How To Use External Download Manager With Firefox

How To Use External Download Manager With Firefox

Unlike desktop, most smartphone’s web browser doesn’t support external download managers like IDM or XDM. But if you’re a Firefox user, there’s good news for you. Currently, Firefox added support for external download managers in their Firefox Nightly builds. Here is how you use it with ease.

How To Easily Use External Download Manager With Firefox

Firefox has three different Android browser variants such as Firefox, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Beta, in case you do not know. The Firefox browser is the most stable and best variant directed for regular usage. The Firefox Beta is for Firefox fans who wish for the latest & stable updates every week. And Firefox Nightly is the bleeding edge Firefox browser that gets daily updated.

Firstly, download and install the Firefox browser.

You can select to sign-in with your Firefox account, but you would be fine without it.

To turn on download manager support, click on the meatball icon at the bottom-right corner.

From the extended menu, click on Settings. Afterward, on the Settings menu, navigate to the bottom, then turn on the toggle beside “External download manager” under the Advanced section.

When the External download manager is enabled, you would have a pop-up to select the download manager whenever you download a file.


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In the following screenshot, I’ve Navi, an open-source download manager installed. Hence, Firefox asks me to select the download manager between Navi & Firefox while downloading a file.

Final Words

Dear Visitors, using Firefox Nightly as your regular browser might lead to some crashes & also data loss, as it’s not the tried & tested build. Though, you can still natively use Firefox Nightly as your preferred browser for downloads. For more issues or questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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