How to Download Easily Facebook Videos

How to Download Easily Facebook Videos

Facebook is the most famous and well-known social media platform today, every month, with an all-time high statistic of 2.5 billion active users. What started as a simple university project has made its owners now some of the richest men globally after making its way into children & adults’ hearts.

Moreover, it is no news that the social media platform is home to ample media content ranging from business profiles and artist pages to news posts, groups, virtual meetups for NGOs, etc.

It enables a lot more text than its Twitter counterpart; however, they both share a lack of a built-in option to directly download video content. The previous posts were about downloading videos from Twitter & Instagram, and this is about downloading videos from Facebook, and my preferred tool is FBDownloader.

Download Videos from Facebook by using FBDownloader

FBDownloader is a website that enables users to download videos from Facebook to their devices easily and quickly, without the need for extra software.

Here are the simple steps involved:

1. Open Facebook in the phone app or web browser.
2. Right-click and choose “Copy” to copy the video’s URL (press and hold on mobile).
3. Now paste the link in the URL field.FBDdownloader and click ‘Go.
4. Afterward, right-click on the video file in the format of your choice and tap ‘Save As.

That’s all.

Now the video will be downloaded to your default downloads folder, and you can confirm this by jointly pressing Shift + Command + J on a Mac, CTRL + J on Windows or Linux. If you are using a mobile, then navigate to your downloads folder.

FBDownloader works for merely public videos on Facebook. If the videos you are interested in downloading are private, use the version of FBDownloader for private videos here. And the steps are the same.

You could choose to download a dedicated app for downloading Facebook videos from the app store, but why you do that when you can quickly do that in your browser? Either way, it’s your cup of tea.

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