ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites – 11 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

The file-sharing scene is constantly disturbed. Well, Torrent sites come and go, and only a few manage to attract a large number of users. One such torrent site was ExtraTorrent. Unfortunately, however, the original ExtraTorrent version is no longer accessible to its fans, much to their disappointment. Nevertheless, there are several mirrors of the original site and many other torrent sites which contain much the same content as ExtraTorrent.

List Of 14 Best ExtraTorrent Proxy And Mirror Sites

If you don’t know the concept of a mirror site, please let us explain it to you. Well, A mirror site is essentially a copy that looks, feels, and works just like the original site but is hosted on a different server and often run by people with very little connection to the original site team.

As there is no more original version of ExtraTorrent available, it does not work for all ExtraTorrent proxies. So all we’re left with are ExtraTorrent mirror sites.

11 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives | Sites like ExtraTorrent

Well, ExtraTorrent was the only torrent site that mattered to many torrent users. It was never the only or the most popular torrent site on the internet, however. So let us look at our list of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives.



RARBG is a popular ExtraTorrent alternative torrent site with new movies and TV shows. Unlike many other torrent sites, RARBG is clean and well organized. Each RARBG torrent has a brief description, screenshots, cover art, and other relevant information. Here, Movies and TV shows are often available in different resolutions and bitrate – from SD to 1080p Blu-ray uncompressed.

In addition to movies and TV shows, RARBG also has games, software, music, and adult content categories. The RARBG community is tight, and the tracker itself appears to be run by experienced operators who know how to meet the requirements of a community of file sharing.

2. The Pirate Bay


Well, The Pirate Bay or TPB is one of the oldest torrent sites on the internet and has done more to share files than any other ExtraTorrent alternative website. His founders have been fighting with copyright and law enforcement agents for years, and some have even ended up in prison.

Although most Hollywood studios would like The Pirate Bay to disappear from the world, the site remains online to this day, with numerous torrents of various types. In addition, the Pirate Bay is available in 35 languages and can also be accessed by proxy.

3. 1337x


1337x is probably the most stylish torrent site like ExtraTorrent right now, and it probably looks like people who don’t know about sharing files. Despite its modern homepage, 1337x has been around since 2007, serving numerous torrent users from all over the world with fresh content.

4. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is an ExtraTorrent alternative torrent site for general purposes that appears to develop and grow despite the stagnant nature of a file-sharing scene. It has recently launched a revised homepage with a slick design with big buttons for popular categories and a search bar that you can hardly miss.

The rest of LimeTorrents is unfortunately not so well designed as the homepage, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the website. After all, the content matters the most, and LimeTorrents doesn’t disappoint, offering everything from movies to TV shows to music and games to anime apps.

5. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that collects search results from several other torrent sites. Since Torrentz2 does not save torrent files, the site has succeeded in avoiding the attention of the copyright and law enforcement authorities. Torrentz2 certainly does not feel as cozy as some of the other ExtraTorrent alternative torrent sites in this article but always manages to find the best available torrent.

6. Zooqle


Zooqle emerges quickly as a popular alternative to ExtraTorrent and other major torrent sites. At present, over 3.5 million torrents can be found in Zooqle, and more than 1,000 torrents are added each day. It is safe to say that the modern design and excellent functionality of Zooqle have a lot to do with the site’s increasing popularity.

You can view the most seeded torrents right on the homepage, search for torrents, or browse newly added torrents. Zooqle is available in Russian and English, and we expect to add more languages as time passes.

7. RuTracker


RuTracker is a semi-private Russian torrent tracker with a fantastic collection of both Russian and English torrents. Everyone can create an account free of charge on the website, and RuTracker has no strict seed requirements. Naturally, users are encouraged to share what they download as long as possible with others, but this is just the common torrent etiquette.

Here, We recommend you use Google Translate to translate RuTracker into English if you don’t speak Russian; otherwise, the site may be quite difficult to navigate. However, once you get used to its layout, you can use it without any assistance. Ads on RuTracker are abundant, but you can get rid of them using a Russian filter AdBlock.

8. YTS


YTS is YIFY Torrents’ successor. Like its predecessor, YTS is a source of high-quality movies which, because of their excellent optimization, do not take long to download. However, while YTS looks and feels like YIFY Torrents, different people operate the site.

9. TorrentDownloads

A great alternative to ExtraTorrent, TorrentDownloads offers TV shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, books, and many more torrents. The site has no mischievous ads, and most of the content it offers is lawful and secure to download. Of course, any torrent site has a share of bad apples, but TorrentDownloads show a malicious torrent among popular torrents.

If you download a torrent from TorrentDownloads, you are temporarily redirected to, a free online cache service. Here, TorrentDownloads does this to protect itself from a potential copyright lawsuit. Unfortunately, many other ExtraTorrent alternative torrent sites do the same, and some don’t even allow their users to download torrents with Magnet links.

10. KickassTorrents

Well, KickassTorrents is one of those ExtraTorrent alternatives that need not be introduced long enough. The site was launched in 2008 and over 1 million visitors a day enjoyed it at one time. Although the current KickassTorrents incarnation is not as popular, it is still one of the most frequently visited torrent sites globally.

KickassTorrents has an easy search page, which looks much like Google Search. In addition, you can switch to an alternative homepage that shows popular torrents in all major categories (movies, TV shows, music, games, applications, anime, books, and lossless music). The alternative homepage has a separate search bar and allows you to access the KickassTorrents community section, where members talk about torrents in several languages.

11. SkyTorrents

Well, SkyTorrents is a search engine for torrents, similar to Torrentz2. The index now contains almost 28 million entries, a truly impressive number given that the website is not very attentive to torrent blogs and news Websites. In English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Portuguese, you can use SkyTorrents.

SkyTorrents supports advanced search queries consisting of several positive and negative keywords to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. In addition, you can order search results by date, size, seeders, and leakers.

The Bottom Line:

Not many torrent sites are as popular as ExtraTorrent. While the original ExtraTorrent is no longer available, many excellent ExtraTorrent alternatives offer file-sharing enthusiasts a host of high-quality content worldwide. In addition, there are unofficial ExtraTorrent mirror sites, but you should be careful about them as many of them distribute malware, crypto-monetary mining scripts, and malicious software.

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