How To Modify Minecraft Colors For Signs In

How To Modify Minecraft Colors For Signs In

Do you want to modify Minecraft colors to sing in? If you are creative, then Minecraft is an open world where you can make anything. The world has its rules & regulation, but you will be amazed to learn how players work around them. Plus, there are the little hidden tips & tricks the game has for players to discover to this day.

Thankfully, signs can be made out of any wood, but the default color is black. Please make a sign with Oak, but it is not easy to read if you are using Dark Oak. Here is how you can modify the text color for signs. Make sure it works for both the Java model & the UWP model of the app.

The Section symbol

If you need to modify the text color for signs, you want to declare the color before you initiate entering the text for the sign. Although, the color is assigned by typing Section symbol §, followed by the color code. And on Windows 10, you can enter this symbol by holding the Alt key and clicking 0167 on the number pad.
Minecraft Color codes

Minecraft Color codes

Minecraft has various color codes. The codes for some colors are listed below:

Color Code
Dark Red §4
Red §c
Gold §6
Yellow §e
Dark Green §2
Green §a
Aqua §b
Dark Aqua §3
Dark Blue §1
Blue §9
Light Purple §d
Dark Purple §5
White §f
Gray §7
Dark Gray §8
Black §0

Using color codes

Now you know what color code to use; you can initiate modifying the text’s color. In Minecraft, put a sign & input the text editing mode. Input the section symbol, followed by the color code. Without including any additional space, input the text you want to display on the sign. Besides, if the text overflows to another line, then you will have to input the color code before the 2nd line.

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For example:

§fThis is a test §fsign

Additionally, you can also add underline, bold, & italic styles to the document. They will each need a code of their own, and they can be used with various color codes.

Style codes

The codes for the different styles are listed below:

Description Code
Bold §l
Strikethrough §m
Underline §n
Italic §o

If you wish to use both a color code and a style code simultaneously. Then here’s the reference the example below to use them.

§f§lsign text

It’ll provide you bold white text. Also, you will have to input this at the beginning of each line on the sign. In case the text overflows to another line, and this code is not present initially, the text color of the 2nd line will be black by default.


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