Top 22 BatmanStream Alternatives For Live Sports Streaming in 2020

BatmanStream Alternatives

There is no better delight or happiness for you than watching your best-loved sport liveat BatmanStream, and no worse than missing out on a live sport. BatmanStream is the most leading and popular platform to stream live sports in HD for free. BatmanStream runs on ad revenue and also encourages you to access the streaming site with AdBlock off.

Being a sports enthusiast, the site is an excellent choice, but sometimes the BatmanStream site remains out of reach due to some issues. So for uninterrupted fun, you have to take a glance at some top-rated alternatives.

Here are some of the great Alternatives Sites like Batmanstream that are available. With these, you can easily continue to watch sports online even if the other website is down. also Check our Free Sports Streaming Sites List.

Top 22 BatmanStream Alternatives List

1. WizWig

WizWig is a bundle of numerous live sports channels to stream for free. This streaming site enables you to stream & enjoy various sports channels and live radio and TV shows, Live TV broadcasting anywhere in the universe. And yet it is free to stream. There are no sign-ups or even a high-speed internet requirement.

Moreover, the WizWig also has a mobile app enabling you to stream with no limitation and watch your live sports on the go. Like any other streaming site, this site even has various sports categories ranging from football to moto GP.


2. Stream2Watch

The Stream2Watch is the best streaming platform with a straightforward layout with great functionality. It provides you an extensive live streams database to choose from. Additionally, it includes all the sports events from the major channels like NCAA Football & Sky Sports.

It provides both live sports & Live-TV on their website. All the live events are up-to-date to offer a seamless streaming experience.

Moreover, the search tab helps you filter out through the thousands of events to watch your favorites. With this search bar feature, this streaming site becomes easy-to-use & to navigate around.



LAOLA1 is one of the most leading websites on the web for streaming live sports. It provides different recordings of various sports. This website is usually for all the fans who like watching sports in a single place. Hence LAOLA1 becomes just ideal for this purpose.

Additionally, you can watch all the live sports with highlights of the same at the same place. It offers live streams of ongoing sports from all around the universe.

These services are for free, also with no compromise of quality or content. With this, you can enjoy your best-loved live sports with highlights too.


4. CricFree

CricFree is the top alternative to watch sports online for free & in complete HD. It offers you all the related TV channels hosting sports events to stream. It contains 12 distinct categories of sports in HD.

Just Sites Like BatmanStream provides a chat option to communicate with other sports fans, CricFree also offers you an option to communicate with similar folks all around the universe. You can stream & discuss the event simultaneously.

Besides that, it also includes a chat window allowing you to discuss alongside streaming the event. This site does not need any registration to stream or even chat. It would be best if you stay anonymous throughout the stream & chat.


5. LiveTV

LiveTV is the best free online platform, just like the Batman stream sports streaming website. It lets you look at live tournaments & events of many sports. LiveTV generally focuses on soccer games and tournaments. But still provides access to streaming all other live sports, also.

Additionally, the LiveTV is very interactive and makes itself an excellent Sites Like BatmanStream. Despite being free, this streaming platform needs you to create a free account. There’s no need for any payments & subscriptions for streaming your favorite live sports event. Furthermore, this account helps you manage the various options offered in this interactive streaming site.


6. SportP2P

The SportP2P is a famous live streaming platform covering all the major and popular sports events happening across the universe. Additionally, the SportP2P mainly broadcasts football matches, and you can enjoy discrete events of football too. These include league matches to championships.

It provides an excellent interface that helps you enjoy live sports to the fullest. It covers football matches from many countries and needs you to pay a few or register for subscriptions. Its main football streaming even offers you to enjoy other live sports like ice hockey, basketball matches, etc.


7. NewSoccer

Like previous sports live stream platform, SportP2P, the NewSoccer is another magnificent website to watch live sports. But unlike SportP2P, mostly football streams offering other live sports streams alongside, the NewSoccer mainly focuses on broadcasting & live streaming just football.

Hence you can say NewSoccer to be perfect and designed exclusively for football enthusiasts. and its Good Sites Like BatmanStream.

Moreover, it is a streaming platform to stream football matches – be it league matches or a regular match. It’s a well-maintained site with ongoing live scores of recent matches, and this site also provides you a schedule of all the upcoming matches.

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8. StopStream

StopStream is an incredible platform that enables you to enjoy watching live sports. The Best Sites Like BatmanStream to stream live sports events.

This website provides you to stream any sports from a tremendous channel category. It also provides live chatting options to communicate with the world with ease.

In particular, this website allows you to stream on any device, meaning that you can access this website from your tab, mobile, or desktop and stream your most-liked sports with no restrictions.


9. OffsideStreams

OffsideStreams, unlike the other streaming websites, has a subscription where you’ll pay £13.97 to stream. The money you pay provides you live sports and many TV channels & movies to stream everything in high-definition. It is even available on all devices, making it easy to stream anything of your choice.

It also enables you to stream from your mobile browsers, buy logging into your subscription. This website even a reasonable price for the quality and amount of content offered monthly.


10. goATDee

goATDee is not as incredible as compared to most of the live sports streaming services. However, this considers being the ideal choice if the other streaming websites are down for you. The goATDee enables you to stream the news & other entertainment videos also, along with streaming live sports.

Besides that, this site mainly bases on folks in the United States and is one of the biggest live sports streaming sites. Most of the UI of this site is exceptionally straightforward and also user-friendly. It doesn’t hinder your experience with many options but offers you live sports channels along with ongoing matches.


11. Feed2All

Feed2All is like WizWig with all the live sports streaming channels. It provides access to all your best-loved channels for free. Unlike WizWig, it is not only football but even contains all the sports channels.

Moreover, Feed2All has collaborated with many sports streaming channels and even with live channels. Hence you will get to stream with no interruptions. The main page contains a detailed list of all the scheduled matches.

All the streams provided here are for HD streaming at no cost at all. It not only offers you uninterrupted streaming but also different live sports channels for free.


12. FOX Sports GO

FOX Sports GO is a subscription-based & free live sports channel website. It doesn’t entirely work with FOX Sports.

Besides, they make it available to the public from all the regions throughout the universe. It offers excellent coverage of the live channels such as NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and more. Plus, you can access all the live streams made available, depending on the region you’re in.

You can also watch live shows & sports on many live sports channels. It has an excellent UI that improves user viewability and user experience too.


13. Streamiptvonline offers a lot of live streaming channels for you to enjoy. These massive lists of live sports channels are free, and it also has incredible functionality to share the streaming. This site generates revenue from a lot of ads on the website. But to the content it provides, the advertisements don’t bother you much.

Here on this website, all the channels are under the category of title and time. It even offers you with status about current & upcoming matches.


14. MyP2P

MyP2P is similar to SportP2P and is a free live sports site to stream in high-definition. The UI is simple and yet attractive & smooth. All the streaming content is entirely free on this website.

MyP2P’s most noticeable feature is that it incorporates a 100 percent free, straightforward interface, with the ability to run on nearly all browsers. It contains options to search & check the scheduled matches. The chat option that is present allows you to chat anonymously with other fans of live sports.

This site also provides different live sports categories ranging from Tennis, Football to MotoGP and plenty more.


15. Streamcomando

Streamcomando is an excellent free streaming platform with advertisements. This live sports channel streaming site offers you a massive range of choices to choose from for free. Apart from that, the site has a more futuristic UI that keeps you engaged and quickly helps you navigate through the multiple choices offered.

Furthermore, you can stream in outstanding quality for free and choose the most highlighting match for the day. This website provides live sports events from ice hockey to golf and plenty more. It gives more of its services for soccer & football matches from league matches to regular matches.

Besides that, unlike the live sports streaming site, you know, this site instead redirects the stream you wish to watch to its site from elsewhere.

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16. StreamHunter

StreamHunter lets you watch the live streams of your most-liked ongoing live sports match in the perfect quality you need. Therefore it is more of a flexible streaming website.

It contains all the latest features allowing you to stream & enjoy all live sports channels from wherever you’re. It is excellent for its live sports news and also the sports-related news.

It equips with an easy-to-use UI, a search bar, and a catalog of the channel list. There’s no registration required for this site, and is free. It provides a catalog with a range of categories, from boxing, cricket to handball, etc. All the live sports are under their category, making it easy to navigate.


17. SonyLIV: TV Shows Movies Sports

SonyLIV is the perfect method to stream live sports events and live TV too. It offers the best UI in the category of live stream websites. This platform enables you to stream any content of Indian TV easily. SonyLiv provides you to watch live matches and also highlights football & cricket matches. It contains all major ICC matches along with the world cup.

Moreover, it offers streams for other leagues & various matches too. It is not just limited to sports, but many entertainments are made available also.


18. Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket

Hotstar is one of the famous streaming platforms that is popular for its versatile content. It gives a variety of content to stream along with the live sports channels. It has a nice & smooth interface.

Additionally, it broadcasts all major sports events from the cricket ICC world cup to football world cup matches & league. It provides you to choose between various regional languages available. It offers seamless navigation throughout the content with its user-friendly interface. But the major limitation you’ll face is that you will have to pay for the subscription you avail.


19. JioTV

JioTV is an energizing website allowing you to enjoy all the live sports & live TV. With all the sports channels available, there are ample TV channels to choose from. All the channels are of the excellent quality provided to the stream, with 100+ channels with HD quality.

Besides that, it offers you to manage the live matches by scheduling & setting reminders. It enables you to access your account from anywhere without having to anxiety about losing your content. The interface provided is also simple & easy to understand.


20. Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta is a streaming platform to offer live updates to all minute details. It covers all the sports events held & matches ongoing. Besides, it is like an indexing platform for sports that contains detailed info about everything.

It also offers links to stream the live matches within the index, making it easier to navigate & enjoy the game. It also gives you various choices of languages to watch it from. It contains a real time-indexed directory of each of the sports events or matches being held.


21. Sport365

Sport365 is perfect for live sports free streaming platforms. This site allows you to watch any of your best-loved live sports channels or events held anywhere in the universe. Most of the major sports channels alongside sports such as Football, Cricket, MotoGP, WWE, and such are broadcasts.

Besides, this site also comes with the chatting option to text & discuss it with anyone. There’s no sign-up or purchasing of subscription required.


22. 12thplayer

12thplayer is a famous live sports streaming platform that offers you access to all the favorite live sports channels. It is a site designed by experts with a smooth & straightforward interface. It contains a simple catalog of stream links of the live sports events.

On this site, you can merely stream current ongoing tournaments & matches across the world. It also offers ongoing match highlights. All the stream video quality is high & stable.


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1. What is Batman Stream?

Batmanstream is the best online streaming platform to stream live sports matches & events on the go. It is an advertisement driven revenue site, offering you all a live stream of the ongoing games. It is free and doesn’t need you to register or pay for the subscription.

Furthermore, it offers live scores and regular score updates for the fans. It enables the users to enjoy the live streaming of any game from any place.

2. What Happened to Batmanstream?

Batmanstream works well even to this date. But due to some examples of the site being down for a few days, some alternatives are considered until Batmanstream is up & running. It probably happens because of regulatory rights and such.

3. Is Batmanstream Legal?

The legality of online streaming platforms like BatmanStream and other websites has yet to give a verdict concerning the several debates around this matter. Whereas most believe it to be illegal due to the copyrights, some still believe it to be otherwise.

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