How To Clear Your Chrome Browser Cache on PC

Clear Your Chrome Browser Cache on PC

As we know, when using Google Chrome, your computer or laptop can accumulate ample temporary Browser cache files that are not necessary. It is because websites will store info for future use. Though, this can lead to a few problems. However, caching is a way to improve the user experience; it can even act as a hindrance. So without further ado, in this article, I will show you how to clear the cache in Chrome & why you should quickly.

Why Clearing the Cache is Helpful

The Browser Cache is basically a storage system that holds different pieces of info for the websites you visit. Cookies and files for passwords and settings, images, & overall layout of a site are stored so the PC can access them for the next time you visit. Besides, it improves speed as the PC uses that info instead of downloading it all over again with each visit.

The following are the most necessary reasons you need to clear Chrome’s temporary Internet files in Windows.

Saves Drive Space

It does not take long for Chrome to store images on your PC. The more period you spend browsing the Internet, the more files you will store. Images are the most prominent of these files. Additionally, you can store literally gigabytes worth of temporary files taking up room or space on the hard drive.

Removes Problematic Website Issues

Some sites will store coding & settings in Google Chrome. If you are troubleshooting a website or experience problems, clearing the cache gives the PC a chance to re-download fixes and correct coding. I have found clearing the cache the best help when testing new coding changes or layouts on a website.

Keeps Others from Snooping Through Your Browser

Although most browsers nowadays can browse the web incognito, it’s not always an excellent privacy option. For one thing, this eliminates passwords & other elements from being stored. Some find it helpful to clear the cache at their leisure rather than using an anonymous experience.

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Clearing Cache & Cookies from Chrome

Let’s get into clearing the Chrome browser cache and cookies.

On the upper-right of Chrome, you will see three small dots in a line. It is the area for customization & control for Google Chrome.

Tap the three dots on the upper-right.

Now tap the “Settings” option. And it’ll open a new tab within the browser.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced.” It will expand a list of advanced settings for the Chrome browser.

Scroll down until you come to “Clear browsing data” & click it. It will launch a popup window for your options.

From here, you’ve several options. You can choose to remove or delete your browser history, cookies & other site-specific settings and info, or eliminate the cached images and files.

Chrome will even show you how much hard drive space you will save by clearing the cache.

Select all the options you want & click “Clear data.”

NOTE: You can customize particular elements to clear in the cache if you use the “Advanced” option. Of course, this is optional, but it provides you a bit more control over exactly what is removed.

It’ll depend on how much data you are deleting; this can take a few seconds to a matter of minutes.

Disabling Syncing & Why You Might Want To

Using your Google account, Chrome will synchronize the browser settings across all the devices you use. So anything you keep or save as a bookmark on your PC is also available on your laptop.

Speaking from experience, this has been a handy feature, especially when I travel. However, you probably do not want to clear the cache or cookies on other devices. And to disable syncing with other devices you use with Chrome, tap the “Turn Off” button at the top of the settings page. It will prevent your changes from taking place on all other devices you use the Chrome browser.

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Keeping it Clean

Removing cookies from Chrome and other files helps keep the system clean & performing efficiently. It even helps free up space and contributes to troubleshooting websites. Well, make it a routine to sweep up the debris Chrome can accumulate over time.

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