7 Top Free Antivirus Apps for iPhone In 2020

Free Antivirus Apps for iPhone

Although iPhones are a mighty gadget, it is not entirely immune from digital threats, that’s why you required an extra layer of protection. An antivirus app for iPhone will assist you to guard your device against malicious malware.

Additionally, our mobile phones are filled with gigabytes of information, including sensitive and confidential data, which, if compromised, can result in severe damages. The excellent antivirus for iPhone will patch up all the security loopholes in your device, ensuring absolute safety.

Here in this article, I’ll discuss some of the most efficient and best free antivirus for iPhones you can pick in 2020. So, without further ado, let’s have a glance at some of the most famous & reliable antivirus apps for the iPhone.

Free Best Antivirus Apps For iPhone to Avoid Mobile Security Risks

Here’s the list of free antivirus for iPhone, so pick the best-suited software to strengthen your device’s security walls and counter local snoopers & web-based threats.

1. McAfee Mobile Security

The first one is the top-rated, and free antivirus for iPhone is McAfee Mobile Security. It has been in the market for relatively some time and is highly famous for its multi-layer security system. If you want cent percent safety & security of your iPhones, then McAfee is the top pick for you.

Prominent Features:

1. It is a well-designed & comprehensive data security suite.

2. It comes with a user-friends UI that promises comfortable working.

3. Contacts backup, secure Wi-Fi scan, anti-theft, and system security scan are a few of the best and prominent offerings of this free antivirus app for iPhone.

4. Its capability to create secure local storage points for your media files even makes it highly popular. This great antivirus for iPhone comes with specially crafted Media vaults to store your private photos & videos.

5. The Anti-theft feature secures your device by sending alerts and helps you track your device with a GPS tracker’s help. Additionally, it also erases your data if your phone is stolen or lost.

6. The CaptureCam feature adds to the overall beauty of this excellent antivirus for iPhone free. Besides, it sends you images of the person who’s trying to steal your device.

7. It also enables you to recover contacts from iCloud for lost or stolen devices.

8. Enjoy secure surfing & safe web access with its WiFi scanner functionality.

Download McAfee Mobile Security App Here

2. Avira Mobile Security

Another excellent free antivirus for iPhone that you can pick to fight digital threats is Avira Mobile Security. The tool promises complete safety & security of your device from malicious malware and is completely free.

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Prominent Features:

1. It ensures full web security and secures you from phishing attacks by blocking malicious webpages & pop-up ads.

2. With the Identity Safeguard feature of this famous antivirus app for iPhone, you can even check your email ids along with those contacts, which were hacked & leaked online.

3. It also blocks spam & unknown calls from your device.

4. Full Web protection is another notable and quirky feature of this incredible security suite.

5. This excellent antivirus for iPhone even uses a powerful VPN connection along with military-grade encryptions to offer you a safe surfing experience.

6. If you wish, you can also create your contacts’ backups and save them on iCloud.

7. Select this free antivirus app for iPhone to protect and save yourself from identity theft.

Download Avira Mobile Security App Here

3. F-Secure Safe

If you’re wondering about a comprehensive security suite that can effortlessly take care of your device’s security issues, then F-Secure Safe can be the best pick for you. Besides, it is a go-to app for every parent concerned about their child’s online security.

Prominent Features:

1. It provides a safe & secure online environment & protects you from visiting harmful sites.

2. It comes with a unique feature to protect your child’s online life. It filters away inappropriate content, blocks adult websites, promises safe search, ensures web protection, and enables you to set browsing time limits.

3. Besides this, it also comes with a banking protection feature that validates the authenticity of banking websites that you use.

4. You can even use this free antivirus app for iPhone to track your stolen & lost device.

5. It comes in a straightforward design and also is available in 20+ different languages.

Download F-Secure Safe App Here

4. MobiShield

Next on our list of best free antivirus apps for the iPhone is MobiShield. This tool gets updates automatically from time to time & comes loaded with a lot of exciting features.

Prominent Features:

1. It can quickly scan your device for security loopholes and fix them in no time to offer complete security & safety from malicious malware and other PC threats.

2. It offers safe security vaults to hide your private audio, image, and video files.

3. It even performs regular health check-ups of your device.

4. You can even use this excellent antivirus for iPhone free to backup & restore your contacts.

5. Additionally, it also helps you track the traffic, battery, & storage parameters of your iPhone.

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Download MobiShield App Here

5. Trend Mobile Safety

Trend Mobile Safety makes a pretty quirky choice if you’re looking for the best antivirus for free iPhone. Rather than being a straightforward antivirus tool, it comes with some useful features & functionalities, complete web protection being one of them.

Prominent Features:

1. It is the best free antivirus for the iPhone.

2. It comes with a simple & lightweight design and offers complete safety from harmful malware and other digital crimes.

3. It even comes with an ad-blocker and a tracker blocking functionality that stops browser tracking and even blocks infected apps from appearing on your screen.

4. Additionally, with its Web content filter feature, you can filter & block suspicious websites showing inappropriate content.

5. Besides, this free antivirus app for iPhone even comes with an intelligent anti-theft feature.

Download Trend Mobile Safety App Here

6. Lookout

The next best free antivirus for iPhone is the lookout, the feature-rich tool. It comes with class-apart functionality & promises in-depth protection from digital crimes and also identity theft.

Prominent Features:

1. Anti-theft & Identity-theft protection.

2. It also takes care of all the security loopholes & system vulnerabilities, thereby offering a safe and secure web environment.

3. It sends alerts notifications if your web service is being breached.

4. It offers complete protection from malicious URLs & phishing websites.

5. Safe WiFi, safe browsing, ID scan, and missing device are few other notable offerings of this free antivirus app.

Download Lookout App Here

7. Avast

Finally, our last pick on the list of free antivirus for iPhone is this top-rated and reliable tool. Avast is one of the excellent Wi-Fi scanners and protection tools that one could ever find.

Prominent Features:

1. It comes with an inbuilt VPN connection that promises full protection and security on public networks.

2. It blocks all infected links & prevents you from visiting suspicious sites.

3. It’s a free antivirus app for iPhone that even comes with photo vault protection functionality, which you can use to hide & protect your photos and videos.

4. It scans your device for vulnerability and also sends alerts notifications.

5. Identity protection is another unique and well-known feature of this best free antivirus for the iPhone.

Download Avast App Here

Get Complete Protection from Viruses & Malware with Best iPhone Antivirus Apps

Many excellent choices can keep your iPhone protected from digital thefts & malicious malware. These are the top free antiviruses for iPhone that you can currently find in the market with ease.

Refer to our rundown and pick the perfect-suited tool for yourself. Choose one to stay protected & enjoy safe surfing.

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