Best Free CAD Software to Download

Free CAD Software to Download

CAD software is an essential tool to have in most enterprises/businesses to reduce the fatal flaws in the design that might show up during production.

If you’re in an industry that depends a lot on CAD tools, you already know, getting good CAD software can be relatively costly. Besides, if you are a student who’s just starting to dip your toes into CAD software, this will be an issue.

There’s, however, a second option: free alternative CAD software. I have done the legwork & looked for the 10 CAD software that you can try just for free now to design your 2D drawing and 3D modelling project quickly.

So, here are the ten best software and the links to download them for whichever operating system you’re currently on.


Desire to design your next Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and do not know where to start? Check out KiCAD. KiCAD is the best free and open-source PCB design tool that includes a project manager and four main software like schematic editor, printed circuit board editor, GERBER file viewer & footprint selector for the component association.

There are even additional software tools, a 3D viewer to render your PCB in 3D and two library component editors to create or modify schematic & footprint components.

This app supports: macOS, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu.

SketchUp Make

One of the most popular 3D modelling software, SketchUp Make, is used for architectural purposes & occasionally for other niches in the 3D design market.

Moreover, if you are looking for a 3D modelling software for your professional career with all the best tools included, then SketchUp is the perfect place for you.

This app supports: Windows & macOS.


This project is open source and is aimed directly at mechanical engineering. Product design used for architecture or other engineering industries that depend heavily on a parametric 3D modeler.

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Although it is open source & free, FreeCAD is on par with other famous CAD programs due to its capability to create real 3D solids, support for meshes, 2D drafting, right-hand coordinate system, etc.

Additionally, the program itself is extremely modular, where you can opt for very advanced extensions & customization.

This app supports: macOS, Windows, Ubuntu & Fedora.


For those who need to work on the specifics, especially engineers, OpenSCAD is your ideal 3D modelling platform. It doesn’t have interactive modelling for you to design your model but instead depends on what you defined in the script files’ parameters.

If you are wondering to build a machine part instead of designing your next game character, OpenSCAD is the perfect fit for that purpose.

This app supports: Windows, macOS & Linux.


DraftSight is the best free 2D CAD editor that is good for professional CAD users, students & educators, especially if you are required to create, edit & view your project in the native DWG file format.

Furthermore, it comes with a nice set of features that allows you to generate professional-looking plans using lines, dimensions, polylines, text and others. The UI is relatively dull, but this may appeal to those who prefer minimalist & simple CAD software.

This app supports: macOS, Windows, Ubuntu & Fedora.


Sculptris is a professional, free 3D modelling program made by one industry 3D expert, Pixologic. You can use it to design your version of a troll, dragon effortlessly, or Godzilla itself via their rich sculpting toolset.

If you are bad at playing around the geometry & polygons to create your surface, do not worry. Sculptris surface has countless triangles that are automatically built into your 3D model surface.

This app supports: Windows & macOS.


QCAD is the app you should use if you are looking to create technical drawings, be it for buildings, mechanical parts or also schematics and diagrams.

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Since it is open-source, QCAD’s focus is more towards modularity, extensibility & portability. Its 2D CAD platform is robust but easy-to-use, even for a beginner with little to no CAD apps experience.

This app supports: Windows, macOS & Linux.


You can use it just for free; nanoCAD still comes with numerous benefits that you are usually need to pay for at a premium price. Including the famous Command Line tool, SNAP and ONSAP, and many precision tools, ample others that you may find useful.

Whether you are just a newbie or already a power user, you’ll find nanoCAD a good alternative.

This app supports: Windows.


Here is another top high-quality 2D-CAD modelling platform, LibreCAD, easy-to-use software with ample high-quality features included in it. LibreCAD has features like a snap to grid for drawing, usage of layers, measurements inside your drawing & plenty others to make your life simpler when you are drawing on a 2D-CAD platform.

Furthermore, if you find it hard to start on LibreCAD, they have included a manual on their wiki page.

This app supports: Windows, macOS & Linux.

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