CricFree Down? 13 Best CricFree Alternatives Sites


Looking for the best CricFree Alternatives for sports streaming? Then this article is for you. Most people have probably heard of the website Cricfree, which allows you to watch sports for free. It’s the best place to go to watch sports streaming. Unfortunately, the designers disabled the website, which made it much more difficult to locate. A copyright infringement claim could be to blame, but that does not change the fact that it has been taken down, and there’s no way to have it restored to a running state. Since that is why you should look for a Cricfree alternative, you should use a Cricfree alternative. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of good alternatives to Cricfree. Each of these websites serves similar purposes to Cricfree and is highly recommended. Another great resource for cricket scores is the Cricfree App (Cricfree APK here).

13 Best Cricfree alternatives | Sites like Cricfree

Cricfree alternatives that you can use.

1. Stream2Watch


This is the first Cricfree alternative, which is Stream2Watch. The website has the capability to fix any issues you may have in regard to online sports streaming in a snap. Streaming sports has been around for a long time, and most of their users use them to serve fans worldwide. The Livescores widget is an important distinguishing feature of Stream2Watch. This widget shows free games that are being played in the background. If you want to follow a particular event and/or you want to know more about a tournament, check out the events and/or the tournament details. There are leagues, such as the UEFA Champions League, the Basketball Cup, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga, the UEFA Europa League, the Italian Serie A, and the Italian Super Cup, the Carabao Cup, and others.

2. LiveTV


As the name implies, Live TV allows you to watch live broadcasts of live games from around the world. CricFree does not provide all of these extra features, but you can watch replays, highlights, and other content that CricFree does not. This site has tonnes of fantastic features, including the ability to watch all of your favorite sports, learn more about your favorite teams, and stay up to date on the games you are watching. You can always look up the schedule of the matches by accessing the schedule link on the right. The major problem is that the service is only available for UK IP addresses. VPN is, therefore, a requirement if you’re working from another location.

3. Sport365


Well, One of the most popular sites for sports fans is Sports365, which provides them with a vast library of matches for free. Cricket, WWE, and NHL all get broadcast on this platform. You will have a plethora of options because of this.

Because no personal information is required, it is completely safe to use. You can use this website to follow your favorite sports team throughout the day, every day, without any restrictions. In addition to offering excellent CricFree alternatives, it is also seen as having a superior feature set.

4. Sky Sports


Watching and streaming your favorite sports live is available on Sky Sports, which is one of the best sites like Cricfree. There are a lot of different sports to choose from, like football, motorsports, and Formula One racing. If you’re interested in news and trends for players and sports, you can stay up to date with the latest. Also, it includes news videos. The “Scores” section of the website allows you to see the scores and results for your favorite match. However, if you are a subscriber to Sky Sports, you must pay to view the live streams.

5. FirstRow Sports


FirstRow Sports is a sports streaming site with live streams of numerous leagues and tournaments, similar to Cricfree. With so much content and a wide range of sites to choose from, the website serves the interests of sports fans like a top-notch sports streaming site. From virtually any device, you can access FirstRow Sports. The XBMC add-on is included as well, giving it the ability to run on Android set-top boxes and other platforms. You can stream online using any web browser by using this add-on.

6. fuboTV


Do you want to watch sports for free? For example, if you watch football, you’ll want to use FuboTV, which is one of the best sites like Cricfree. You can watch live sports without interruptions or charge using this platform.

Users can access the platforms by logging on to the website. A wide variety of channels, sporting events, and more can be found here, the ideal location for sports fans of all types. Unfortunately, this website is only available in a few countries. It is the primary purpose of this company to provide services within the US.

7. ScoresInLive


To everybody who follows sports, there are excellent sites like Cricfree. As many websites as possible give you the option to check scores while watching a stream, but you’ll need something more to enjoy a broadcast. When you put it that way, you’ll need an application like ScoresInLive. It features the most up-to-date sports scores and results, as well as a calendar of upcoming events. Sports scores are simple to find for people who are interested in those sports.

8. WiziWig


Well, Try Wiziwig if you want a straightforward, uncomplicated site like Cricfree. Also, Anyone interested in checking it out will be attracted by the simple interface with no pop-up ads. Selecting the sports category gives you instant access to hundreds of sports events. The scheduled games will be listed on the application alongside any unoccupied games. It is further equipped to show the many exciting sporting events, such as baseball, volleyball, and basketball. For football and soccer fans, Wiziwig offers programming for Premier League matches, La Liga Matches, Serie A matches, and other league matches. The default setting for Wiziwig will be to display the time in your local time zone, making it easy to follow matches that you want to watch. Wiziwig does not contain advertisements, but it will redirect you to a different tab if you click something on its page.

9. Laola1


Here, The next website on our list of the best Cricfree alternatives is Laola1, a sports enthusiast’s destination. No matter what sport they enjoy watching, the platform has something for everyone. On this simple-to-use platform, you can watch all of the major sporting events for free.

This website offers highlights from various sports, as well as match clips. In addition, worldwide sports and game broadcasts are gathered into a single location. And not only does it have an on-demand library, but you can begin watching any content you like.

10. SportP2P

Well, SportP2P is a similar site like Cricfree in that it displays match schedules in a very organized manner. The order in which programs are listed on the schedule is chronological, and the most recent matches are listed first. Streaming local professional leagues and games from other countries are both advantageous. Greece, Finland, and other countries are included in the group. This means that, additionally, SportP2P broadcasts various football leagues, such as the Champions and Europa Leagues. In fact, it even gives you the opportunity to watch postseason games for free. Another attractive benefit of having an account is being able to add your site. Moreover, SportP2P has stringent requirements for this, ensuring that the uploaded stream is legitimate.

11. SportStream

This is another option to consider if you’re looking for Cricfree alternatives. The site’s main difference and distinct selling point is that it broadcasts esports. The International, a prestigious Dota 2 tournament, is on-demand for free here, among other professional matches (TI). Further, It’s a great way to spend an afternoon too, as you can watch tennis, hockey, and baseball games while you’re at it. In addition, it includes hot new trends like mountain biking and road racing. Other than the regular season and playoffs, all games of the NBA season are available for streaming via SportStream.

On the other hand, say you’re too enthralled with following games in real-time. In that case, SportStream maintains a live score section where it posts updated scores. That way, you’ll always know the latest score.

12. Sportlemon

After analyzing other CricFree alternatives, we now believe Sportlemon is the next best choice. Also, If you’re a sports fan and want to watch something fun, this is the place to go. This channel allows you to stream your favorite event live. Not only does it contain numerous links to your favorite matches, but it will also enable you to begin streaming.

The site is a great resource for people who enjoy watching live matches online, as it provides access to all major events. You don’t have to download toolbars or surveys if you don’t want to. It just allows people to participate in sports in a safe and enjoyable manner.


It’s claimed that ATDHE, like Cricfree, is one of the top sites for streaming sports. Why? A link aggregator gathers links from other websites and presents them to the user. Nonetheless, it has a vast library of sports streams that are readily accessible. To get the most out of your streaming experience, it is also necessary to ensure that you can play live games in the highest possible quality.

Additionally, it is less annoying to navigate with fewer advertisements. In addition to that, ATDHE features sporting events broadcasted by well-known TV networks such as ESPN. A challenge is that the site does not keep time zones consistent, making it difficult to follow game schedules.

Wrapping Up:

The Cricfree alternatives are the best you can find on the internet. While it is possible that you are aware of this, it is also probable that you are not aware that, in most of the locations listed above, the gushing substance can not be given away for free. Thus, you are getting all of these sports streams for free. In order to accomplish this, sites like Cricfree are vulnerable to takedown at any time. However, we’ll do our best to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date Cricfree overview while also maintaining a regular Cricfree roadmap.

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