How to Create Gifs From Any YouTube Videos

How to Create Gifs From Any YouTube Videos

Hey guys, if you desire to create Gif from the YouTube videos, you are at the right destination. Well, you can simply do that without downloading those videos and turning them into gifs. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Create Gifs From YouTube Videos

Here are the best and top-rated apps that can help you do so.

1. GIFit (Chrome Extension)

GIFit is a Chrome extension that assists you in creating gifs instantly from the YouTube page itself. You will see the GIFit logo beside the captions options while playing the video when you added the extension. Just click on it, choose the start and end time, adjust the width & height, frame rate, also set the quality for your GIF in the pop-up menu. You can just tap on the GIFit button, and the extension will start making GIFs according to it.

The top part is there’s no time limit at all to create GIFs on GIFit. But the merely caveat is that you can’t watch the video while it is creating a GIF, & it takes a while to export compared to the previous web apps.

Add GIFIt Chrome extension

2. GifRun (Android)

Most Android Gifmaker apps merely deal with creating Gifs from Local storage. Some apps that can create Gifs from YouTube are either discontinued or utterly useless in terms of quality. Well, using the GifRun web app is a lot better option comparatively. Like Video to Gif app on iPhone, all you need to do is paste the YouTube and adjust the starting & ending time.

Additionally, the maximum time limit you can create is only 10 secs. Moreover, web apps like and Giphy even work on the mobile, but they feel clumsy & hard to use on phones because of ample options embedded into them.

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Open GifRun

3. (Web) is the most leading and famous gif maker out there. Simply add ‘gif’ before ‘’ after that ‘www.’, For instance, and press enter. It’ll bring up an editor, where you can easily edit the length of your gif (maximum 20 secs) among other things like adding a caption, cropping, blurring, padding, adding hue, flipping the clip, speed pacing the video, inverting colors, etc. And all these effects will be added as layers, which you can also delete or adjust later.

Briefly, you can say or consider it as a photoshop for gif makers. It adds a watermark in the export; you need to go premium for $1.99 per month to remove it.


4. Video to GIF (iOS)

If you desire to create Gifs from YouTube video clips on your iPhone, the options are just limited. And one of them being the Video to Gif app. Simply open the app and choose YouTube to Gif option. Afterward, paste the YouTube URL and select the start and end time to create the Gif.

Besides, there are a few templates too, but they aren’t excellent & useful. When done creating, you can either download the Gif or upload it straight to social media if you wish.

Download Video to Gif

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