How to Import Outlook Contacts Into Windows Live Mail

Import Outlook Contacts Into Windows Live Mail

A large number of people are making the switch to cloud-based services. You may want to transfer your Outlook contacts to your Windows Live Mail account. In this article, I will discuss how to import outlook contacts with ease.

So without further ado, learn how to import outlook contacts into your Windows Live Mail account.

1. To open and export an Outlook file, select “File” > “Open & Export” > “Import/Export”.

2. Once you see the first screen of the wizard, go ahead and select “Export to a file” and then “Next.”

3. Then, select “Comma Separated Values (DOS)” and then “Next.”

4. Select “Contacts” and then press “Next.”

5. Save the file to a specific location. If you prefer, you can use the “Browse…” button to avoid typing the full path. Press “Next. “


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6. Choose “Finish. “

The file is exported with a .CSV extension.

With our export file completed, we can import the contents of the file into Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail Import Steps

1. Open a web browser, log into your Windows Live Mail account, and start using the program.

2. Go to the upper-left corner of the screen and select the “Apps” button. Then, select “People.”

3. Go to the “Manage” section and select “Add People.” When you are already on the “Add People” screen, you do not need to perform this action.

4. Start the import.”

5. Select “Other. “

6. Go to the “Choose File” option and select the CSV file you exported.

7. Choose “Upload.”

The contacts should be successfully imported to Windows Live Mail after a few seconds.


Why don’t I have the option to Export in Outlook?

When you’re using Outlook on a work or school computer, you may be restricted from exporting messages from Outlook if the system administrator disallows it. To see if there’s a way to enable it, you will need to speak with your IT department. Alternatively, you can use a workaround to export contacts as VCF files, in which case you will be able to import outlook contacts one at a time.

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