How to Uninstall Kodi Addons with Ease

How to Uninstall Kodi Addons

We already know that Kodi addons can be quite unpredictable. Some of those can even cause technical issues with the app. With that said, you will need to know and learn how to uninstall Kodi addons, and that’s precisely what I will teach you.

As you are about to see, there are many ways to remove addons from your Kodi. If you wonder about the best and easy ways to uninstall Kodi addons, you are in the right place. To make this post as helpful as possible, I will show you all of those methods that suitable both for beginners and advanced Kodi users.

So without further any ado, here is How to uninstall Kodi addons.

1. Firstly, launch Kodi and wait until the app is ready to use.

2. Afterward, using the app’s main menu, navigate to ‘Add-Ons.

3. The main menu will now show various categories of add-ons. Pick any of those based on the sort of the addon you are planning to remove.

4. After that, you will see your locally installed addons on the right side of the screen. When you find the one that needs to be removed, right-tap on its icon and select ‘Information.

5. You will see the addon’s overview. Now, in the bottom-right corner, use the ‘Uninstall’ button.

6. Here, Kodi will ask if you want to proceed. Confirm your decision by tapping on ‘Yes.
That’s all you need.

Final Words

You have reached the end of our guidance on how to uninstall Kodi addons. And if you need any help, let us know by posting a comment below. Plus, do not forget to share this post online. Thanks, and enjoy using Kodi!

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