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GoGoAnime – Alternatives, Watch and Download FREE Anime (2020)

Are you a big enthusiast of Anime? This top Japanese serial 2D cartoon is viral among folks all around the universe. People usually Stream Anime on the GoGoAnime website. Over the past years, it has become the most remarkable and visited Anime streaming site because they offer numerous anime series, TV Shows every day. But after facing a ban in some countries, the official website is not working anymore. There are some GoGoAnime Mirror & Proxy websites still functioning on the internet. But the official site has been closed long ago.

Somehow, GoGoAnime is not merely a website that offers streaming anime because you can still watch Anime on other websites. If you’re looking for GoGoAnime Alternatives, then you probably would like to consider these following websites. So without any further ado, let’s begin with Best 20 GoGoAnime Alternatives to Watch free Anime Online in 2020.

GoGoAnime Proxy And Mirrors


Best GoGoAnime Alternatives List


If you wish to find an anime movie download site that offers Anime with more update speed than other websites, Chia-Anime can be an option. This anime download website always updates the content every hour.

Moreover, the appearance is also smooth, making you find the Anime you want to watch faster. After you open the anime episode you wish to download, you can directly tap the provided download button. A new page will open; you can right-tap and save with the “save it as link” option.

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Animeindo is an excellent anime streaming site at the moment. This site has enormous anime collections; that’s why it becomes anime heaven for many anime enthusiasts. It offers lots of anime titles that you can watch, starting from the anime series you can manage per episode to an anime movie that is no less interesting to view.

Moreover, this website was founded in 2017. There’s also a synopsis that tells about the anime storyline that will be watched. It becomes the perfect choice. And no advertisements would interfere when watching Anime on this website. stores its anime videos on many servers; you’ve options when streaming. Besides watching streaming, you can even watch Anime offline on your gadget by downloading it.

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You can visit Samehadaku to view Anime streaming / online. This site has a massive selection of Anime that you can watch easily here. Besides, the anime collection on this site is complete. The owner admin daily uploads new Anime. You deserve to watch several anime series, like Dragon ball heroes, one piece one punch, etc.

Furthermore, the Anime in Samehadaku is also completed with high-quality videos along with its subtitles. There are even choices of Anime with resolutions of 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The anime file is stored on ample servers, so there are choices when broken links occur. You cannot only stream and download Anime on this site. You can even download OST Anime & manga on the second-top streaming anime watching site.

Working Domain:

Anibatch is also the top and popular Gogoanime alternative online on the internet. This site also has a vast collection of Anime, ranging from 480p, 720p resolution to HD or 1080p, complete with subtitles. It presents Anime both in serials & movies that you can watch online streaming, and also you can save them in the gadget by downloading them first.

To download Anime on this site, it is straightforward. You have to download the file with the resolution you want quickly. Also, on the site, there are Anime packaged in 1 batch or package. Of course, if you do not like downloading Anime one by one, you can try downloading it via a site that can be accessed by typing in this URL.

Working Domain:


Surely you have heard about Kissanime. This anime site offers various Anime from various fans and is quite popular among anime lovers as the best anime download website.

You can watch & download Anime with various quality choices, ranging from 240p to 1080p. Besides Japanese Anime, you can see Anime from China, the United States, and other countries.

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Working Domain:


9anime is one of the top-rated sites you can watch or download anime series or anime movies. The filter feature with a simple display makes it easy and straightforward for you to get the Anime you wish to download.

Moreover, consisting of explanations & classified by genre makes it easier for you to select. You can also download it for free with various video quality like HD, HD Rip, TS, SD, and CAM.

Working Domain:


Awsubs is as similar as Anibatch, where you can download at once various episodes of the Anime. What distinguishes it is that Awsubs have the option “show schedule” and better video quality than Anibatch but with a limited download link choice.

If you wish enormous good quality episodes, visit Awsubs. But if you’ve fewer internet data to watch Anime with high quality, Anibatch could be the first preference.

Working Domain:


Kusonime is not too different from other anime download websites. This site also offers a variety of Anime that can be even downloaded in various video formats.

Moreover, Kusonime also provides a variety of server options, so you can choose your most-liked server & backup if one of the first choices is broken.

Working Domain:


You can visit to view a massive variety of Anime. This website has a very responsive display to be accessed from various gadgets.

This site has enormous Anime that you can watch streaming. The best part is to choose the anime resolution you wish to watch to adjust it to your data. Besides, you can select the low quality to save data or view HD for a better image.

Working Domain:


Oploverz is no doubt a special fansub who talks about the world of One Piece because Oploverz stands for ‘One Piece Lovers.’ Although, this site presents not only One Piece anime but also various other anime recommendations.

On this streaming website, you can easily watch Anime directly and freely select the format. Starting from 360p resolution up to 1080p with High Definition image quality, it becomes more comfortable because it provides subtitles.

Working Domain:


Anime fans will feel lucky with Masterani. You can easily download and stream Anime that you want with 480p & 720p quality on this site. One of the top Masterani’s strengths is the release schedule feature, which offers information on the latest anime episodes that air every day.

Working Domain:


The appearance of the front page probably be dubious, but do not underestimate this Gogoanime alternative website. has a number of the latest and trendy anime updates with a minimal display of irritating advertisements.

All you need to do is just choose the anime episodes that you want to watch live streaming, and you do not have to worry about pop-up ads that suddenly appear. This website has some benefits, including a complete anime database, from movies to live-action, and a choice of various servers & resolution to watch.

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This anime website has been around for quite a while and has several changes in appearance. This site doesn’t provide download options, but this website can be an option for you who have a download manager or automatic download extension.

If you wish to watch without downloading, of course, this site is best suitable for you to visit. Also, you can make a list of the Anime you desire to watch here.

Working Domain:


For anime lovers, this website may already be quite popular. Animeheaven is truly a paradise for Anime and offers what you need. This website updates its collection regularly. Animeheaven even consists of pop-up ads, so you do not need to anxious about malware or viruses. Besides, you’re also not asked to install specific apps.

To download Anime for free, tap on the anime cover you want. Afterward, a new page will open containing the episode’s list. In other words, this website is quite practical and can be downloaded for free without any need to register first.

Working Domain:


Animeland is the next anime download website for Gogoanime alternatives. Apart from providing original anime series with subtitles, this site even offers English dubbing versions of several Anime. Additionally, the series is available with an HD quality.

Furthermore, you can go to the anime list by dubbing or the anime movie list by pressing the navigation bar or searching by title. Besides, to download the Anime, Animeland already offers free download options directly. But if you do not find the download option, all you need to do is press the video and right-tap to save it as “save it as a link.”

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If you want an anime streaming site whose collection is significantly updated, it is highly recommended for you to visit. To visit this website, please directly write on your web browser. does have a complete anime collection, all of which you can watch streaming merely with your smartphone.

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You can even choose Nanime for the best Gogoanime alternative. On this website, there are hundreds of Anime that you can easily watch streaming. All of them are equipped with subtitles that will make it straightforward for you to understand the conversation.

Several popular anime collections on this site, like Naruto, Dragon Ball, and one piece that you can watch on this one top site.

Working Domain:

Animehade even includes something similar to many other anime sites with a massive variety of collections. At, thousands of Anime can be watched online, and you can save on gadgets. Besides, all the Anime here are available in 360p, 480p to 720p resolution, which you can watch for free.

This online anime website is one of the most crowded today. Even though it’s busy, this site does not put many advertisements on it, do not anxious; you’ll be disturbed when watching Anime on To choose Anime on this website, it’s elementary, and you will not have to trouble when selecting the Anime. You have to choose the anime from the front page and the specific page that contains the most popular and remarkable Anime and the highest rating.


The next incredible site is Animetosho. One of the advantages of this website is that you can download all the episodes of your most-liked Anime in one package. But for downloading the animation, you required Torrent software. It is an anime-specific Torrent aggregator website. And if you usually use Anime Torrent to download on the internet, you are more comfortable using Animetosho.

Working Domain (Mirror):


Animenonton has quite a vast collection of Anime. You can also watch your best-loved Anime and be free to choose the quality of the video you want (from SD to HD). Besides, you can even communicate with other viewers in the comments column.

If you want to make small talk or submit your responses & predictions about the Anime being watched. Under the video display, there’s a download option. If you tap on it, you’ll be directed to another website to download the video.

Working Domain:


Then there is incredible Neonime, which besides having the most complete & updated anime database, you can enjoy different movies to the latest live-action releases here.

In addition to the minimal amount of advertisements displayed, Neonime even has various resolution options for those who do not want wasteful quotas when streaming Anime. Neonime has multiple advantages, including streaming quality options ranging from standard up to 1080p and a massive selection of Anime, movie, and live-action options.

Working Domain:


In appearance, Animeisme is similar to Neonime, which tends to display enormous advertisements, but with a complete anime collection. Unluckily, this site doesn’t give the audience a choice to change the resolution. You can merely change the server that suits you best.

Animism also offers recommendations on some of the best Anime on the main page, like Dr. Stone, Boruto, Danmachi Season 2, etc.

Working Domain:

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Final Thoughts

Before reaching into GoGoAnime conclusion, all the listed platform does not charge any additional money to offer free Anime to allow you to stream online. But, these platforms break privacy law and probably deliver pirated stuff. Thus, we are not responsible if any of these platforms provide illegal stuff to its respective audience.

Before visiting listed websites, I advise you to install the VPN and get ready to suffer from unwanted ads; because they depend on cheaper quality ads. There are higher chances that these ads probably steal your device’s data. So be cautious. I recommend you to install adblockers to block these unusual ads. And of course, you should consider these compromises before surfing the free stull.

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