How to Fix 0x800703ee Windows Update Error in Window 10

0x800703ee Windows Update Error in Window 10

Are you getting the 0x800703ee update error when you’re updating Windows 10? If the same error code appears even after performing the troubleshooting guide, you should consult this manual for further help. This post will discuss how to resolve or fix the 0x800703ee windows update error in Window 10.

What causes error 0x800703ee?

A file that has been damaged and/contaminated can often result in the error code 0x800703ee. This could be a sign or indication that your system files or update files are corrupt.

Solutions to Fix 0x800703ee Windows Update Error

Run SFC and DISM scans

Windows 10 includes two tools that allow the user to scan and fix system files that are missing or damaged automatically.

1. To launch the command prompt, simply type the following into the Run dialogue box and then tap or click OK: administrator.

2. Enter the sfc /scannow command, then hit Enter.

3. The steps should be performed once the PC has finished scanning the system files.

4. Afterward, run the DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command, then hit Enter.

5. As a last resort, restart your computer and try to update your system.

Restart the Windows Update service

Another good way to deal with corrupted files is to start the Windows Update.

1. For administrative purposes, hit the “Windows + R” and then type “services.msc” and press Enter.

2. If you need to fix Windows Update, click the link on the top right to view the list of installed services.

3. Disable the service with the right-click of a mouse button.

4. Go to the root directory C:\Windows and remove the SoftwareDistribution folder in the folder and then, in the Folder menu, set “Show protected and hidden files” to “on.”

5. “Delete the ~WS and ~BT folders: Navigate to C:\Windows and delete the contents of the ” folder as well (if present on your computer) go to the Windows Update and double-click the service.

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6. Start the service up as Automatic.

7. Return your computer to its operating system and try to install the update again.

Use the Microsoft Update Catalog website

Also, from the Microsoft Update Catalog website, you can download the problematic update(s). You must use this method to get an error code 0x800703ee while performing cumulative or security updates. Enter the search code, select the search, and go to the Download.

Disable other programs

In case another program is running in the background, it may stop the update and trigger the 0x800703ee error. Factual Fact: Third-party security tools may occasionally block Windows updates. Some of these tools may mistakenly mark files as modified.

Disabling your antivirus software before downloading and installing the updates avoids such issues.

Besides, you can prevent apps from running in the background by disabling their tasks in the Task Manager. End non-essential background processes.

Clean boot your computer

When you don’t know which programs could interrupt your update, you can boot your computer.

1. Type msconfig in the search bar; press the start button to open the System Configuration utility.

2. Go to the ‘Services’ and/Check-in “Services” on Dismissolve all Microsoft services.

3. Disable all instances button to disable all open programs at once. Select the Task Manager to bring up the Startup tab and click the Open button.

4. Do step-by-by-step startup services one at a time.

5. Please restart your computer or close the Task Manager and reboot it.

Don’t leave any residual files on your hard drive after you’re done.

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Clean up your disk

Whenever you start a program, your computer temporarily stores files on the disc. Over time, temporary files accumulate and make it difficult to install new programs or keep your computer updated.

To delete your file(s), make sure you follow these steps:

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1. Select Disk Cleanup from the Cleanup tools on the bottom right-hand side menu.

2. To remove all older files than their specified retention date or that are older than a certain period of time to ensure that no residual files remain.

3. Go to the Windows drive you installed on and changed the letter associated with it in the drop-down menu to the drive letter corresponding to the current one.

4. Files you select will be deleted (including system files).

5. Windows will allow you how much disk space you can free up.

6. Press the “OK” button.

Allow your computer to start from the system recovery disc after cleaning the disc.

Final Words

Dear Readers, let us know if you could fix the 0x800703ee windows update error and update your system.

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