How to Delete Reddit Message from your Inbox

Delete Reddit Messages from your Inbox

If you’ve wrongly sent a message on Reddit, you can quickly delete it.
Reddit is a massive group of forums where the registered users can post about anything. From news to pop culture, movie, technology, comics, and the weirdest things in the universe, you can find info for anything with ease. Like Facebook & Instagram, it contains a messaging feature where the users can chat with other Reddit users. Like other platforms, Reddit supports deleting messages that you sent to the wrong person or user. And if you are one among the users who do not know how to delete messages on Reddit, then you are in the right destination, so without further ado, here’s the guide to explain everything.

How to Delete Inbox Messages on Reddit (Web)?

(1) Firstly, open a browser on your PC and visit
(2) Sign-in to your Reddit account if you are logged out.
(3) Tap the Chat icon that you can see on the Reddit menu bar.

(4) And your messages will appear on the bottom of the screen.
(5) Now select the user and navigate the message you want to delete or remove.
(6) Tap the Delete icon located next to the respective message.

(7) Afterward, press Delete to confirm the deletion.

How to Delete Messages on Reddit (Android and iOS)?

(1) Launch the Reddit app and ensure that you are logged in.
(2) Tap the Chat menu located next to the Pencil icon.
(3) Select the user where you’ve to delete the message.
(4) Now long-press the message for a few seconds.
(5) Select Delete Message.

(6) And confirm it by selecting Delete.

Is it possible to remove or delete the entire conversation at once?

There’s no direct option to delete the entire conversation or multiple messages on web & app versions. You have to remove the messages one by one.
These are the easy steps required to delete messages on Reddit. And if you want to remove the threads, you posted publicly, visit our guide to delete Reddit posts.
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