16 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2020-2021

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

As you know, working without your boss’s direct supervision comes with privileges like more freedom & flexibility to your work schedule. Though, distractions can take away your focus and also make you unproductive.

So, Google Chrome is the go-to web browser for day-to-day tasks for many of us. It is feature-packed, and the consistent improvements have made it one of the most leading and famous browsers. On the other side, it can quickly turn out to be your number one source of distractions. Think of YouTube, email notifications, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. It takes one tap to sink into a hole of distraction.

Fortunately, there’s a way to avoid such distractions & stay focused on your projects as well. Enter Chrome productivity extensions. These are apps designed to reduce clutter, block distractions, save time, and help you get your job done. Additionally, if you work online most of the time, you should have at least one or two productivity extensions on Chrome that you swear by.

Here are the best and top-notch Chrome extensions for productivity that you’ll love and admire.

1. Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow is a productivity timer Chrome extension that uses the Promodoro technique, which provides you 25 periods of distraction-free work, followed by 5-minute breaks. Besides, the tool allows you to block websites that may distract you or enable specific websites that you use.

2. Momentum

Your blank new tabs do not have to look dull and boring. Momentum is one of the great Chrome themes for productivity that you can find. After you add Chrome extension, it replaces your blank new tabs with attractive photos of nature and an inspirational quote. You can even change details like the local time & the current weather condition.

Furthermore, Momentum helps you concentrate throughout the day. Simply fill out your main focus for the day, & the extension reminds you every time you open a new tab.

3. Todoist

Todoist is a productivity tool that assists you to stay organized & on track. If you do not want to waste time launching the app every time, the Todoist Chrome extension makes managing your tasks straightforward.

Once you add new tasks to your to-do list, the icon displays the number of tasks due on that specific day. You can prioritize tasks as per their due dates to easily keep track of the deadlines. Furthermore, the color-code feature is handy since it helps you quickly identify your projects rather than wasting time combing through the list.

4. OneTab

If you’re guilty of opening a thousand tabs while working, OneTab has got your back. This Chrome extension takes all your tabs, then converts them into links, and lists them all in one tab with ease.

How cool is that?

Not merely does OneTab reduce clutter, but it even saves up to 95 percent of memory. To restore a tab, tap on its link. OneTab is also customizable, and you can manage the tabs by dividing them into groups & remove duplicates.

5. StayFocusd

As the name suggests, StayFocusd is specially designed to block time-wasting sites while you work. It allows you to block those tempting websites that you cannot stay away from, such as YouTube or Facebook. As such, you’ll not be able to access them for the rest of the days.

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Moreover, you can customize which websites you want to block. You can even decide if you wish to bar the entire site or specific types of content. Additionally, you get to choose the duration the sites should remain blocked. The best part about this innovative productivity extension for Chrome is the settings are irreversible.

When you set the number of hours or days you want some websites restricted from access, there’s no going back. You’ve to wait until the blocking duration expires. With nothing to distract you, you can easily focus on your work.

6. Extensions Manager

Now that you’ve over 15 Chrome extensions filling half your Chrome screen, would not it make sense to have an Extensions Manager? This extension assists you in organizing all of the extensions added to your browser.

Additionally, it lists all the extensions you’ve on Chrome and provides you options to hide some extension icons to keep your browser neat. It also makes it easy to enable, disable, & delete the extensions you no longer want.

7. Evernote Web Clipper

Our Chrome extensions productivity list will not be complete without mentioning Evernote Web Clipper. It’s an extension to Evernote, the app that clips & saves any web page for you to access later from any device. It is more like the Bookmarks tool, only with better & more advanced features.

It allows you to highlight text, search for saved clips, edit them, sync to the device, etc. It is a must-have extension if you need to create notes in text, drawing, or photo format. Besides that, you can share info with anyone with just a single tap.

8. Boomerang for Gmail

Who would have thought you could compose an email & send it later? Boomerang for Gmail’s developers did and came up with this fantastic Chrome extension. Now you can easily create emails and set the time once you want them to be sent. The extension also enables you to track your responses & know when the recipient opens the email.

Additionally, the best part is Boomerang for Gmail is integrated with AI to help you write emails. The AI can analyze your emails and also enable you to know the likelihood of receiving a response.

9. LastPass

If you’re like most people, you have multiple accounts for various websites, each with a different password. I know, remembering those passwords can be such a pain. That explains why many folks resort to using the same password in all accounts. Indeed, this will pose a security risk to their accounts.

Moreover, LastPass takes away that stress by auto-filling passwords for all the accounts you save with the extension. Apart from that, the extension helps you to generate strong passwords & replace weak ones. This free password manager contains more than 7 million users for a good reason. Not merely does it save you time, but it also allows you to add credit card details, save any sensitive data, or attach Docs or PDFs to your LastPass account. That’s the best way to secure your data & protect your privacy.

10. AdBlock

Imagine browsing the internet happily merely to be exhausted by spammy ads. Promotions are trying to sell you the latest and trendy Air Jordan shoes that you checked out some days back. Few ads are even intrusive, and they only leave you frustrated and bothered, considering the number of times they bombard your screen.

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Put a stop to those irritating ads by AdBlock. It is one of the top productivity extensions that you can add to Chrome to enjoy smooth surfing. It works in the background, and it does not track your online activity or store your user data. Now, you can easily watch those YouTube video clips you love without being forcefully interrupted by ads.

11. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management software that is specially designed to keep you and also your team productive. The ClickUp Chrome extension is just as robust as the app itself.

Besides that, among other functions, it lets you bookmark websites and take screenshots of any site and also edit them. It enables you to create new tasks & attach emails to the task and track the time you & your team spend on sites.

12. Noisli

Some people cannot focus in noisy surroundings. Noisli has the best solution for you. It creates a background, ambient sounds that take you to a tranquil or quiet environment filled with nature sounds. You can select the sound combo that you find the most inspiring or relaxing, depending on your mood.

The extensive list of sounds will also leave you spoilt for choosing what sounds you desire to listen to. All in all, you can be sure to focus better and enhance your productivity with such calming and soothing sounds playing in the background. Just select a mix of sounds & plug in your headphones.

13. Blank New Tab Page

The Blank New Tab Page Chrome extension for productivity is the opposite of Momentum. It eliminates any settings, background pictures, themes, or recently visited pages & replaces them with a completely blank, white page. In case you find personalized dashboards distracting, this extension is best for you.


Speaking of personal dashboards, if you like to have everything within easy reach, the Chrome extension is the ideal companion. It allows you to populate your browser’s dashboard with your to-do list, bookmarked web pages, productivity widgets, news feeds from specific sites you have selected, and most-liked photos from around the web, and also videos. Simply put, brings your daily schedule online, on just one page, for quick access.

15. Bitly

Social media marketers will find Bitly the top and highly productive tool. It takes your links & shortens them for sharing on social media. Additionally, you can do all that straight from the browser. If you need more personalization features, try their Enterprise plan.

16. GIPHY for Chrome

Animated GIFs make social media posts; blog posts also emails engaging & funny. With GIPHY for Chrome, you can choose the best GIF from one of the largest GIFs databases & quickly add it to your content without leaving the page

Wrapping Up

Now that you have added some of the best and top-rated productivity extensions to Chrome, try them out & keep the ones that save your time while making you more efficient.

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