28 Best Cucirca Alternatives in 2020

28 Best Cucirca Alternatives in 2020

As we know, Cucirca used to be one of the most well-known and leading online TV shows providers in the webspace. It had a tremendous variety of shows and serials in its library. Their library consists of classic & latest shows.

Unluckily, the website had to shut down. But the demand for online TV shows was so high and vast that many new show providers instantly took its place. Here’s the list of the best 28 Cucirca alternatives in 2020.

1. bMovies

The interface of this site is simple, which helps you navigate the website very quickly. As you enter the site, you will find that several movie titles are highlighted & featured in the carousel. The titles featured in this section are usually the latest movies that have previously gotten the most demands. A suggestion widget is to check out if you cannot think of a movie or TV show to binge-watch.

The site also provides you the latest updates on celebrity or movie news. The ads are not too bad. Some of them will pop out but not up to the point that it ruins or disrupts your movie marathon.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker has remained to be our best-loved. Despite having the website constantly shut down, it still manages to make a comeback. Moreover, the site is pretty straightforward. It has all the featured movies or shows on the homepage.

You can even search for movies per category or using the search box. I like Putlockers because it contains a much bigger video player compared to most online TV show providers. You also do not have to register an account before you can watch movies.

Besides that, the ads are also placed in an organized manner. With that, there is no disturbance as you watch your most-liked movies or episodes.

3. SolarMovie

SolarMovie also has an excellent interface that looks like a paid movie or TV show subscription site. The movie titles are so well-organized through specific genres & categories.

There’s also a filter option that allows you to search for movies per movie type, quality, genre, country, and year of release. Furthermore, the site was designed similarly to Putlocker, but there are variations in movie or TV show availability.

If you wish to use SolarMovie as a Cucirca alternative, it would be the best idea to interchange it with Putlocker from time to time.

4. YesMovies

While YesMovies provides movies or shows streaming of multiple titles, horror & thrillers are the genres that dominate the platform. Registering an account isn’t required to watch the movies, but you will need to do so if you want to interact with the site features.

There’s a What’s Hot section that fills you in on the latest movies or episodes scheduled to be posted on the website. All the movies are also in HD, making the experience more worthwhile, especially if you’re a horror lover.

5. Popcorn Time

Unlike other online show providers, Popcorn Time is more of a software than a platform. So you have to download it on your computer or laptop.

There’s no need to create an account. You can start watching your best-loved movies upon launching the software. Besides, the platform makes money by offering an extra VPN subscription on top of the free online TV platform.

6. Go Movies

It is a free online TV platform that provides you access to a rich list of movie or episode titles. There’s no need to create an account unless you want to interact with the site.

There’s a tab for movie-related news and a Top IMDb section. While it’s considered an excellent alternative to Cucirca, the site comes with ample ads when you click on the play button.

7. See HD

The movie & TV titles are organized alphabetically and per category. There are no particular tabs or features for this site. As compared to the rest of our Cucirca picks, See HD’s user interface is simpler for more straightforward navigation.

Additionally, as the name suggests, you can watch the movies or episodes in HD. The video player has a component that allows you to select the quality of the video. There are very few ads on this site, which is great for seamless movie watching.

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8. Lunch Flix

The movie or episode library is not as complete compared to sites such as Putlocker and SolarMovie. The genres horror, thriller, and fiction dominate this online free TV streaming platform. There are some animated movies as well.

Moreover, several ads are placed on the video player. Despite the momentary disturbance, once the video starts, you will notice little to no buffering.

9. 5 Movies

The website is bombarded with ads, but it has multiple titles for both movies & TV shows. There is no registration required. The TV shows and movie titles are well-organized both alphabetically & per genre.

10. xMovies8

xMovies8 has a rich list of show and movie titles, both Hollywood & Bollywood-made. You’ll experience plenty of interruptions whenever you tap to play or pause due to ad pop-ups. However, you’ll also enjoy HD quality for all available titles.

Additionally, multiple video links are available for each title to give you options if one of the sources is down. You also don’t need to register an account to enjoy watching free shows & movies.

11. Movies Joy

You can enjoy TV shows and movies from Movies Joy without a registered account. There’s also an Android app that you can download to enjoy your most-liked shows straight from your mobile phone. The titles include animated cartoons & Korean Novelas.

12. Noxx

You will have to complete a CAPTCHA to access the site, but you will be greeted by a neat and clean website with moderate ads to support its free services. Besides, the platform has a vast list of movie & TV show titles.

Additionally, the titles are not organized since TV shows, and movies are listed under the Movies category. Apart from that, the quality of the videos is terrific. There’s no registration required to watch movies & TV shows on this platform.

13. Look Movie

The genres that dominate this online TV streaming platform are cartoons, thriller, fiction, and other categories that would most interest millennials. And the majority of the videos play in HD quality. The UI is simple yet modern. There are ample ads, but not in a chaotic way.

14. Cinebloom

You can watch movies & TV shows without any need to register an account. The library is refreshed daily with the latest and trendy movies or episode titles. However, the repository is not as complete when it comes to classical movies or shows.

15. Soap2Day

The site has a massive variety of TV shows and movie titles. It also contains full clips of some sport-related playoffs like the FIFA World Cup. You do not have to register an account to start streaming.

16. Online Free Films

The UI is simple and straightforward. It comes with a white background, no specific features, just the main menu, alphabetical & time-based categorization of the show titles. You do not need an account to watch shows.

Furthermore, the library is rich with both classical & modern movies or TV show titles. There is little to no interruption of ads while watching a show.

17. S Hush

You do not need to have an account to watch movies on this platform. Although, if you want to participate in the forum, creating an account is something to consider. You even have to download and install the S Hush extension to play the videos.

Besides, the site only has a limited selection of movies and TV show titles available on the website. Ads are also pretty prominent on this platform.

18. Watch Series

Ads & pop-up notifications are prominent on this website. Nonetheless, it has a massive library of old and new movies or TV shows. There’s also a mobile app that you can download & install on your Android phone.

You’ll also find a Request tab on the menu to inform the admins if there is a specific movie or TV show title that you want to be added to the library.

19. Y Movies

The website has numerous good titles you can watch. However, there are also ample ads that can interrupt both your title discovery & watching session.

Moreover, you can search for movies per language. You do not have to register to start watching movies and episodes.

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20. Los Movies

This website only has a moderate number of ads compared to most free-streaming platforms. There’s a tab where you can browse through various actors & actresses who have starred in the platform’s titles.

Besides that, there’s a special category where you can look through movies & TV shows that have subtitles.

21. Vex Movies

This no-registration site is new. Hence, it does not have a lot of episodes & movie titles yet. Regardless, it contains some of the freshest TV show releases of all time.

An advanced search option allows you to search for titles per year of release or video quality. You can even request titles via the contact page.

22. FlixTor

FlixTor is a free live streaming website with little to no ads. But some certain movies and episodes are restricted. And to gain access to these exclusive titles, you need to join a VIP subscription.

The is fast to load & easy to navigate. You can start watching without logging in. It doesn’t support HD video quality, though.

23. Tubi TV

Tubi TV rises to the level of Netflix when it comes to design & functionalities. It’s completely free-to-use, and you can watch any episode or movie without an account. Although, it may not be for folks who are into the latest Hollywood titles.

Furthermore, most of the shows or movies available on this platform are older movies and new indie movies. Some of the shows are not in HD quality. But there is a Tubi TV app downloadable for iOS & Android devices so you can take your best-loved shows wherever you’re.

24. Vumoo

This free TV streaming platform has zero ads. It is the perfect choice for people who want to explore movies & TV show titles that are not mainstream. You do not have to create an account to start watching.

Additionally, some of the drawbacks are its standard to low-quality videos and the limited supply of titles to watch.

25. Him Movies

Some ads infiltrate this website but not in a distracting way. You can quickly start watching shows without logging in. Plus, the platform has a rich supply of movie & TV show titles. Some titles are in HD quality but mostly support standard quality.

There’s also an app that you can download on your Android device for portable movie or TV show watching.

26. Project Free TV

Project Free TV has a complete episode list for every trendy and well-known TV shows. It also contains a good list of movie titles. However, you would need to click several ads before the video plays. You can start watching without any need to register an account.

27. Cineb

There’s no registration required. The site contains a good selection of movies & TV show titles. And there are no ads to disturb or interrupt your user experience. The quality of the videos is quite good, but for some reason, the lighting is dark.

28. Tiny Zone TV

The website is reminiscent of a YouTube version of a free streaming platform. There are no ads on this website. Though pop-up notifications frequently appear from time to time.

The videos are in HD, and you do not have to create an account to enjoy the experience. There’s an app that you can install on your Android device.


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What Is Cucirca?

Cucirca used to be one of the most leading and popular free online TV streaming platforms.

What Happened To Cucirca?

It eventually shut down due to some content copyright issues.

What Are The Three Best Cucirca alternatives?

Some of the excellent free movie streaming sites no sign up required are Tubi TV, Cineb, & Putlocker.

Are All These Cucirca Alternatives Free-To-Use?

Yes, they are free-to-use.

It felt like a tragedy for online TV enthusiasts when Cucirca was shut down. Luckily, many top-notch alternatives are available online.

Final Words

Dear Readers, what do you think of Cucirca? Do you know any best free streaming alternatives that were not mentioned in this article? I would love to know in the comments section.

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