How To Fix Skyrim Special Edition Errors, Crashes, Not Starting, Performance FPS Issues

How To Fix Skyrim Special Edition Errors, Not Starting, Crashes, Performance FPS Issues

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was launched on Steam-28th October, a couple of days ago, and by now, ample players keep complaining, on forums & boards, about issues of the game. The latest game is an enhanced and remastered version of the venerable Bethesda RPG.

The following Skyrim Special Edition errors or bugs make the game unplayable, and enormous players are currently complaining about them. For instance, some of these issues are Crashes – the game crashes randomly while playing or at the startup, Game Not Starting – when you try to start the game, nothing happens, or you receive a bug. Also, Performance Issues– especially issues with the frame rate of the game like Low FPS. FPS Drops but Stuttering & Freezes were also reported.

Moreover, the winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition, brings the epic fantasy to life in adorable detail. Well, the Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game & add-ons with all-new features such as remastered art and effects, dynamic depth of field, volumetric god rays, screen-space reflections, etc. Skyrim Special Edition even brings the full power of mods to the PC and Xbox One. Besides, new quests, environments, armor, weapons, characters, dialogue, etc. with Mods.

Before trying to fix your problems, you need to ensure that you meet the game’s minimum system requirements because this version of the game will require a lot from your PC. It would be best to have at least 8GB of RAM & either GTX 470 or AMD HD 7870. In case you do not meet the minimum system requirements, you need to upgrade your PC and see if you reencounter the same issue; if that’s so, check out the list of solutions & workarounds below.

System Requirements


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Processor: Intel i5-750/AMD Phenom II X4-945
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 470 1GB /AMD HD 7870 2GB
Storage: 12 GB available space


OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Processor: Intel i5-2400/AMD FX-8320
Storage: 12 GB available space
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB /AMD R9 290 4GB

Skyrim Special Edition Errors:

Below you’ll find a list of the most common Skyrim Special Edition issues that players report on the forums. You’ll have a corresponding solution or workaround for each error, with which you can fix the game and play it.

#1 Skyrim Special Edition Not Starting


Numerous players are complaining because they are unable to open the game. So, when they try to start the game and tap the Play button in the Steam Library, nothing happens, and the game won’t start. The avatar icon switches to green and immediately back to blue for some players, meaning that the Steam interface started the game, but nothing displays on the screen.


Firstly, try these two workarounds below and see if you can start the game. In case not, follow the three solutions below and if nothing works for you, check out the “best solution,” and this should fix your game, and you should be capable of starting and playing it.

Please try to run the game in compatibility mode.
Reinstall Visual C++

Solution 1: If you’re not using any mods and it’s just not starting, change the “skyrimSE.exe” and “skyrimSELauncher.exe” permissions to run as Administrator and to run as windows 7 compatibility. Right-click on the .exe files (found in your Skyrim SE game directory), then tap properties. Afterward, click on the compatibility tab, then set windows 7 compatibility and run as administrator.

Note: Because of Skyrim SE’s infancy, Special Edition modding guides may not yet exist. Please be patient with this.

Solution 2: You may desire to change Skyrim SE’s video setup to borderless & window mode. It has been reported to help many.

Solution 3: (By ScrubLordBlunticulus): Alter your Skyrim SE display graphics from Integrated Graphics to High-Performance Nvidia processor in your Nvidia control panel. ATI cards may have a similar issue.

#2 Skyrim Special Edition Black Screen

Players encounter this problem only at the startup of the game, they see a little launcher box, and when they tap Play, the only thing they see is a black screen with the background music running & nothing else.

Solution for Nvidia players: Firstly, go to Control Panel and change or switch the GPU you were using. You encounter this issue because you’re not playing on your dedicated GPU; you play with the one integrated into your processing unit.

#3 Skyrim Special Edition Crashes

Like in the old Skyrim, still random crashes are present, driving players crazy. Players reported: when they look at an NPC or near-random objects or towns, for example, Whiterun, their game crashes. To fix these crashes & play the game, check out the solutions below.


Solution 1: If you’re using mods, please ensure your mods do not use scripts and rely on other mods that use scripts.

Solution 2: Do not forget, mod order is essential, and make sure you have all the mods you rely on. For instance, some mods might sometimes depend on the unofficial Skyrim patch, and if you do not have it, it will crash. Please try playing without mods first and see what happens.

Solution 3: Various folks have reported that changing the Language assists prevent crashing. You can alter or change the language in Skyrim.ini. And if you have a foreign language OS, it might not understand your computer so well; using English or a supported language for your OS (as seen on the Steam Skyrim SE store page) may help.

Solution 4 (By BigDally): If Skyrim SE does not launch or crashes a lot, try rebooting your PC, and rebooting is always the best first step because certain things may require a restart, like Vredist installed with Skyrim SE. Please try restarting the game or at least Steam.

Solution 5 (By jesusleton): Well, try activating triple buffer in your Nvidia control panel.

In case your launcher crashes or if you’re stuck in a loop, check out the solutions below:

Solution 1: Try enabling Administrator mode & Windows 7 compatibility to both .exe files in your Skyrim SE folder.

Solution 2: There have been multiple reports that are deleting the .exe files in your Skyrim folder and then checking file integrity using Steam; it will re-download the .exe files, and then it will work correctly.

#4 Skyrim Special Edition Performance Issues – Low FPS&FPS Drops

The game requires ample from your PC, but performance issues are encountered even by players with a super high-end PC. Meaning that the game is poorly optimized, and that’s why you’re experiencing low FPS, FPS Drops, or Stuttering. Several users consider that the game is unplayable because of these performance issues.



By default, Skyrim probably set your GPU to integrated graphics instead of dedicated. From what I have seen, this is mostly an Nvidia issue. Firstly go to your NVIDIA control panel and then go to “Manage 3D settings”. Add Skyrim SE if it is not in the list and then change its settings from Global or Integrated Graphis to High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Disabling G-Sync can vastly improve or enhance performance and remove stuttering.

For freezes: This error occurs during a grid transition; if staying in the same grid, the game would run fine & not crash but leaving the grid, it would crash. So, disable your antivirus (reported using Avast), and the issue may be gone.

The top solution for Performance Issues: The best solution or technique to fix the performance issues is to optimize your game; afterward, the frame rate will be stable. You will not encounter any freezes.

Fix Skyrim Special Edition Errors Tutorial:

*Only for Game Not Starting, Crashes & Optimization for Performance Issues

Well, the new enhanced version of Skyrim is now available, and you can’t play it because of annoying issues and bugs? Don’t worry! You’re here because you probably encounter one of these errors: crashes, Performance Issues, or inability to start your game. If you’ve one of these issues, do not worry anymore because you can fix them by applying the patch and following the steps below. So sit back, relax, follow the tutorial, and in a maximum of 10 minutes, you will be playing the new Skyrim.

Our patch will alter some files and registry .dll’s in the game folder, and it’ll also optimize your Windows for best performance. Besides, it will help you get the latest graphic card driver that works with Skyrim Special Edition. (Note: our patch will not interfere by any means with your Steam account; you’ll be safe the whole time!)


Below you can find an image of how the patch looks and a tutorial on using it properly. Please follow the tutorial step-by-step to make sure that you apply the patch correctly to your game.

How to apply our patch:

1. Download the archive of the patch.
2. Extract the downloaded archive on your computer, and open the patch from the folder.
3. Your GPU will be automatically selected; make sure you use your dedicated GPU to have a laptop!
4. Now select the game executable from the game folder; if you used the default Origin install folder, it would be: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition″.
5. Afterward, select your issue or even issues from the box to the right and tap the corresponding “Fix” button.
6. After your bugs are successfully fixed, you can tap the “Launch Game” button & play the game.

How to download: Well, you probably think that the download service is pretty annoying, but it is beneficial. To download, you need to complete a simple offer; it usually takes some minutes, and after that, you’ll be able to download the patch. I use this service because it’s the only way to support our developers and keep releasing and updating patches for games. Thank you! I sincerely hope you understand and have fun playing Skyrim!

If you still encounter some problems and are unable to fix them, please comment below.

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How to Fix Tom Clancy’s The Division Errors, Not Starting, Crashes, Performance Issues

How to Fix Tom Clancy’s The Division Errors, Not Starting, Crashes, Performance Issues

Tom Clancy’s The Division was released a few weeks ago on Steam, and the game has enormous Mixed reviews. Players complained the game servers went down at the launch of the game and other critical errors and bugs.
A lot of players are encountering game-breaking issues, and they are unable to play the game. The most common Tom Clancy’s The Division bugs that users reported on the Steam’s Dashboard of the game are Crashes, Game Not Starting, Performance Issues such as Low FPS, FPS Drops, and Stuttering or Freezing, Server Issues, and Disconnection Problems. Additionally, a weird error in which they are unable to change the language from Russian. Reportedly, there have also been issues accessing the accounts and being unable to sync them. This problem pervades even the most famous games like League of Legends, GTA V, etc.

Below I will help you fix all of the errors listed above to start playing the game finally. You’ll find all the issues in the game described to see which one you got and solutions for each of them. And if you already know your bug, you can skip to the solution below and fix it. Must ensure that you read our fix for the game’s major issues; if these solutions do not work, you can find it at the end of the article

Fix: Tom Clancy’s The Division Errors

1) Tom Clancy’s The Division Crashes, this issue is prevalent; for some players, the game crashes continuously while playing or during the game’s intro. To fix this problem, simply follow the tutorial at the end of the article.

“I can get into the game & play for about 5 minutes or so, and then my game crashes to desktop. I cannot seem to get it to stop doing that. “Please help if anyone has a known way around this.”

“So the game crashed about 5 to 10 secs into playing. I can sit on the menu just fine, but it seems any actual gameplay crashes me.
Running an i7-4790k & SLI 980 Ti(s) With 3 Monitors, One 4k as the main display, and two 1080p.”

“The game crashes halfway through the opening scene or right afterward. Any ideas?”

“Anyone else having an issue with this? Simply opens up, shows the first screen, and then closes out without any bug.”

Solution: You must ensure that you meet the minimum system requirements and have the latest graphic card drivers up-to-date. Afterward, if you still encounter crashes apply our patch to the game; you can find it at the end of the article.

2) Tom Clancy’s The Division Resolution Issue, you probably have issues with the resolution; your game might show on half of the screen. So to fix this, follow the easy solution below.

“Every time I launch the game, I have this unusual resolution issue. The game merely shows on half the screen, and I’m unable to change that. Anyone, can you please help me?”


Press Alt+Enter, and you’ll be in windowed mode. After that, go to the main menu and change the resolution.
You can even change it from the configuration file manually :

1. Go to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Division.
2. Find GFXSettings.Rogue_x64.xml
3. Right-click, then choose Edit.
4. Scroll through the settings until you find a resolution
5. Set custom height & width, save, and exit.


3) Tom Clancy’s The Division Russian Language Issue, several players who purchase the game in Russia and regions similar have the game locked only in the Russian language. They cannot change it to English.

“Notice: Purchases made in this region will merely receive the Russian language.
Can I alter the language if I bought the game? I do not want to play the game in the Russian language? In case anyone knows something, please help me!”

“I paid 74 dollars for the full version of the game, rather than a partial product only with the Russian language, what the hell? I cannot play in English?”

“I live in a CIS Region, and I am interested in the Division, but the Steam store page says I’ll only get the game in the Russian language. I don’t speak Russian.”

Solution: The Russian PC Version of the game merely comes in Russian. The console versions come with the complete language pack.

Confirmed information: The Russian version will have some languages available depending on the platform, but English will always be part of it.

We’re sorry for any confusion around the availability of languages on the Russian PC version. Any customers who purchased via Uplay should contact our Support team for more. If you bought the game elsewhere, then please contact your retailer for help.

4) Tom Clancy’s The Division Not Starting, for several gamers, the game will not start, they tap the Play button in the Steam Library, and nothing occurs, or they encounter a black screen during the startup. So to fix this problem, you should try the workaround below.

“The game preload & installation are completed. When I tap Play in Steam, the game never starts. Video drivers are up-to-date, and anti-virus is turned off, restarted the machine, all with no results. And in the library, it says that the game is running, but nothing is going. What did I do?”

“Game won’t launch. Getting sync error. If you skip it, it simply shows a black screen with no signs of activity.”

“Tom Clancy’s The Division Black Screen is a common problem, and I saw ample players complain about it. I even encounter this issue at the startup of the game. Is there something I can do to fix it?”

Workaround: Our patch will fix this problem, and after that, you’ll be able to start the game.

You can try to hit ALT+ENTER, and this should fix the black screen issue.
Additionally, you can try this:

1. Firstly, go to Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Divison.
2. Now open GFXSettings.Rogue_x64 (back it up before you do)
3. Change the “height” & “width” values to match your resolution.
4. Afterward, change Windowed to Fullscreen.
5. Save & start the game.

5) Tom Clancy’s The Division Server Issues, you probably cannot connect to the server, and you are encountering these errors: Romeo, Delta, & Mike. To fix this, follow the easy solution below

Solution: Must ensure that your internet connection is working and that you can connect to the internet. Besides, make sure that your firewall or antivirus is not blocking the game connect to the server. If these solutions will not help, the issue is with the Ubisoft servers, and you need to wait until they resolve it.


6) In Tom Clancy’s The Division Sound Issues, a few players also complained about sound problems. You can fix them by applying the easy and simple solution below.


1. Firstly Right-tap on the speaker icon in the taskbar
2. Select Playback Devices
3. Tap on your Default Device
4. Open the Properties
5. Switch to the advanced tab
6. Afterward, set the Default Format to 16bit, 48000 Hz (CD Quality)

7) Tom Clancy’s The Division Performance Issues, issues such as Low FPS, FPS Drops, Stuttering, and Freezes are related to the game’s performance, and because of that, you’re encountering them. But the good news is, all of these performance bugs can be fixed with the solution below.

“I just currently purchased a new laptop, and with some games, I am noticing I seem to get a worse frame rate than I did with my previous one. I was under the impression that this one was best, & I also feel like it meets the minimum requirements for the division, but I still merely get about 15 frames on low.”

“I have played in the CBT, and I had little to no performance issues; now, in the OBT, the game runs horribly. Besides, there was a fight with some NPCs in which my fps dropped down to 19. And it barely got up to 30 during the entire fight, while in the CBT, it runs seamlessly with higher settings.
There’s also some weird stuttering while exploring the city.”

“Hey, guys, I am experiencing extremely low fps. Like from 1 to 10 fps. I could play the beta between 30 to 45 FPS. I do now have a small note that I did not restart my PC after installing the new Nvidia drivers & the division. Should I restart my computer or try something else?”

Solution: Well, fix the performance problems, follow the simple workarounds below, or apply our patch.

1. First, turn off Vsync.
2. Use fullscreen instead of windowed or borderless.
3. Now update your graphics card drivers.
4. Avoid needless crowds in the Dark Zone.
5. After respawning, now wait for the world around you to fully load before running off.

The Division Major Issues Fix:

You can see how our patch looks below, where you can even find a tutorial on how to use it and a download link. Please follow the simple solutions step-by-step before asking any queries regarding your issues. Our patch will not interfere with your Steam account; it’ll just change some files and .dll in the game folder to fix the errors.
Follow the easy tutorial below to apply the patch seamlessly and correctly to your game.


How to apply our patch:

1. Quickly download the archive of the patch.
2. Extract the downloaded archive on your computer, and open the patch from the folder.
3. Your GPU will be selected automatically; must ensure you use your dedicated GPU to have a laptop.
4. Select the game executable from the game folder, and if you used the default install folder, it would be: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Tom Clancy’s The Division.”
5. Now select your issue or even issues from the box to the right and tap the corresponding “Fix” button.
6. After your bugs are successfully fixed, you can tap the “Launch Game” button & play the game.

How to download: Well, you probably think that this download service is pretty annoying, but it is beneficial. To download, you need to complete a simple offer; it usually takes a few minutes, and after that, you’ll be able to download the patch. I use this service because it is the only way to support our developers and keep releasing & updating patches for games. Thank you! I hope you understand and have fun playing The Division!

Final Words

By now, I sincerely hope that you managed to fix your issues and that you’re enjoying the game. So if you have any other queries or problems regarding other matters that I have not mentioned, please comment below.

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8 Pokemon Go Issues & Quick Solutions: Server Issues, GPS Signal Not Found, Crashes

8 Pokemon Go Issues and Solutions: Server Issues, GPS Signal Not Found, Crashes

Trying to catch them all, but you’re unable due to Pokemon Go issues, crashes, server issues, or errors like “GPS signal not found”? The game was released two weeks ago, and by now, everybody is going crazy about it. Everyone in this universe is playing at this moment, Pokemon Go. If you’re unable to play the game due to some issues, our guide below will help you fix those errors, and after that, you’ll be able to catch them all.

The game’s most common issue is the server problem; players reported that they couldn’t connect to the game server or get disconnected. Because millions of players play the game, server issues are common, but you can fix them with our workarounds below. Another problem is crashing; from time to time, the game crashes for some players, but luckily they do not lose any progress. You can find all of the game errors described below, where you’ll also find solutions & workarounds on how to fix them.

Pokemon Go Issues:

#1 Pokemon Go Server Issues

Firstly, check if the Pokemon Go Servers are online, you can do that here: If the servers are online, you are required to return in a little bit because at the moment; you can do anything to fix this problem; if the servers are online and you’re unable to connect to the game, check our solutions below.

Perhaps as a result of its massive popularity, Pokemon Go players have been encountering serious server issues. After staying silent since its launch in the US this week, its developer has now spoken out about the problems.

A tweet from the official Pokemon Go account states, “Thank you for your patience.”, “We have been working to fix the server issues.”


When logging in, you probably be told you’ve ‘Failed to get game data from the server’ or ‘Failed to log in.’ This likely means that the server is not down ultimately, press the Retry button or close and open the game again. If this does not help you, ensure that your mobile data is active and that your internet is functioning correctly.

If you’re experiencing an ‘Internet connection not found’ error, this means that the issue is on your side and that your internet connection is not working. Try to restart your mobile data or reboot your mobile.

#2 Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found

Just like in the case of gambling at, this game uses internet connectivity & GPS technology to pin down where you’re in the real world. From time to time, you might get this bug: “GPS Signal Not Found. Meaning that you lost your GPS signal because you’re in a closed area or something like a basement, or it can be a problem from the game that you can fix with the workarounds below.
Moving your location is the best idea to see if that resolves the issue. Servers might even impact these cases, and waiting a moment usually assists clear these issues up. Additionally, look in Settings to enable GPS tracking. In Android 5.0, the feature is controlled by a switch within the Privacy & Settings area inside the Settings app.


#3 Pokemon Go Crashes

A common issue is that the game will freeze or crash when throwing a Pokeball at a creature. When the creature enters the ball for the first time, the ball shaking & before the ‘Gotcha’ message pop-ups, the app can stop responding, even enough the loading icon will rotate in the corner, and some on-screen graphics will continue to move.

Now, wait a few seconds to see if the game responds or if it froze. If you do not see the ‘Gotcha!’ on the screen, you need to restart the game.


Although not all is lost, if you quit the game & reload it (ensure it’s properly closed and not just minimized), check your journal (click the Trainer icon in the lower level corner, then the Journal button underneath the XP bar). You will see a list of recent activities, from PokéStop interactions to Pokémon captured. Here you will be capable of seeing whether the creature you just captured is indeed yours or not; in our experience, there is about a 50/50 chance it picks up on the capture after a crash, so it’s worth a check to see if it made it through!

#4 Pokemon Go drains the battery

Numerous players complained that their smartphones quickly run out of battery power faster than they should when playing Pokémon Go. Some battery drain is expected due to the game is using GPS & Mobile Data, but it seems that an error is draining the battery faster. Niantic says that it is working on a solution.

#5 Pokemon Go how to turn on Wi-FI in-game

When you’re in the game and want to turn on the Wi-Fi or change from mobile data to Wi-Fi, follow the simple steps below.

1. While in Pokémon Go, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to enter Command Center.
2. Click on the Wi-Fi symbol. Make sure it is highlighted.
3. After that, swipe down again to get back to the game.


#6 Pokemon Go No Pokemon Near You

If you managed to install the game, you should see creatures, PokeStops, & gyms all near you. But some players are reporting that nothing appears near them in the game. Besides, users that have installed the game in a region where it is not yet supported also report getting this issue. In this case, the right thing to do is to wait to play the game until it is ready for launch in your territory.

#7 Pokemon Go PokeCoins and premium items don’t appear in my account

Please try the following simple steps if you are having trouble seeing PokeCoins or premium items in your account:

1. Sign out & sign back into Pokemon Go. Open Pokemon Go, click Main Menu > Settings, and then select “Sign out.”
2. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try powering off your device and restarting.

#8 Receive “You already own this item” error message (Android only)

In case your device loses internet connectivity while purchasing PokeCoins from the shop, you probably receive the “You already own this item” error message. Please power off & restart your device to resolve this issue.

My location is incorrect, unavailable, or jitters/drifts

Niantic is continually working to improve GPS accuracy & stability. In general, GPS accuracy largely relies on the device you are using, and your signal or connection strength. To enhance your device’s location, please review the following settings:

1. Pokémon Go has location permissions enabled
2. Internet connectivity is enabled (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
3. A device location or GPS is enabled.
4. Location or GPS set to high-accuracy mode

Final Words

I sincerely hope that this post helped you fix your Pokemon Go issues and that now you’re enjoying the game and catching pokemon. So if you encounter any other problems or have queries, please contact us below in the comments section.

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How to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Errors, Freezes, Crashes, Low FPS

How to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Errors, Crashes, Low FPS, Freezes

Some players encountered Dragon Age Inquisition Errors after the game launch. The most common bugs or errors in the game are Crashes, Freezes, Low FPS, Stuttering, Save Errors, and game controllers that are not working correctly.

Dragon Age Inquisition was released today – 18 November, for PC, the game may have impressed the majority on consoles, but on this version for PC, some bugs need to be fixed and also some performance issues. The game is even a top contender for the 2014 game of the year, and I’m sure that it’ll be in the top games even with this minor errors, bugs, and glitches that can be quickly fixed by following our tips and tricks below on how to fix almost any bug that the game has.

How to fix Dragon Age Inquisition Errors:

1) Dragon Age Inquisition Crashes

Some crashes are due to DirectX related errors; if your game crashes because of the DirectX, you must download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 that will update the Visual C++ and fix the crashes. You can also see if your DirectX is updated to the newest version; you can also find a tutorial from Microsoft on how to do this here.

If you’re having random crashes through the game, the overlaying programs can be caused by disabling that to eliminate the random crashes and ensure that your drivers are up to date.

2) Dragon Age Inquisition Low FPS and Stuttering

If you frequently have 30 FPS in the game, that is because of the game limits that you can easily disable by creating a shortcut to the game & adding at the end this code: “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+”

3) Dragon Age Inquisition Freezes

Your game probably freezes after the launch, and you’ll hear the sound of the game, but you’ll not be able to do anything. If this happens, ensure that you have the minimum system requirements and that your drivers are up-to-date.

4) Dragon Age Inquisition Save Error

If you’re getting a bug saying that you cannot save the game because of the insufficient room or space on your drive, ensure that your My Documents folder is located in the C driver.

5) Dragon Age Inquisition PC Controls Issue

At this moment, you cannot fix the issues with the controls on the PC version of the game; you have to wait until Bioware releases a patch to fix that. We’ll also try to see if we can fix this issue and release a patch for you to fix this problem quickly.

6) Dragon Age Inquisition App Can’t Start

This bug may be caused by some corrupted files of the game or an error with the .NET Framework. To fix it, firstly, update .NET Framework to the newest version and restart your PC; afterward, check to see if the bug is gone. And if not, reinstall the game because you probably have some corrupted files that cause you this issue.

7) Dragon Age Inquisition Pre-order and Deluxe Items

To find those items, just go to the chest called ‘Special Delivery” in your room after you wake up; here, you’ll find all your pre-order & deluxe items.

8) Dragon Age Inquisition No Voice Cut-Scenes

If you cannot hear any sounds during the game’s cut-scenes, go to Desktop and right-tap on the Sound icon from the bottom bar, tot the options Playback > Speakers > Configure > and select Stereo. You can even try to change your frequency to 24bit 44100Hz from Advanced Settings.

9) Dragon Age Inquisition Download Stuck

If you download the game on your console, the initial game has 6GB, & the full install 46GB, so you have to wait a while for the game to download & install. If this bug persists, try to restart your console and start the download again.

10) Dragon Age Inquisition Invalid License

Suppose you are getting the Missing DLL [MSVCP110.dll] Error: 0x7e that says your license is invalid. In that case, you required to download this update for Visual C++: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4. Additionally, you can also try to install MSVCP110.dll manually by searching for it on google, download it, & copy it into your game folder.

Final Words

I sincerely hope that our tips helped you to fix your Dragon Age Inquisition Errors. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to contact us with a comment below. Also, if you’ve persisting errors that cannot be fixed, contact us because I may release a patch on how to fix those errors and bugs so that you can play the game.

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6 Best Ways to Fix Steam Not Detecting Installed Games Issue

6 Ways to Fix Steam Not Detecting Installed Games Issue

Are you the one facing and struggling with the Steam not recognizing installed game problems? Do not know why does Steam not detecting installed games?

Or what to do when steam does not recognize installed games.

In this post, I’ll help you solve all your questions and learn how to get steam to recognize installed games?
Well, steam helps the users to manage all their games from one place. It is beneficial and makes the works a lot easy and straightforward for gamers.

But, nowadays, numerous gamers are found encountering various Steam related issues. Here in this article, I’ll discuss one such problem, steam not recognizing installed game and the players are facing & found reporting on the forums threads.

Moreover, steam not detecting installed games on your system is the problem that interrupts the user’s time to time, so here check the complete information on why Steam is not installing and how to resolve steam does not detect installed games issue. Let’s get started

Why does Steam not Recognize Installed Game?

Here check the possible reason why steam stopped recognizing installed games.

1. The issue appears when you clean install the Windows & keep the backup of the Steam app folder that comprises games files and other necessary data.

2. Something wrong with the game installation

You can move it back to the Steam installation folder to let Steam re-download the game data back. If having the same issue, then here are the tips and tricks to force Steam to recognize installed games.

How do I Get Steam to Recognize the Installed Games?

#1: Reinstall the Games without Downloading


It is the best and easiest solution that perfectly works for you when Steam fails in recognizing the installed games; it displays an option to install the games again. If you’ve game data in the Steam apps folder, you’ll force Steam to detect the games by starting the game installation issue.

Follow the instructions to do so:

1. Firstly, start Steam > go to Games.

2. Now choose and tap > install for the games that Steam failed to identify.

3. And after installing the steam world, now start determining the existing game files.

Well, after doing this, the Steam not detecting installed games issue is solved. But if still, the problems persist, then follow the next solution.

#2. Identify Games from New Drive

Must check if the main drive (default installation location of Steam) has sufficient room or space for installing the entire games.

If it doesn’t have enough space to install games, then move game data to the new hard drive and afterward, add the Game Library Folder manually in the Steam app.

Follow the given steps to do so:

1. If you wish your games, should be in the D:/games directory >, create a subdirectory, then name it “Steamappscommon.” The folder seems like D:>Games > steamapps>common.

2. As the subdirectory is generated > move whole games to the newly-created directory.

3. After moving games, it seems like:

D:>Games >steamapps >common >Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
D: >Games >steamapps >common > Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

4. After that, from the desktop,> start the Steam app

5. And tap on Steam > Settings > hit the Downloads tab


6. Now under Content Libraries section > choose Steam Library Folder


7. Then tap on Add Library Folder > move to the location where the games are moved in D:/games/your_subdirectory.


8. Now tap on Select > Close for saving the library folder.

9. Finally, exit Steam > restart it.

Steam now scans the newly selected Library folder > display whole games as installed.

#3: Manually Add Steam Library Folder

Steam, by default, stores the game data in the installation disk in the Steamapps folder. But if you had a custom location or area to store game data, then attempt adding the location in the Steam app to fix the Steam does not recognize or identify installed games.

Here are the steps to do so:

1. Firstly, launch and tap on Steam > choose Settings.


2. Tap on Downloads tab > Steam Library Folders.


3. After that, in the pop-up window > tap on Add Library Folder, choose the location where the whole Steam game data is saved.


4. Tap on Select > close the Steam settings.


5. And exit Steam app > restart Steam.

Steam begins detecting the installed games again and displays the games in the folder.

#4. Utilize .acf Cache to Force Steam to Recognize Games

After taking a backup of the Steamapps folder with whole game data, utilize the Steam cache files to identify steam games from the game data.

Follow the instructions to do it:

1. Verify you’ve reinstalled Steam or have existing installation.

2. Now move the entire game data to C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps folder.

3. After that launch, Steam > now steam might show some games that are correctly installed.

4. But for the games that not display as installed > choose and tap on the Install button.

5. And steam starts detecting whole existing files.

6. But if still, Steam will not recognize existing files > it begins downloading the files and progress read 0 percent.

7. Now pause updating for games > exit Steam.

8. Afterward go to C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam >Steamapps > locate entire current .acf files.


9. Now copy entire .acf files > move it to a new folder > outside the Steamapps folder.

10. After that, again relaunch Steam >, and in the Games library, affected games show as uninstalled.

11. Exit Steam.

12. Now move whole .acf files back into C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps folder.


13. Finally, restart Steam > go the Game library > tap Resume Updating the games you paused before.

If everything works correctly, then the entire games you installed earlier will appear as installed, so if any update is needed, then update it.

#5: Check the Game’s integrity through Steam

It may work to fix steam does not recognize installed games. Must try to verify the integrity of the game cache of your operating system.

Follow the given simple steps:

1. From the library section,> load Steam > right tap on game > from the menu choose Properties.

2. Now choose Local files tab > tap Verify integrity of game cache button.

3. And steam starts verifying the game’s files.

4. It may take some minutes; wait for the entire process to complete.

Now restart your steam; hope this fixes the steam, not detecting the installed game issue.

#6: Use Steam’s Backup and Restore Function

You can use steam’s backup and restore function to copy the game between the PCs to resolve the problem.

Here had the 65GB of free space on the home computer and 65GB elsewhere like a USB drive, a portable hard drive, or USB key. Or else you can create a folder on the main system and share it over the network.

Follow the instructions to perform the backup & restore:

1. In your library > right tap on the game,> choose Backup Game Files.

2. And to do the restore, choose Backup & Restore Games > from the Steam menu at the upper left.

3. Now make to delete the game files you’ve copied to the home computer.


I sincerely hope the solutions given works for you to fix the Steam, not Detecting Installed Games issues. It is a common issue that many users are struggling with, but it can be fixed quickly after following the above-given solutions.

So, do try the solutions given one by one to make the steam recognize the installed games. I hope this post helps you to solve your issue.

Well, sometimes the issues probably are internal and cannot be fixed manually, so, in this case, you can quickly scan your system with the PC Repair Tool. It is an excellent advanced tool that fixes various computer problems and errors just by scanning once. And boost the Windows PC performance.

However, if you have any questions, suggestions regarding the ones presented, then fee-free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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How to Connect PS4 Controller to Windows 10 PC

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Windows 10 PC

Gaming on a PC does not mean you are forced to use a keyboard. A Windows 10 system can supports game controllers, but you will find most users prefer an Xbox controller since compatibility is not a problem. That said, there are still players who like or prefer to use a PlayStation controller over an Xbox one.

It is a matter of personal choice, or it may just be what they have on-hand. Connectivity-wise, PlayStation controllers practically connect to a Windows 10 machine as simple as an Xbox controller does, but there are some exceptions.

Connect the PS4 controller to Windows 10

PS4 controllers come in both wired & wireless models, and they both can be used on a Windows 10 system.

1. Connect via USB port

Windows 10 contains native support for a wired DualShock Controller, also other PS4 & PS3 controllers.

1. Connect the controller to your system through the USB port.
2. Now, wait for Windows 10 to detect the device and install drivers for it.
3. You’ll see a prompt telling you the device is ready. Open a game; start playing now.

2. Connect via Windows 10 Bluetooth

A wireless PS4 controller can connect to a Windows 10 system through Bluetooth.

1. First of all, open the Settings app and go to Devices>Bluetooth.
2. Must ensure Bluetooth is On.
3. Tap the ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’ button.
4. In the menu, tap Bluetooth.
5. Must ensure the controller is On, and press the PlayStation + Share buttons to enter pairing mode.
6. The controller will pop up on the menu on your Windows 10 system. Allow it to connect.
7. When connected, you can start using it to play games.


3. Connect with DS4Windows

A PS4 controller, whether it is wired or wireless, should connect to the system through the native USB port or over Bluetooth; although, there will always be exceptions. If you have a PS4 controller that will not connect, use an app called DS4Windows.

1. Must ensure the controller is NOT connected to the system.
2. Download & run DS4Windows.
3. Afterward, extract the folder and run the DS4Windows.exe file.
4. Select where you need to save the profile Program Files or AppData.
5. Tap ‘Install the DS4 Driver’.
6. Allow the driver to install & restart the system.
7. Now run the app and connect the controller (if it is wired), press and hold the PS4 and Share button (if it is wireless).
8. Go to the Controller tab in the app; it will show the controller. Now you can use it to play games.


4. Connect with InputMapper

DS4 Windows should be capable of connecting a PS4 controller, but again there may be exceptions. In that case, there is another app you can try.

1. Download and install InputMapper.
2. Run the app and let it install the driver named ‘Scarlet.Crush Productions System devices’.
3. When installed, connect the controller to your system through Bluetooth or USB port, whichever sort you have.
4. Now open the InputMapper app, and the controller should appear in it. You can also configure the controller in the app or do it in the game you play.


Configuring controllers in games

The methods mentioned above connect a PS4 controller to a Windows 10 system. When connected, you may have to customize how it works within a game since it’s a PS4 controller, all buttons probably not work the same in all games.

To change and check how the controller works in a game, follow the simple steps below.

1. Must ensure the controller is connected to the system.
2. Open the game, you wish to play using the controller and go to its settings.
3. Look for the controller settings. These differ based on every game’s settings; if you cannot find the controller settings for a game, Google where they’re.
4. On the Controller settings screen within a game, now look through what every button does, and change it if you need to. Must ensure you save the configurations.
5. Repeat this for all games that you wish to play.


Games & controller support

PC games usually have controller support. It does not matter if a game title has been released for a console platform or not. It’ll still have support for a controller.

Older games might not have support, or they may not support the latest controllers, but games like that will be a tiny subset of the available games.

Moreover, you can use InputMapper to map the controller keys to particular keyboard buttons that control gameplay for games that do not have controller support. Besides, InputMapper supports multiple profiles, so this should be simple enough to do for different games.

The results will vary based on the game, also how old it is. If you are using an emulator to play a game, it is best to configure the controller within the emulator rather than InputMapper.


PS4 controllers are somewhat proprietary. It is not impossible to get them to work with a Windows 10 system, and in most cases, the built-in Bluetooth & USB port options will do the job correctly.

When you encounter trouble, the DS4 Windows app will help you override the controller’s restrictions.

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Why Does My Minecraft Java Edition Keep Crashing

Why does my Minecraft Java Edition keep crashing

We love playing Minecraft. What we all do not like as much is when it keeps crashing. If you keep trying to play the game you love, but an error continues popping up, most commonly, the “Java Platform SE Binary has stopped working,” then you are not alone.

Some other players have also experienced Minecraft crashing with other error messages: “An unexpected issue occurred & the game has crashed. We are sorry for the inconvenience“.

This error has been showing up for users all around the universe. But you do not need to anxious about it anymore! In this post, we will be discussing why your Minecraft keeps crashing and what you should do to fix the errors quickly. These solutions are proven to work on the Windows 10 version of Minecraft.

Why does my Minecraft Java Edition keep crashing & most common solutions

There is more than one technique to solve the error you face, as it can have many origins. So here are the most common causes for why this error to occur:

Graphic driver issues;
Java updates;
Launcher incompatibility;
Windows updates.

Keep in mind that Java is the coding language that fuels Minecraft. Though the platform runs on devices all around the universe, it is still facing such errors. By looking at the causes, you can probably figure out what you must do to fix it. Here are some solutions or ways for you to do it:

Update your video card drivers

Game drivers are the most common cause of Minecraft crashing. The issue you face is so widespread that even Oracle & Microsoft have acknowledged the fault and have publicly suggested updating graphic drivers. The newest versions of Windows 10 enable you automatically update your drivers via a built-in app.

If you do not know how to run the driver updates, check out this article for Windows 10. You can still manually download & install the latest updates too! If the issue persists, you should try a 3rd party app known as “Display Driver Uninstaller.”

This program is certified & efficient for thoroughly cleaning out your drivers and installing them again. Besides, replacing the drivers with the latest versions is quick & easy. All the instructions are shown when you run the app.

Update your computer’s Java

However, Java updates happen automatically whenever you launch an app that needs Java; it is possible that this setting could have been switched off. To be safe, you should access the Java website & check to see if you’ve got the latest version running. If not, then download & install it.

Update Windows 10

An update to your system software is very likely to stop Minecraft from crashing. As with Java updates, Windows 10 automatically updates itself. And it is recommended to keep the auto-update setting turned on in the future.
To check your settings & manually install the required updates, open up Settings on your computer. From there, you will see the “Updates & Security” menu with an option to “Check for Updates.” Tap it and make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Change your Minecraft launcher

Sometimes the issue is just in the launcher being used to run the game. Minecraft’s newer launcher has some errors or bugs that Mojang is still working to fix for all devices.

But you do not need to wait for them to do that. Easily download an older version of the launcher by following this link. Install the one that is compatible with your device, and you are good to go!

Remember that you do not need to go through all these steps. The problem is usually with only one of the above issues. It would help if you tried to run Minecraft after doing any of the steps, and when it finally works, you will know precisely where the problem was for future issues.

Although you have somehow come across the bad luck of trying all these instructions and still experience Minecraft crashes, we still got your back.

Why does Minecraft Java keep crashing – additional solutions

However, we hope you will not need to go through all the mentioned methods, as the ones given above should work for most folks; here is what else you can do to fix Minecraft Java edition crashing:

Clear the cache

You probably have heard of this for clearing data stored in browsers. Well, now you will want to do the same for Java. Clear the Java cache by following these easy steps:

Open the Control Panel on your PC;
Find & select the Java app;
When the new menu pops up, go to Settings and find “Temporary Internet Files”;
Delete these files. Launch Minecraft & enjoy it!

Reinstall Minecraft

The classic “turn it off & on again” method. It works more often than not.

Remove any MOD files

If you are running a modified version of the game to improve your experience, the chances are that these files are causing the crash. Try removing them and running the game then.

Turn off VBOs (Vertex Buffer Object)

Sometimes VBOs cause the problem if your system is not compatible. If you can manage to run the game before it crashes, you can go to the Settings in Minecraft & disable VBOs from the “Video Settings” menu.

It is advisable to restart your computer after making these changes so that your system is refreshed.

Wrap Up

To conclude, these are all quick & simple fixes for Minecraft Java edition crashing issues. One of these techniques is sure to work best for you, and you will stop Minecraft from crashing in the future.

If you still find yourself facing an error or bugs with Minecraft, your best bet is to install and run a PC repair tool. This software automatically scans your computer and fixes errors like corrupt files & improper databases. There are plenty of verified apps that do this. Play your heart out once again.

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How do I uninstall and reinstall Minecraft

How do I uninstall and reinstall Minecraft

Minecraft has been a revolutionary game in modern times. Minecraft is a virtual open world video game where players can dig, build, mine, & enchant things. The sheer potential in the game and caused worldwide acclaim is a massive milestone in the gaming community. Designing towns, arenas, cities, and even entire worlds have never been more engaging!

Whether your old computer is starting to give out, you are switching computers, or you want to take your Minecraft to your next PC, you’ll want to know how to reinstall Minecraft properly.
In this article, I’ll show you how to uninstall Minecraft Windows 10 and then reinstall it without further ado. If you want a fresh start to the game, we will explain how you can do that.

How do I uninstall and reinstall Minecraft

For starters, you should know that there are many techniques you can learn how to delete Minecraft, but in this post, we will talk specifically about how we prefer to do it. A simple, easy, & effective way.

Note: To reinstall Minecraft smoothly, it is important not to delete or remove the launcher file (with the “.exe” extension). It is the file you use to start the game. Your launcher does not contain any data by itself, and we’ll need it later. If you have already or accidentally deleted the launcher, you can go to the official Minecraft website & download it again.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how this works

1. To start, we are going to delete Minecraft. Open up your command runner in Windows by pressing the Windows key & the “R” button;

2. Type in “%appdata%” (you can copy and paste this command without the speech marks). After you hit the “Enter” key, you’ll enter into what’s known as the “Roaming” folder;

3. In this folder, navigate to the file or the app you are trying to reinstall. Since we are looking to uninstall Minecraft for now, open up that folder completely;

4. Here is where you can prevent your worlds from being deleted. Find the folder named “saves” and copy it anywhere out of “Roaming” (the “Desktop” is recommended so that it is easier to find later). It’ll help us recover data once we reinstall Minecraft;

5. Return to the “Roaming” folder and delete the folder for Minecraft;

6. Run your Minecraft launcher. In case you accidentally deleted it, you can download it again from the official Minecraft website as mentioned above;

7. Follow the simple on-screen instructions & wait for the installation process to finish;

8. The game may launch automatically once it is finished installing. Close the launcher. First, we’re going to recover your previous worlds;

9. Copy & Paste the “Saves” folder into the Minecraft folder in the “Roaming” directory. If you have already closed this, you can open it up again. Refer to Step 2. You’ll be prompted by Windows for a confirmation asking if you want to overwrite the files. Say yes to everything;

10. Launch the game.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to uninstall Minecraft on Windows 10, & then reinstall it without losing any of your data! Of course, the process works differently if you are looking to delete Minecraft on a Mac or another platform.

Does uninstalling Minecraft delete worlds?

You probably be worried about that, but the answer is no! At least, not with the method we mentioned.

Other methods to reinstall Minecraft

We mentioned earlier that there are numerous ways you can learn how to reinstall Minecraft. If you do not fancy our preferred method, here are some other methods you can accomplish the same task:

Completely uninstall Minecraft: If you are looking for a fresh start, then you do not need the hassle of saving your files. You can access the control panel on Windows 10 and go to “Uninstall a program.” This menu can also be directly located & opened form the search box. Once the pop-up menu is shown, find the app then double-click to uninstall Minecraft. Afterward, you can download & reinstall it from the official website or another source.

Uninstaller Apps: You can even use 3rd party apps to delete Minecraft from your PC. The most famous apps like CCleaner have their navigation menus where you can find options to uninstall Minecraft. Most anti-virus software has this feature, so all you need to do is explore a little.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of ways & techniques to uninstall and reinstall Minecraft. No matter which one you choose, you will end up with a new app that’s ready for your creative talents to be explored.

To reiterate, now that you know how you reinstall Minecraft, there is no need to anxious about losing data if you follow the mentioned steps. Uninstalling Minecraft doesn’t necessarily delete any of your progress in the game, either. You can choose to create a copy of your saved data in the game at any point, and use it later to restore your data.

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Best PS3 Emulator for Your PC and Android

Best PS3 Emulator for Your PC and Android

PS3 Emulator is one of the highly demanded guest system gaming console services. That lets gamers play the PS3 games on Computer systems such as Windows or Mac & Mobile System like Android. Play Station 3 is the successor of the top-rated gaming system PS2 by Sony. Also, it is the first console to use Blu-ray Disc as a primary storage medium. It had the best hardware specifications at the time of release as compared to its counterpart.

Emulators can run on a PC system because of high-end graphics & CPU processing capabilities. Windows and Mac PC are capable of running PS3 games without having any issues. PS3 is a high-end gaming console, also has some best hardware and GPU specifications. You probably need a smartphone with a solid CPU-GPU combination and an excellent battery to play the game on Android.

Best PS3 Emulator for PC and Android


RPCS3 is a free & open-source in-development video game console emulator for the Sony PlayStation 3. It is one of the great PS3 Emulator. The emulator right now runs on Windows & Linux operating systems. The emulator is even capable of playing 1068 games out of a total of 3074 games. Numerous gamers thought it would be difficult to emulate the system because of the complexity of architecture but were made at a very early stage of the release.


Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 or above, Modern Linux or BSD (64-bit )
X86-64 CPU
3 GB of RAM
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
GPU – OpenGL 4.3 or greater, Vulkan is recommended.
PlayStation 3 .pup system software file


Mednafen is more precise than the PS3 emulator. That means that everything it does is closer to a real PS1. It may not mean anything in your experience for a specific game. The PS3 emulator probably does a lot of things differently. But in ways that are never too vital or that you may never notice. But emulator developers typically aim for as much accuracy as possible. So the devs & big emulation fans pay attention to these tests. Mednafen is highly customizable, along with keyword mapping and allowing you to play some hardcore games on your PC.


It is another goof PS3 emulator for Windows OS, but there are some issues with few games. ESX runs the majority of the PS3 exclusive titles at native graphics without any glitches, but it needs a robust set of hardware for that. Though the emulator is for research purposes, it is still an excellent option and compatible with PC’s most popular games.

Minimum System Required

Windows 7 and Later.
GPU: Any AMD/NVIDIA/Intel Direct X 10 GPU with 1GB of Memory & Pixel shader model 3.0
CPU: 2.5 GHz Intel/AMD Processor or higher with SSE3.
RAM: 1 GB on Win 8/7/10 32-Bit, 2GB on Win 7/8/10 64-Bit

Recommended System Required

Windows 7 and Later.
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 or higher, ATI Radeon HD7870 or higher with 2GB of memory.
CPU: 3.2 GHz Intel/AMD Quad Core CPU or higher with SSE4.
RAM: 2GB on Win 8/7/10 32-Bit, 4GB on Win 8/7/10 64

PlayStation Now

It is also one of the top PS3 emulators. PlayStation Now (PS Now) is not a gaming emulator in itself. But is a cloud-based gaming subscription service. The platform enables users to play a few select titles from PS2, PS3, PS4 by making a payment to get access. That can then be streamed to the PC. You’ll need a DualShock 3, 4, or Xbox controller to use this service. It even recommends that players have a 5 Mbps internet connection to achieve good performance. The online streaming service will remove any complexity because of emulation architecture. Additionally, it will decrease the load of having high-end hardware specifications as the game streams online over the Sony Servers. And is also one of the best PS3 emulator.


Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7 or above
300 MB or more; 2 GB or more of RAM
3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
Sound card and USB port
Minimum 5Mbps internet connection

PS3 Emulator

Sony PS3 Emulator is the best Android emulator. That simulates the Sony Play Station games to the Android phone. It is easy. You need to install the app & follow the setup screen. When the setup is finished, you can enjoy the games. But, since it is a cross-platform transformation. Most of them may not work correctly, even if you have a high-end smartphone.

New PS3 Emulator

New PS3 Emulator is a powerful emulator that can let you play the games on your android device. But you’ll need the latest OS version for the emulator to support your device. Additionally, the emulator needs a high-end device with top graphics and CPU processing system. I’m not sure about the app’s 100% success because it is very improbable for modern smartphones to run high-quality PS games on Android.

You should use the VPN app with China IP Address.

Open this & search for China in the list of countries.

Go and select the PS3 Emulator app and click on OPEN.

Now swipe two-three times on the screen. Press the bottom right button.

At the bottom right, there’s an option of “Continue As Guest.”

Select the PS3 title which you desire to play and then click the first button.


PPSSPP lets you play Sony PSP games on your smartphone. Along with millions of downloads and 4.2+ of an average rating. It qualifies as the top PSP emulator available in the market. Besides, the PSP is a portable handheld console by Sony. That lets gamers play all the popular PS2 and PS3 with a need for a console & TV box. Thus, being a portable console, the PPSSPP emulator is optimized to make most mobile screen spaces play the PS3 games visibly.

Furthermore, this emulator is pretty reliable & handles the games very smoothly. However, there are occasional lags here & there. But overall, the PPSSPP allows you to play all the PS2 games with a very characterized control mapping.

PPSSPP also supports many games. That includes Persona, Dragon Ball Z, Little Big Planet, Burnout Dominator, Burnout Legends, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy: Type-0, Monster Hunter 2 Unite 3: HD Remake, and much more. The good part is it is also available on the Google Play Store to download.


Dear Visitors, with the emulators above, you can play PS3 games on your Android & Windows Computer PC. The games may run smoothly on PC because of high hardware specifications. But are skeptical of running on Android. An emulator is a software that allows one computer system to behave like another computer system. It simulates the original system and even lets you access the app or software on different OS.

I sincerely hope you like the post, and it was helpful to you; give us your feedback if you have further issues & queries related to this article. Then let us know in the below comments section. We will get back to you shortly.

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Lucky Patcher APK V8.9.0+ Download -> Lucky Patcher IOS -> Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Love playing games on your mobile device? These Lucky Patcher alternative mobile apps allow you to crack games and apps to enjoy playing thrilling & exciting games.

As we know, mobile games are slowly taking over the gaming world. More & more people resort to playing their favorite games on mobile handsets rather than PlayStation or computers. It is partly due to the flexibility & affordability associated with these devices. If your device is Android-powered, you’ve likely come by the Lucky Patcher app.

Navigation of Contents

What is the Lucky Patcher?
Lucky Patcher for iOS
Top 10 Best Hacker APPs like Lucky Patcher to Hack Games
1. SB Game Hacker
2. LeoPlay Card
3. Creehack
4. Freedom
5. Nox
6. Hackerbot
7. GameCIH
8. Cheat Engine
9. Xmodgames
10. Game Killer

What is the Lucky Patcher?

There are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store. And most of these apps are free, but you’ll still find a good agglomeration of apps that needs in-app purchases. The users usually do not opt for in-app purchases for reasons like security.

App Name Lucky Patcher
Latest Version V 8.8.7+
Latest update date Sep 06, 2020
Size (.zip) 8.27 MB
Downloads 1 Billion +
Editor’s rating 4.7/5
System Requirement Android 2.3+

Download Official Lucky Patcher APK (V8.9)

Download Lucky Patcher old versions:

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.8.7 apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.7.1 apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.6.3 apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.5.22 apk

Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.4.8.apk

Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.3.7.apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.2.4.apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.1.6.apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.5.5.apk

> Lucky Patcher APK Official_V8.5.9.apk

If you are one of them, you’ll be glad to know that you could get all the premium features of those games & apps for free with the help of an app known as Lucky Patcher.

Additionally, if you own an android and want this app on your device, this post is for you as we’ll talk about the downloading procedure of Lucky Patcher in Android. So, before guiding you with the downloading steps, let me make you familiar with the top features of Lucky Patcher.

Features of Lucky Patcher

It blocks the bothering ads for you.
It enables you to use the paid apps & paid features in a free app without spending a buck.
You can even escape the need for permission for using a specific app if you’ve Lucky Patcher.

If you want to download Lucky Patcher on your android device after reading the app’s features, then move to the next section where I’ll tell you how you can download & install the app on your device. It is one of the great mobile apps for hacking games on the Android platform. Its major flipside is that it does not work smoothly on all devices.

Lucky Patcher for iOS

Do you need to get the latest version of the lucky patcher app for your iPad and iPhone or Looking for Lucky Patcher Download Official App for iPhone Free No Jailbreak?

First Note: Lucky Patcher doesn’t support IOS. There’s no Lucky Patcher IOS Version!


How to Download Lucky Patcher APK for iOS?

iOS does not have Google Play Store. But does that matter? No, because Lucky Patcher is not available in the Google Play store. It is a fact that you won’t find the app even in your Apple store.

So, if you wish to have the app on your iPhone, you’ll have to download its APK. But will Lucky Patcher APK work on your iPhone when APK is exclusively designed for Android Devices?
The answer is yes, but to use the Lucky Patcher for iOS devices, you’ll need an emulator. I hope that the basics are clear now. Below are the steps to download & install Lucky Patcher successfully on your iOS device.

Step 1: Firstly, download iPadian on your iOS device & install it like any other regular app in your device.
Step 2: Afterward, open the iPadian app after it is installed on your device.
Step 3: Search for the ‘App Store’ menu present in it & then type ‘Lucky Patcher’ in the search bar. Now hit enter.
Step 4: Now, the icon of Lucky Patcher will pop-up in the search result. Tap on the ‘Install’ tab. Wait for the app to be downloaded & installed on your iOS device.


You can now have Lucky Patcher on your iPhone with just four simple steps. These steps usually do not need to jailbreak your device. An Apple device’s security system is too robust, which is the best thing, but the bad side is that you might face a bit of difficulty in downloading & installing Lucky Patcher in your device.

If that case, I am sorry to inform you that you’ll have to jailbreak your device. But don’t worry, that is not always the case, so you should surely try the downloading procedure given by us. If you face any issue in following the instructions, then feel free to tell us about queries and doubts in the below comment section, and I will be happy to help.

It poses a significant challenge for gamers who experience this issue frequently. There is a solution, nonetheless. In this review, we’ve rounded up some of the top-notch Lucky Patcher alternatives you can use to hack Android games. Take a glance.

Top 10 Best Hacker APPs like Lucky Patcher to Hack Games

1. SB Game Hacker

This unique app will allow you to hack into any of those Games and App systems on your phone so that you can modify it up to your taste. Afterward, you can have a custom App or Games, depending on your requirements. With this unique feature, you’ll then be able to edit the game variables, such as unlimited coins, gold, money, and plenty more. You can beat your friends by using this app!


Although it sounds cool, it does not need any programming skills to be a good user. You can even hack any game with this app. It will help you with how to crack and hack the games. This process makes the hacking process easy.

Download SB Game Hacker

Key Features of SB Game Hacker:

  • Has multiple languages available
  • Modify the game values & resource
  • Pause the game in the middle of hacking
  • Can hack online or offline games

2. LeoPlay Card

A game hacker that will allow you to play many Android games ultimately for free. Just like the other excellent hacking apps out there, it doesn’t require you to root your phone to use it well. There’s a lot of potential in this app because it’s just placed newly on the market, so not everyone has already played & looked for its real value.


Small app but is compelling in terms of hacking games. If you want to play some games & then hack them simultaneously, but you do not have enough big memory to install those great hacking apps, then LeoPlay Card is one of the best apps that might suit you.

Download LeoPLay Card

Key Features of LeoPlay Card:

  • Small but powerful app
  • Do its functions very well
  • No need to root the mobile

3. Creehack

If you are into hacking some of the Android games found in the market, then having Creehack is necessary. It will enable you to hack most of the online games available in the market & get some coins, points and boost up your scores. But it is not just limited on the online games though; you can also use this is almost every offline app out there.


You can also choose to bypass some of the game’s in-app purchase features, which is very impressive. You can get paid items such as weapons, armors, boosts, and so on. If you’ve Creehack on your phone, then expect to use the premium versions of some apps, as Creehack will guide you through that.

Download CreeHack

Key Features of Creehack:

  • Bypass license verification of some android apps
  • Experience full Android premium experience without rooting the phone
  • Get paid in-game items for free

4. Freedom

If you’re familiar with Lucky Patcher, then you’ll easily be familiar with this app. Everything that Lucky Patcher can do, this one can also do. Almost all of its features are found here; if not, some are even modified to fit into some other apps.


It will even let you create custom mods when hacking into some Android games & apps. You can modify the memory & create one for yourself. By using this app, you will bypass premium features and get in-game items for free too!

Key Features of Freedom:

  • Almost similar to Lucky Patcher
  • Can modify memory & create custom mods
  • Bypass premium purchases

5. Nox

Nox is an app that has existed long ago, even before these other apps on this list come alive. Its features & functions are created in such a way that you can use all of them hassle-free. Using this app, you’ll be able to remap the controls, depending on your preference. It’ll make you play the game more efficiently and faster, which is a huge advantage.


Besides, Macro functionality & mocking of the GPS location of some games are also available in this app. Because some apps are location-dependent, that’s why you can have so much entertainment with this app. This app has an integrated internal root option, remove the risk of damaging or bricking your Android phone.

Download Nox App

Key Features of Nox:

  • Has integrated internal root option
  • The mock GPS location feature
  • Controls Remapping
  • Macro functionality

6. Hackerbot

It’s not similar to most of the apps that are on this list. However, it is the best alternative for Lucky Patcher. It’ll give you out the same purpose on why you’re hacking the games. This app offers you all the safe and downloadable modded games & apps. Those normal apps & games found on the market are all available in this app but then in a better version.


Additionally, never be scammed by different propaganda you’ll find online using this app. This one is a trusted app. It contains a search engine platform that is effective because Google itself powers it. Reduce the hassle of modifying the games yourself when there’s a solution to get games that are already modified.

Download Hackerbot

Key Features of Hackerbot:

  • Gives you out downloadable modded games & apps
  • Search engine that is powered by Google
  • Reliable links & safe from viruses

7. GameCIH

It is one of the top game hackers that are found online for all Android users. This app is an open-source app that will enable all its users to edit and hack most of the games that are found online. Take note; this one can also hack online games! It’ll all depend on the preference of the user.


Unlike any other hacking apps out there, this one needs your phone to be rooted. Meaning, if your mobile is not rooted, its features & functions will not work. Trust us; this one is very worth it. If you root your phone to have this one functioning, you will not regret it. It is such a mighty app.

Download GameCIH

Key Features of GameCIH:

  • It needs root access
  • Powerful Android software
  • Hack games easily

8. Cheat Engine

Of course, this one is found on this platform too! It was first thought of as a computer-exclusive software, but they have now integrated it into the mobile world. One of the great apps that you need to have when you want to hack some Android games.


Besides, this app is downloadable for free in the market. Not just can you modify your gold, cash, gems, or anything at all. If you’re that good and knowledgeable of this app, you can get premium items, walk through the walls, get more characters, and more.

Download Cheat Engine

Key Features of Cheat Engine:

  • Can get so much more with this app
  • Require to learn more about using this

9. Xmodgames

The excellent alternative for Lucky Patcher that you can find online. It will let you mod the games of your Android phone, provided that it is rooted. It supports even games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, and so plenty more of it.


It has a very user-friendly UI that will pop out in the form on an overlay while playing the game. You can run bots & scripts automatically in this app. You can also have an AI control the game so that you’ll do much more in the game, without making much more effort in real life.

Download Xmodgames

Key Features of Xmodgames:

  • The great hacking software for Android
  • Compatible with the latest games.
  • Can mod almost every app in the market, even if online.

10. Game Killer

This best mobile app can hack your Android games; they specialize more in offline Android games. They even support Android 2.3 and those that are later. Besides, this app was made available to Google Play before, but now, it has been removed from the store. If you want to access it, you probably want to search for an apk file online.


This app doesn’t require root access to your device, so you can play with it right after installing it. Modifying the coins, gems, & the app memory in your mobile gaming experience is easy to do with this app. And over 10 million have downloaded this app, an assurance that it’ll give out good results.

Download Game Killer

Note: Game Killer Stop Updated from 2018!

Key Features of Game Killer:

  • No need for root access
  • Supports Android Gingerbread & earlier versions
  • Easy-to-use the app


Don’t worry when Lucky Patcher goes down even for a while! If Lucky Patcher does not work well on your phone, pretty much one of the 10 apps in this list will work well in your app.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get your mobile device & download these apps over here and start dominating your game!

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