How to Fix Windows 10 Product key Error 0xC004F213

Fix Windows 10 Product key Error 0xC004F213

When Windows 10 couldn’t find a matching license, did you receive the activation error 0xC004F213? So, I will explain here why this error code occurs and how to find windows 10 product key.

What Is Windows 10 Activation Error 0xC004F213?

A 0xc004f213 error indicates that a windows 10 product key was not found. As Microsoft explains, error 0xc004f213 is expected if you currently replaced your motherboard.

Once you install Windows 10 on your device, the license key is automatically associated with your motherboard, so you don’t have to worry about locating or entering it each time you use the operating system. To reactivate the license, you will need to replace the motherboard.

Windows 10 Pro sometimes comes with an error code 0xc004f213. It has a specific solution to find windows 10 product key.

Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Error 0xC004F213

Enter Your Product Key Again

Well, refreshing your license information and fixing the problem may be as simple as entering your windows 10 product key again.

1. Navigate to the Settings page.

2. After you have selected Update & Security, select Update & Security again.

3. Go to the Activation button.

4. Select the Change product key option.

5. Use the key you’ve used before to see if re-validating it resolves the problem.

If You Have a Digital License

Informal paraphrase: A digital license is an activation method that does not supersede the windows 10 product key. It means that if Windows 10 were preinstalled on your computer, you would still need to enter the activation key.

Check if your computer key is activated:

1. For both Windows & Mac OS X, launch the Command Prompt as administrator.

2. Finally, type “slmgr /xpr” and hit Enter.

3. Continue to the next step if the key is not activated and the machine is not permanently activated.

To view your Windows 10 preinstalled key:

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1. Install the latest version of PowerShell (administrator).

2. The following command should be entered: Wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey.

3. Copy the key.

4. If you’ve made it this far, go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Change Product Key.

5. You must enter your activation key.

Run the Activation Troubleshooter

The Activation Troubleshooter may also assist you in fixing error 0xc004f213 or finding windows 10 product key in a short amount of time.

1. Make your way to the Settings screen.

2. Then, navigate to Update & Security.

3. Make a selection and activate the feature.

4. To find and repair activation issues, use the Troubleshooter.

Note: If you already used your windows 10 product key to activate the Troubleshooter, you will not see it.

Use a Generic Key

After upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, you may encounter the error code 0xc004f213. In this case, your computer installed Windows 10 Enterprise instead of the Pro edition. It is a common issue.

1. Shut down your computer & disconnect it from the Internet.

2. After that, go to Settings.

3. Navigate to the ‘Update and Security’ section.

4. Finally, select “Activation.”

5. To activate your new software, select the Change Product Key option.

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6. The key you should use is VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T (this is only a generic product key that will downgrade your computer from the Enterprise version to Windows 10 Pro).

7. Go ahead and activate the product.

8. Your computer should be restarted. Once this step completed, your license should activate automatically.

9. If the first attempt did not work, carry out the process again.

Buy a New Windows License

If nothing helped, then you should have purchased a new Windows license. I am going to do this:

1. Tap Settings, then tap Update & Security and then tap Activation.

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2. Choose “Go to the Store.”

3. Purchase a new key and use it to access your computer.

Here you go; I sincerely hope that the obnoxious windows 10 pro key or activation error 0xc004f213 has been resolved. So, let us know in the below comments section!

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