How to Quickly Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font With MyScriptFont

Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font With MyScriptFont

Undoubtedly, dozens of fonts are available out there, but you can be sure someone uses the same font as you are. Ever thought of having your font, or better yet, turning your handwriting or handmade alphabet into a font for personal or any creative use?

The idea behind MyScriptFont is that it enables you to create & generate fonts from your handwriting. You can also make up a new design for every letter in the alphabet, turn that into a workable font, and use it to create all your future work. All you have is a marker or felt-tip pen & a scanner to get started.

1. Download Template from MyScriptFont

To start, browse the MyScriptFont, site, and download the template. Well, the template is just a set of lines you can transfer your handwriting or creations to before turning them into fonts.

Afterward, write out the alphabet & numbers in your style by using a black marker. Dark blue even works. It would be best to use a felt pen rather than the regular ballpoint pen, or the text wouldn’t come out clearly.

Once you are done, scan the template at 150dpi or 300dpi.

The template must be scanned in grayscale and ‘portrait’ orientation and be in TIFF, JPG, or PNG. The file size must be a maximum of 2MB or up to 6000×9000 (pixels).

2. Upload your New Font

Upload your scanned fonts to the MyScriptFont website.

You can name your font & set it in the format you wish the font to be: OTF, TFF, or SVG format. Once you’re done with the settings, tap ‘Send file’ and let it load.

After the font is converted, you are allowed to download it to your PC.

3. Installing Font

You have to install your font before using it.

For Windows, go to ‘Control Panel,’ then search for ‘Fonts.’ Just copy & paste your newly downloaded font into the ‘Fonts’ folder.

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From within your apps, you can then choose your handwritten font by its name to use it. Here is our not-too-shabby font.

Final Words

Dear Readers, you can easily use this to create just about any new font, not just scribbles of your handwriting. Create sci-fi fonts, make headlines, fonts for goth & horror, or show your love for cartoons & comics. Basically, you’re just limited by your imagination. Would you try this? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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