Best Video Filter Apps for iOS & Android

Best Video Filter Apps for iOS & Android

Although most smartphone camera apps have some of their basic video filter overlays, they often provide limited options. Numerous dedicated video filter apps do a better job. So, if you want to give your footage a unique look, here are the top-rated video filter apps on iOS and Android. Let’s get started.

1. Indie Video Effect

If you love Prequel and do not want to experiment with a new app, there’s nothing much I can do. But if you are an Android user, Prequel does not have much to offer in the free version, so a feature-rich obvious choice is this app. It contains everything from glitter filters, aesthetic filters, and a few unique polaroid style filters. Besides, you can use other generic video editor features like, trim a video add music, add text, and change the frame size.

Additionally, the only drawback is that it adds a watermark on the videos, which can also be removed with the Pro version with ease, which comes at 2.99 dollars per month. It even removes the bottom banner ads in the app.

Get Indie Video Effect for Android

2. Super 16

The previously mentioned apps were dedicated to shooting for a distinctly vintage look. However, if you wish to try out multiple film video filters, this app is a perfect choice. Super 16 lets you stimulate your standard footage like 16mm film cameras do. You can not merely capture live footage but even use videos from the gallery.

Besides, there are more than 70 filters, such as Kodak Vision, tetrachrome, etc. One of the major and great features it borrows is the film burn effect, which can be used with a single click to get a burning effect while recording the video.

Furthermore, this app’s free version has a limit to video filters; however, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $6, unlocking all filters & film frames.

Get Super 16 on Android


The prequel has a vast database of both filters & frames for your video. It has tons of conventional filters like music video filters, fashion, reflection, etc. There’s a little bit of freedom in terms of playing with the color as you can adjust the light, temperature, contrast, and more such attributes.

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It is interesting to see that the live recording feature works on iOS, and the slow-mo & beauty filter even seems to be missing from Android. So, if you are using iOS, be ready for a far smoother and creamier UI.

The app is also free, but you can get Prequel Gold for $3.5 per week along with a 3-day trial, which offers you more filters and advances editing tools.

Get Prequel for ( iOS | Android )

4. 90s – Glitch & Vaporwave Video Effects

Glitchy and Trippy-looking videos are in trend on Instagram, especially with teens & young adults, mostly because of the excessive use of hip-hop music videos. This app allows you to create a similar effect to your videos. It has a unique vertical layering way of using filters.

For instance, When you capture or import a video. Rather than applying a filter to the whole video, you can tap on a specific filter to use it to that duration. In this way, you can apply multiple filters to the same video.

Additionally, you can upgrade to the Pro subscription at $3/month to removes the watermark and unlocks all pro filters. Here is a similar app for iOS.

Get the 90s – Glitch & Vaporwave Video Effects for Android

5. VHS Camcorder

If you have not heard about VHS, ask your parents about their marriage footage from the late 90s. Since technology evolves, you would not find the old look in cameras, but you can always stimulate it in your mobile app. The app has a vintage user interface and stimulates the old & glitchy look of VHS recordings. You get the classic date and time stamp along with an on-screen zoom feature.

Moreover, the free app is enough for most; though, if you want to spoof the date, have more glitch control, & other similar features. You can upgrade to Pro for 3 dollars.

Get VHS Camcorder for ( iOS | Android )

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6. PXL2000 – 80s Pixelvision Cam

If you are already bored of the VHS cam stimulations, the PXL2000 will take you back further in time. The app stimulates the legendary black & white toy camera from the 80s, which is also considered a collector’s item by many. If you are curious how the app fares in 2020, it’s the same, with some features but added functionality.

For instance, you can enable tracking lines, use tilt and shake to mess with the quality, and tweak the video resolution. Another best feature is the audio setting, which allows you to mimic the original camcorder’s low fidelity audio.

The only drawback is that the app comes at the cost of 1.99 dollars.

Get PXL2000 – 80s Pixelvision Cam for iOS

7. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the most robust video editors for Android. And it turns out it also has a massive collection of video filters. However, the app consists of a few free filters such as a mosaic, rolling ball, spiral, etc. You have a complete array of more filters in the KineMaster asset library grouped into artistic, lens filters, distortion, etc.

Plus, these can be applied to multiple video layers & adjusted accordingly. You can also stick to the free version if you are happy with the free filters. But if you edit a lot, having the whole toolset at your disposal can be very useful.

You can remove the watermark & access thousands of filters and other assets by subscribing to the Premium version, priced at $3.99 per month.

Get KineMaster for ( iOS | Android )

Closing Remarks

Dear Readers, now that you know some of the best and top-rated video filter apps that can help you mimic a various look altogether, you can skip those boring Instagram filters that have become more mainstream. If I suggest you an app, VHS camcorder and Super 16 would be used extensively, and I love them. Since this is an ever-growing and impressive list, if you have a filter app that you would desire us to add, don’t forget to comment below.

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