How to use Stream Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

How to use stream Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield to watch famous TV shows, Movies and Apple Originals.

Apple TV is an Apple, Inc. streaming program for watching movies, shows and live TV channels. It features a large selection of movies and TV shows to watch, with the option to buy or rent them.

The content is streamed in 4K HDR resolution, and it includes documentaries, children’s shows, comedy, and reality shows. It has organized the library’s information into categories for easy access. Many smart TVs are compatible with the Apple TV app. It was recently released for the Nvidia Shield.

The technique outlined below will allow you to install or use Apple TV on Nvidia Shield.

Apple TV features an Apple TV+ subscription that gives you access to premium content and comes with a 7-day free trial.
Apple TV+ subscriptions are $4.99 per month.

Showtime, Cinemax, HBO Max, STARZ, and EPIX are among the premium TV channels available, with separate subscriptions available on the app.
Apple TV offers a personal watchlist feature that allows you to save content to view later. It also offers unique Apple Originals via the app, and the content library is regularly refreshed.

How to use or install Stream Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

Because the Nvidia Shield runs on Android TV, you can get the Apple TV software from the Google Play Store.

1. On the home screen of the Nvidia Shield, go to the Apps tab.

How to Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

2. Go to the Apps section of the Google Play Store and look for the Apple TV app.

How to Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

3. On the Nvidia Shield, select Install to download the Apple TV app.

4. On the Apple TV home screen, select Start Watching after clicking Open to launch the Apple TV app.

How to Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

5. Move to the top of the page and select Settings, then Accounts.

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How to Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

6. Select Sign In on This TV from the Sign In menu.

7. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials and watch Apple TV programming.

You may also use your iPhone to sign in to the Apple TV app by scanning the QR code.

Alternative Steps:

Using the current version of the Chrome browser, you may cast the Apple TV on Nvidia Shield from your PC.
Both the PC/Laptop and the Nvidia Shield should have the same internet connection.

1. On your computer or laptop, open the Google Chrome browser.

2. Go to the Apple TV website and sign in using the top button.

How to Install Apple TV on Nvidia Shield

3. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials and select Customize and Control Google Chrome from the drop-down menu (three Vertical icons).

4. To connect, go to Cast and pick Nvidia Shield.

5. To stream the Apple TV alone, go to the Sources drop-down menu and select the Cast tab.

6. On the Apple TV, select the item you want to watch on the Nvidia Shield.

Apple TV is a premium streaming app that allows you to watch the best content worldwide in high-definition.
Foundation, Central Park, Ted Lesso, The Truth, The Morning Show, Defending Jacob, and other shows are famous on Apple TV.
It offers a personal Watch list where you can add stuff for future viewing and easily continue the last played content.

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