How to Easily Remove Gboard’s Annoying Emoji Bar

How to Remove Gboard’s Annoying Emoji Bar

Well, after staying in beta for almost about a couple of months, Google finally released the Emoji bar in Gboard. However, it has its uses; I find it more redundant and, simultaneously, takes up more space on the screen.

Furthermore, the emoji suggestion is even redundant. For example, if you type laughing, the suggestion box automatically suggests a laughing emoji. I feel the suggestion bar is more useful than the emoji bar. Google could have just fused the suggestion box with most-used emojis or combine it within the keyboard with a long-press; however, if you’re on the same page as me & just as annoyed as I’m, here is how to remove Gboard’s emoji bar.

How to Easily Remove Gboard’s Annoying Emoji Bar

The Gboard emoji bar does not kick in every app. For example, I can see it on WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook Messenger but weirdly not in Instagram chats or Telegram chats. It probably takes a while to kick in on every chat app. If you see it within an app, it is comparatively easy and straightforward to remove.

Simply swipe left on the emoji bar, and you would see the option to disable “Remove Bar. “ Click on it.

When you click on the “Remove bar” button, it will redirect you to Gboard preferences. At the bottom, turn off the toggle beside “Emoji fast-access bar.” Afterward, once you get back to the app, the emoji bar would be removed from Gboard.

Final Words

Dear Readers, as I said in the intro, it would have been a much better option if the emoji bar would have been integrated with the suggestion box. So, for more issues or questions, let me know in the comments section below.

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