. OneDrive in terms of data security, privacy, & value for money, OneDrive is the safer choice.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Google Drive has the benefit of integrating more productivity apps. Dropbox has “Paper,” which enables you to create simple documents & merge files you’ve uploaded. Though this is a little basic, Dropbox has done the best job with sharing access.

Moreover, any file shared with someone is marked, and you can see the number of folks who have access to each specific file. You can sync both with video conferencing programs for team collaboration.
Google Drive has the upper hand with storage space. The 2GB of free cloud storage with Dropbox is nothing compared to Google’s 15GB. Dropbox contains a yearly subscription for 2TB for $120, and a Dropbox Plus account with 3TB for $200/year. Google Drive gives 2TB for $100/year. After that, the next option is 10TB for $99.99/month.

We preferred Dropbox for its method of block syncing. Google Drive will automatically save the whole document when changes are made. Dropbox merely saves the changes that have been made, which makes the process much faster. Besides, everyone can see changes made with less delay, and you’re less likely to lose any recent data.

Dropbox vs. Google Drive, as neither is the ideal security option, we felt Google Drive was the better option. That being said, depending on your requirements, Dropbox is still a suitable alternative.

More Google Drive alternatives


Tresorit made it to the top of our Google Drive alternatives list because of its enhanced security. With military-grade encryption & public-key cryptography, it could be one of the safest cloud storage providers on the market. Furthermore, Tresorit offered $50,000 to anyone who was able to hack the encryption. Over 1,000 hackers tried & failed, even those from MIT.

A personal account comes with 2.5TB of encrypted storage that involves two-step verification to access. It contains file restore & file recovery as well as password-protected links and permission controls for file sharing. This security does not come cheap. The personal account is $25/month.


pCloud is another best solution that has put security as a priority. With TLS/SSL channel protection and 265-bit AES encryption, pCloud offered $100,000 to anyone who could hack the system, and none of the 3,000 hackers could. The other thing we most-liked was the payment plans. For 500GB, there’s a one-time payment of $175, and for 2TB, a one-time payment of $350.

Other quirky features include a built-in video player & audio player, detailed statistics about the links you’ve shared, automatic syncing across different devices, and data recovery. Besides, you can backup files from other major cloud storage providers & Facebook.


Mega has set a leading instance on how to offer well-priced & secure cloud data storage. Your data is divided into equal parts and stored in multiple data centers across the world. When you need to access it, it is reconstructed by using end-to-end encryption.

You’re given 50GB of free storage, and 400GB costs just 5.88 dollars a month. With Google Drive, 10TB will set you back $99.00/month, and Mega charges just $35,34 with the benefit of better security.

There’s a good range of collaboration tools, and all of your texts, chats, and video calls are also encrypted, so not even the staff at Mega can access them. We loved how you can verify your contacts’ identity with a cryptographic fingerprint, making file sharing all the more secure. contains all the right things to look for in cloud storage. It is completely secure from unauthorized access by using encryption. You can easily share files with anyone, regardless of their size, & multiple users can work on the files simultaneously. You can set up password protection & permissions, so you know who has access to your files.

Prices start at $8/month for an individual account with 2TB of storage. For teams of up to 100 folks, 1TB costs $5/month and 4TB at just $8/month. even offers 5GB free when you sign up. is ideal if you have projects that need a lot of team collaboration. Files can be shared, edited, & commented on while you receive notifications of everything that has been done.

More than 1,500 other famous apps can be integrated, making the workflow easier for everyone. Additionally, includes advanced security practices like intelligent threat detection, data privacy, & industry compliance.

We felt that 10GB for free was quite generous. For personal use, 100GB costs $10.61. It seems quite a bit more than Google Drive. But is you’re running a business, provides unlimited storage for as little as $15.91 a month when you pay annually.

Wrap Up

Perhaps the query today should not be Google Drive vs. OneDrive or Dropbox vs. Google Drive. These may undoubtedly have been some of the pioneer cloud storage providers, and we’re comfortable using them.

Nevertheless, the list of the best and top-notch cloud storage alternatives to Google Drive shows that there are options that include great value for money & far better security than the traditional cloud storage solutions.

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How To Modify Minecraft Colors For Signs In

How To Modify Minecraft Colors For Signs In

Do you want to modify Minecraft colors to sing in? If you are creative, then Minecraft is an open world where you can make anything. The world has its rules & regulation, but you will be amazed to learn how players work around them. Plus, there are the little hidden tips & tricks the game has for players to discover to this day.

Thankfully, signs can be made out of any wood, but the default color is black. Please make a sign with Oak, but it is not easy to read if you are using Dark Oak. Here is how you can modify the text color for signs. Make sure it works for both the Java model & the UWP model of the app.

The Section symbol

If you need to modify the text color for signs, you want to declare the color before you initiate entering the text for the sign. Although, the color is assigned by typing Section symbol §, followed by the color code. And on Windows 10, you can enter this symbol by holding the Alt key and clicking 0167 on the number pad.
Minecraft Color codes

Minecraft Color codes

Minecraft has various color codes. The codes for some colors are listed below:

Color Code
Dark Red §4
Red §c
Gold §6
Yellow §e
Dark Green §2
Green §a
Aqua §b
Dark Aqua §3
Dark Blue §1
Blue §9
Light Purple §d
Dark Purple §5
White §f
Gray §7
Dark Gray §8
Black §0

Using color codes

Now you know what color code to use; you can initiate modifying the text’s color. In Minecraft, put a sign & input the text editing mode. Input the section symbol, followed by the color code. Without including any additional space, input the text you want to display on the sign. Besides, if the text overflows to another line, then you will have to input the color code before the 2nd line.

For example:

§fThis is a test §fsign

Additionally, you can also add underline, bold, & italic styles to the document. They will each need a code of their own, and they can be used with various color codes.


Style codes

The codes for the different styles are listed below:

Description Code
Bold §l
Strikethrough §m
Underline §n
Italic §o

If you wish to use both a color code and a style code simultaneously. Then here’s the reference the example below to use them.

§f§lsign text

It’ll provide you bold white text. Also, you will have to input this at the beginning of each line on the sign. In case the text overflows to another line, and this code is not present initially, the text color of the 2nd line will be black by default.


Dear Visitors here is all about “Minecraft colors.” What are your views about it? Do let us know your thoughts in the below comment section!

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What Do You Know About 844 Area Code Scam?

What Do You Know About 844 Area Code Scam

The 844 area code scam includes either getting a call from a telephone number having 844 or being contacted by somebody else to be guided to call an 844 number.

Once connected, the scammer tries to satisfy their victim; they want to pay a late fee or fine, ranging from a hundred dollars to several thousand.

What Is the 844 Area Code Scam?

844 phone numbers are toll-free. The number is registered very quickly by individuals & enterprises. However, authentic customer support centers can use telephone numbers with 844 prefixes. Additionally, the number is used by scammers to con their victims. We do not know that if one group is behind all of the 844 area code scam calls, many unrelated users are involved.

Most important: Certainly, scammers from non-844 phone numbers leave a voicemail asking you to call them back on an 844 number. So please do not call these numbers.

Scammers use an 844 telephone number that can be known to imitate lawyers, bank employees, police officers, etc. They can do this to scare their targets into paying money for entirely fake fine or handing over bank or credit card info so that the scammers can perform the transfer themselves.

844 Area Code Scam Working

844 area code scammers look to research their targets before calling them. They can then use the info to customize their communication when they make the call. For example, if the scammers find out that you had a credit card many years ago, you no longer use it. Then they probably pretend to be someone from a bank looking to gather a late fee relating to that card.


In the past, if you took a loan, then the scammers might copy someone from a debt collection agency & summon you of not having paid it all back. Although the scammers will ask for payment over the mobile via a debit or credit card, they even ask for online bank account login and security information.

Moreover, scammers who use 844 area code telephone numbers are infamous for their terrifying tactics. In the worst cases, 844 scammers also called many family members & victim co-workers to prove their rights and place more pressure on their target.

844 Scammers Find Victims – But How?

Because of the info that 844 scammers appear to possess while calling their target, they likely make a list of possible targets from financial or personal details discovered in an organization data breach or a data dump.

How Do I Ignore Getting Involved in This Scam?

844 area code scammers can terrify & persistent, so hanging up on them usually can not be enough to get them off your back. While talking to them, remember to write down their occupation, name, & the companies or enterprises they claim to represent.

Quickly perform a Google search to view their linked companies’ existence and remember to tell the scammer, forcefully, that you have looked them up. Additionally, they can not find any info on them and make sure they are running a scam. Just block their number immediately.

I can not provide another person with payment information over the telephone if they claim to be from your bank.

I am Also a Victim. What Should I Do?

Suppose you have already fallen victim to area code 844 scam or the same phone or online con. In that case, you should rapidly contact your bank and try to get any transactions you have made using the scammer reversed if you’re given the 844 scammers using your bank account or credit card info. It would then be perfect if you informed your bank of this to help protect your account.

You can even reverse a PayPal transaction. But if you have sent the scammer money using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Then it is impossible to get your digital gold back. Besides whether you can get your cashback, you should always report online scammers. To help the authorities in catching them and securing others from being marked the same way you were.

How Do I Skip Being Targeted for the 844 Scam?


To limit your risk of being the target of an online or telephone call scam. The great thing is to secure your financial & confidential info as best as you can. Remember, all of your online accounts have strong & entirely different passwords. So you do not save your credit card, debit card, or bank account info on websites. You can even take precautionary measures when shopping online.


Here is all about the “844 area code Scam”. Is this post helpful? If you want to share any other thing regarding the article, then let us know. For further questions, let us know in the below comment section!

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How to Download Videos From Reddit Downloader

Download Videos From Reddit Downloader

Are you trying to download videos from Reddit downloader? The posts of Reddit can be text-based, photos, links, & videos. Some videos shared on Reddit are shared from various services like Streamable, YouTube, LiveLeak, or something quite identical. In some situations, though, videos are directly uploaded to Reddit. Additionally, it makes it a bit difficult to share them without the link to the original post that is easily available but might not be everyone’s favorite way to share it. In this situation, you can install or download videos posted to Reddit. You can even share them so long as you are not copying anything and providing due credit. Come, let’s a glance at how to:

Download videos from Reddit Downloader

Similarly, there are web apps that allow you to download videos from Twitter. Also, some apps are doing the same for Reddit. You can even choose your pick, but we suggest Reddit video downloader. Although the web app is free, if you want any desktop apps, donate something. Also, you will get both Mac and Windows apps for $10.

Head over to Reddit Video Downloader and Ctrl+V the link to the Reddit post you like to download a video. Then click the arrow button in orange, and the video will load in the web app.
Besides, you play the video if you want to. Not just this, but also you click the Download button. Once tapped, it will open the video in a new tab. Right-click it and choose the save as option in the context menu. However, the video saves automatically in the MP4 format.

Well, it is a web app, and technically, it works on all mobile devices as well, but on iOS, there does not look to be any way to get a save as option in Chrome or Safari. If you want to install or download a video posted to Reddit on your android. Then use this app, but when you get to the Download button, you’ll then view a ‘Copy video URL’ button there as well. Tap that to copy the video’s URL and then open the VLC player on your mobile.

Move to the Network tab and click the ‘Downloads’ option. Then paste the link and click on Download. The file will download, and you’ll use a file manager on your mobile to access it. You can move to the Storage choice in the Settings app to explore files on your mobile devices on mobile. On iOS, head over to the Files app and move to the VLC folder.

However, the video will be there, and you can easily play or open it in any app you want to. Still, it’ll be in MP4 format, which media players generally support. You can even play it in VLC player if you want to.


Here is all about ”Reddit Downloader.” Is this article helpful? Have you ever face problems while downloading videos from Reddit downloader? Have you found any other trick that we can not cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the below comment section!

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Best Free WinZip Alternatives to Unzip Files & Folders

Best Free WinZip Alternatives to Unzip Files & Folders

Do you want Free WinZip Alternatives to Unzip Files and Folders? If yes, then you’re in the right place. WinZip is one of the fantastic utility tools available for Windows, Mac, Android, and other Platforms. It is also used for different purposes, such as compressing a file, protecting files, unzip files, & compressing the file opener. Although, the WinZip is available for download for free or paid. The paid version also comes with adding features, and the free version comes with limited features. Additionally, it is not cheap at all. There are many other ways & techniques to WinZip available that you can use in place of WinZip.

Besides, these utility tools are useful to have on your device. These are quite handy to use due to their easy UI. Besides compression & decompression, you can also use WinZip for file encryption to protect files. For installing the WinZip Alternative, move to the given link & Download.

Top Free WinZip Alternatives

7- Zip

7- Zip is an open-source utility software that is available for free. It is also used for packing & unpacking different files such as 7z, RAR ZIP, XZ, GZIP, TAR, BZIP2, and WIM. Also, the best Free WinZip Alternatives to unzip files available for Windows. The 7-Zip command line is available for the Linux system.


How to use 7-Zip

Right-click on any RAR or other compressed files.
Then move to 7-Zip option & Extract files.
You can use it for different purposes in a similar way.



It is a tool from Rarlab and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. You can install this tool in your language for an improved experience. Also, you can use the trial version for the best features on Windows and other OS. If you like to compress & decompress files, then move with this tool.


How to use WinRAR

It is easy-to-use, the same as 7-Zip and other Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files. Right-click on a file & perform WinRAR actions.




Zipware is quite similar to 7 Zip and other Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files. However, it is easy-to-use and fast response and free. Using Zipware, you can also extract, compress, convert, encrypt files. The main downside of this tool is that it is only available for Windows Platform. Zipware also supports all the archive formats, including the latest ones.




PeaZip is an excellent utility tool on the list of Best Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files. It is available for Windows & Linux platforms. The feature is useful, as its interface, and very easy-to-use. Also, It is free with tons of file format support. It is also capable of encrypting & decrypting files with Extracting and compression files.


Ashampoo Zip Free


Ashampoo Zip Free is a top free utility tool for Windows Platforms. However, it is another user-friendly tool to Unzip Files. Besides, it works for all the archives file format very smoothly without any issues. The UI is very promising and attractive and easy to use.




JZip is a utility tool similar to 7 Zip and other Best Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files. It is capable of extracting, opening, creating various archive files. However, the interfaces of the tool are user-friendly, which adds up to the benefits list.




Archiver is another one of the top-notch utility tools for Mac. However, it is quite similar to other Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files. Besides, it is not available for the Windows Platform, which is the main drawback of this tool.


B1 Free Archiver


B1 Free Archiver is a fantastic multi-purpose utility tool available for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android Platforms. The UI is quite simple and user friendly. Also, you can use it without any difficulty. If you like an archive file creator or opener with a simple user interface, you can then use B1 Free Archiver. Though, the working of the tool is quite similar to other Free WinZip Alternative to Unzip Files.


Hamster Zip Archiver


Hamster Zip Archiver is a fantastic tool. It comes with some unique & amazing features and a cool User Interface. Working on the Hamster Zip Archiver tool is relatively easy and effective. However, it is used for opening & creating different archive files. Besides, it is available only for Windows.




FreeArc is another Open Source Archive file manager tool only for Windows Platform. However, it offers a high compression ratio and works well without any problem. Also, it is quite simple and easy-to-use the tool. It is faster in speed and performance during the creating, opening, or any other archive operation.



Here’s all about the ten free and top-rated WinZip Alternatives, which are essential as Winzip. So if you do not like the Winzip or maybe it’s not working on your computer. Then you can use any Winzip alternative. And if you think we have missed any tool which deserves in the list of Alternatives, then let us know in the below comments section!

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25 Best Manga Sites To Read Manga Online For Free in 2020

Manga Sites To Read Manga Online For Free

Pronounced as ‘maw-nnnn-gah, Well, Manga is the Japanese word, comprising just three syllables, with the middle ‘n’ spoken very quickly.

With a huge following and an integral component of the ancient Japanese culture, Manga refers to Japanese comic books published as a series. The origins of Manga, a distinctive culture, can be traced as early as the 12th century, produced by several artists.

On many occasions, the Manga series is published into Japanese cartoons or anime and can also be loosely translated as ‘humorous pictures.’ This style of publication took off in the 20th century when various laws forbidding its publication were lifted. Since then, it has contributed & become a considerable part of the Japanese culture, emerging as one of the most read comics, not merely in Japan but globally.

About several, if not all sorts of Japanese cartoons, comics, & anime ‘Manga’ is comprised of two entities;

“Man” means a playful, fanciful, & spontaneous.


“ga,” meaning drawing, artwork, sketch, or an artist’s impression.

There could be numerous examples using historical references illustrating a unique style used in Japanese Manga’s publication since its inception. However, outside Japan, Manga can only refer to comics, while ‘anime’ refers to and covers several kinds of cartoons and animated comics. Thus, and not always, anime is the animated version of Manga.

Navigation of Contents

Manga’s History
Manga vs. Anime and the Format
Categories & Types of Manga
Top list of 25 Working Manga Websites – Free

Manga’s History

During the Second World War, The US invaded & occupied Japan, bringing a couple of foreign ideas and cultures. However, this didn’t sit well with the Japanese way of life and culture and marked an important milestone in the development of Manga.

Americans brought their comics and cartoons like the Mickey Mouse to the country, but the Japanese artists strictly followed their own deep-rooted Manga culture. To dominate & seek an audience for their artwork, the Japanese evolved and morphed into publicizing their content in newspapers or magazines carrying a collection of various series which would be available weekly or monthly.
Furthermore, among the most successful artists who kept the Manga phenomenon alive were Osamo Tezuka, who created the famous ‘Astro Boy’ & Machiko Hagesawa, also known as the ‘god’ Manga, a godfather of anime.

As one discovers this unique deep Japanese culture, many features make Manga clear-cut. Noticeably, Manga characters have big eyes, relatively small mouths, abnormal or a freakish hairstyle. The characters also exhibit weird and overemphasize their emotions. For instance, a Manga character may cry while pouring massive abnormal tears, or when a character smiles or laughs, the expression conveyed is as if the size of the mouth covers the face.

Manga vs. Anime & the Format

Strictly following the Japanese tradition, Manga is read from the right to the left side. Texts & descriptions are also set to be read in the same way. It is quite the opposite of the format one would find in the Native American comic books. During publication, Manga is usually assembled in small Manga volumes or a larger volume if popular that boasts rich diversity in the various genre. For instance;

1.Action Adventure
2. Sports
3. Sci-Fi
4. Comedy
5. Games
6. Romance
7. Horror
8. Sexuality
9. Mystery & suspense, among others.

As against American comics, which target a young audience, Manga is a comic for everybody regardless of the age bracket, gender & preference.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there have been many efforts to have an American look & ‘feel’ just like the American Comic books, but this is something that Manga artists have against or opposed, as they seek to preserve their unique, rich, culture both at home & abroad.
In this regard, the Manga audience & the enthusiasts have ensured that Manga produced elsewhere is in the US’s traditional Japanese style.

Categories & Types of Manga

Due to the large audience & a huge readers’ base, Manga has established a marketing strategy to cater to everyone, whether as the ardent fan or whether you’re ‘new’ to the world of Manga. The brief classification below could assist you in choosing exactly what you need.

1. Shonen (Pronounced show-nen)

It is Manga aimed for the boys. The comics are packed with action, sports, adventure fights, romance, technology, and sexuality in this classification.

2. Shojo (Pronounced as show-joe)

It is Manga aimed for the girls. Topics covered in these comics include some shonen content but with a different taste, such as romance, superheroines, & relationships. The further classification includes Josei(pronounced joe-say), a Manga for Women.

1. Yoji, For children aged 1-4 years,

2. Kodomo, for kids learning how to read.

A list of 25 Working Manga Websites – Free

Top 20 Description
1. BookWalker Probably the great site for your Manga needs. Also available on IOS & Android.
2. Honto Published in native Japanese language, this site also has an online store for both paper books & e-books.
3. Comico Very popular online comic website, but based purely in the Japanese language which probably prove difficult to read their Mangas if you’re not proficient in the language.
4. Mangakakalot Quite a well-organized Manga site with thousands of comics. It is also free.
5. Mangago Offers free Yaoi Manga Online
6. AnimeNova This website has a provision for both Manga & Anime and is available on Android.
7. Viz This is another famous website that offers Manga & Anime.
8. Mangainn A well-organized online comic store, with regular updates.
9. Comic-Walker This is probably one of the best and largest Manga publishers in Japan. In this website, Manga enthusiasts will have popular titles listed here for free access.
10. Crunchyroll This is a subscription service for your online famous Manga comics, with an option of 15 days trial.
11. Otaku Smash Another remarkable Manga online service with services such as various Manga on demand. However, the website needs to improve on connection security.
12. Renta An online platform for selling Manga content and comics but also offers free chapters for its users.
13. Comixology Probably one of the largest digital comics platform. Being an Amazon subsidiary, it provides a 30 day trial period & an opportunity to purchase Manga books thereafter or utilize their subscription service.
14. Manga Panda A superb online store for the earliest Manga to present but probably not be safe for minors.
15. Weekly Shonen Jump If you want to quickly find new titles & what is really new in Manga, then you probably need to check out this online website. It is the oldest source of Manga but not exactly free.
16. Manga Club Operated by Torico, this is a website for English speaking users offering your best-loved Manga absolutely free
17. Manga-Anime Here Easily get some of your most-liked, must-read Manga series here
18. It is a free online website that offers Manga readers with content ranging from action, fantasy, adventure, among other things without registration.
19. Mangastream Popular online site Manga readers. It provides many genres, regular updates and a vast collection of series.
20. Manga Here A great online website for Manga with a massive variety of genre for free
21. ZingBox One of the best online sites for Manga lovers. It provides a way to share and interact with fellow manga readers, by enabling users to post their Mangas & comics via Android or IOS apps, in addition to the native PC.
22. MyreadingManga This is an adult only Manga website that was launched in December 2012. Users can’t download content from the site but can buy physical or digital content from other sites like Comiket, Renta, & DLsite.
23. Manga Fox The website which was launched in 2010 hosts over 8000 manga scans & scanlations. The site also offers its users with the most read manga every week.
24. Manga Freak The site includes top manga including Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, & Boruto among others. You can easily access any manga without any payment or registration.
25. BATO.TO The website which has quite a clean UI and easy navigability contains all the latest manga comics along with new releases.
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