15 Best CouchTuner Alternatives That Work in 2020

CouchTuner Alternatives

Is Couchtuner no longer working for you?

Don’t worry; you’re at the right destination. In this article, I will share the superior and top-rated Couchtuner alternatives with you. Are movies and TV shows your first source of entertainment?

Being enthusiastic about movies and TV shows, it is quite challenging to find content that keeps us interested until the end. Discussing the economic status, subscriptions for paid streaming clients placed a deep cut on your pocket.

In that case, it is vital to have a streaming client that allows free streaming and provides diversified content. Fortunately, Couchtuner has been a bonus for binge-watchers for a long time.

However, Couchtuner occasionally removes the titles without any prior notification, and the titles aren’t very diverse. Therefore, I will look at some prominent Couchtuner alternatives that provide diverse and free movies & TV shows.

The top part is that you can watch new release Watch Movies Online for free without signing up.

15 Best CouchTuner Alternatives

1. Vid Strum

Exceptionally for the love of drama entertainment, this site is no less than a goldmine for TV drama content. That is why it is placed in this well-researched list of couchtuner alternatives. This website provides a lot of free content to all of its users.

The UI of Vid Strum is extremely user friendly & clean. Additionally, the ad consistency is kept low so that you can enjoy your content without annoying ads or pop-ups.

There are no region-based or country-based restrictions on this site for the streaming of movies & TV shows. You can always enjoy all the movies & shows from any corner of the universe.
This website even points towards third party streaming clients and acts as a mediator between the client and the user. However, the site is too picky with the collection & ensures that you get the top-most quality of content on this website.


2. Soap2day

Soap2day is the most leading and famous movie streaming site and one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner. It lists TV shows & movies of all genres. Its UI is very well-designed, which makes it very simple to find the latest & trending content.

Additionally, you can save content and make requests. Soap 2 Day doesn’t store files on its server. Third parties provide all the content on Soap2day. You can request content that isn’t listed on the site. So you can get your best-loved stuff quickly.


3. Just Watch

Coming up next on this rundown, there is a friendly and effective couchtuner alternative called Just Watch. As best as its name, the services of streaming & downloading on this website are always top-notch. This site offers you an extremely minimal UI with an endless collection of popular movies from all around the world. Additionally, you can also watch any TV series worldwide with this website’s help for entirely free.

The movie & TV show library provided by this site is sorted exceptionally well. Therefore, you won’t encounter any problem finding your most-liked movie or show from thousands of titles uploaded on the site.


4. Xfinity

Personalization is at its peak through the Xfinity site. This site is just like a heaven for binge-watchers. It contains numerous movies from family to action; you can choose from more than 20 genres of movies on this website. Besides that, you do not need to register for an account to download your favorite movie to your PC.

This couchtuner alternative site has a very low number of ads in its UI. Therefore, you do not have to anxious about annoying pop-ups and content covering ads while streaming movies on this site for free.

Lastly, it has a separate section for news related to music to get insights into movies’ latest happenings. The section is updated daily so that you catch up on all the latest and viral news.


5. TV Muse

Another excellent couchtuner alternative is TV Muse. This website contains amazingly diverse content that guarantees satisfaction to all of its users. From animations to news, this website covers everything you need for the best home time.

Furthermore, all the titles & content updated on this site are always to download for absolutely free. You do not even need to register for an account on the site to download your favorite movie.

Talking about its navigation and UI, you will never find any difficulty in navigating through the site. The user interface is exceptionally minimal & clean.


6. Watch Series

If you’re fond of watching drama, anime, and TV shows, this website is an excellent alternative for couchtuner. The Watch Series features an endless number of series & episodes from some of the most popular TV serials and anime shows.

Moreover, the site provides you a high-definition stream of all the TV shows and anime listed on this couchtuner alternatives. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite shows in an unparalleled quality to not even miss a single detail.

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Besides, the site also provides you free movies. You can register for an account on the site or simply log-in with your Facebook account to become a part of the community. You can also search for your best-loved series or movie with the help of a search box available on the website.

Furthermore, the website is an unparalleled source of entertainment for you. You can also subscribe to your most-liked streams and never miss an episode in the future. So, ensure you give this website a try.


7. Café Movie

From classic hits to the latest blockbusters, cafémovie offers you endless hours of entertainment through its unparalleled services. It’s one of the famous alternatives to Couchtuner and is used by many people looking for their most-liked movies.

This site has a highly competitive movie & content library with numerous titles from all around the world. Moreover, all the titles are categorized, so users never find it difficult to find their favorite title among the slew.

If you’re a fan of classic hits, this site has an incredible amount of classic content for you. Thus, you can watch all your old is gold content in just one place.

The top thing is that you can even find content based on languages as well as genre. If you wish to watch content in your native language, you can easily do it.


8. PopcornFlix

Next up on the list is the best multiplatform streaming client for you. PopcornFlix is way more advanced and efficient than any other couchtuner alternative. This fantastic streaming client is available not merely as a web app, but you can also download its app.

Apart from that, the app is available for both Android & IOS devices. Therefore, you can download it and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows on your mobile devices. Hence, you can keep yourself entertained at any time and anywhere.

PopcornFlix sorts the titles based on genre. Therefore, to watch movies, you can select your favorite genre, and it’ll show you all the movies falling under that category. For example, if you want to watch comedy movies, then choose just the comedy genre.


9. RainierLand

When it comes to great high-quality content, Rainierland proves that nothing can beat its core competency. This site has the sole purpose of providing you extremely high-quality content for absolutely free. With this site, you can enjoy your best-loved movies in the best terms of quality.

Moreover, the website features both movies and TV shows. The massive collection of movies ranges from both old hits & new releases. Therefore, you can always find your most-liked movies on this site with ease. You can also search for your preferred movie or navigate based on genre.

The website contains a great collection of episodes from many TV shows worldwide. Additionally, the episodes are uploaded instantly as soon as they are telecasted on TV, so you can easily catch up with your preferred serial. The website doesn’t stream any of its content on its own. Instead, it provides you the links to direct streams so that you can enjoy your movies & TV shows from a direct party without having to deal with any notifications or ads.

10. Watch Episode

Watch episode is another prominent alternative source for Couchtuner. This website offers a massive database of a large number of titles from a wide range of categories. It is incredibly diverse and provides greater flexibility of personalization to its users.

Furthermore, the navigation of the website is also a piece of a cakewalk. You can quickly find your desired movie or TV show without scrolling through the whole site. All the titles are categorized & organized in a well-versed way, so you do not find any difficulty searching for your most-liked show.

Additionally, the latest episodes of all your favorite TV shows and series are updated on the site as soon as they are released, so you can always catch up with your most-liked episodes immediately.


11. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an entirely made website for the sole purpose of streaming free movies. This site has an excellent user interface that offers a friendly experience. Due to this, you can quickly navigate through the site to find your desired content.

Apart from that, all the content available on this website is free to stream. However, you need to register for an account on this website to make use of it. After registering can enjoy the great content on this website without encountering any ads on the platform.

The site provides endless content in numerous genres. For example, you can watch any movie you want from genres like comedy, action, horror, etc. You can even classify the content based on the release date as well as popularity. Simply put, this one is an excellent alternate for couchtuner, and you must give it a try to get hours of free entertainment.

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12. Crave

One of the top-notch alternates for couchtuner is Crave. This streaming client website is developed majorly to stream TV shows worldwide in a larger number of languages and genres. You can easily enjoy all your favorite TV shows through it.

This site features almost all of the famous shows for you to watch, from thrones to friends. Furthermore, all the episodes are uploaded immediately without any delay. You can catch up with your preferred TV shows as soon as they release a new episode.

Simply put, the streaming quality of this website is awe-inspiring. The site provides high-definition streaming for the ultimate experience.


13. PrimeWire

Last but not least, in our list, Prime Wire is the best streaming client for your entertainment needs. This streaming client contains numerous movies in its database, and you can feel free to enjoy any movie available on the site free.

The top part is that you do not need to register for an account to watch your favorite movie. You can visit the site, select your desired title, & start watching it from the website itself.

The site features massive titles from all around the universe. You can also find titles in different languages & genres. Plus, you can search for your preferred movie or categorize them based on category.


14. Couch Tuner Hub

As the name suggests, this is another best alternative for Couchtuner that you can use to browse through your preferred movies and TV shows. Plus, this one is highly based on the original version if you’re missing your beloved companion to enjoy movies.

With that said, the features of this site are relatively similar to that of Couchtuner. Therefore, you will not feel odd while using it if you’re a long-time former user. This site has a superb collection of TV shows and movies for you.

Additionally, you can search for your desired movie from the available list of titles. You can categorize the movie based on their genre or even go with the categories of movies available. Hence, if you’re looking for a perfect couchtuner alternative, this is the most prominent deal.


15. The Dare TV

Dare Tv is a famous and prominent site for streaming the latest TV series & movies in the highest quality. The website fulfills all your entertainment desires on the go. Plus, you never have to pay even a single penny to access digital media on this site.

Thus, you can watch all the movies and shows you want free. It would be best if you had a good internet connection, and you are good to go. In easy words, this website is a massive collection of digital movies and TV shows.

Talking about the diversity of content, you’ll likely find the missed episode of your most-liked serial on this website by just searching for it.



Dear Readers, entertainment is always available at your fingertips with the help of these top-notch alternatives for Couchtuner. All these sites are active and available for use. Besides, each website on the list is an aftereffect of extensive research.

With millions of titles on each of these sites, you will never find it difficult to catch up with your best-loved movie or TV show.


1. What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is a free service that provides you free streaming of movies and TV shows on some of the most popular streaming clients like Netflix & Prime Video. Unlike these paid services, this site makes all these available to you free.

2. What Happened To Couchtuner?

Since Couchtuner was providing movies & TV shows for free, the original owners have all the right to file a copyright claim against it. Thus, Couchtuner can be blocked by your ISP, migrated to a new domain, or is entirely shut down from the internet due to a violation of content guidelines.

3. Is Couchtuner Down?

Yes, it seems that the famous client for streaming media is down because of some unknown reasons. The cause can also be your ISP blocking access to the site or the website’s migration to a whole new domain.

4. What Are The 4 Top Alternatives For Couchtuner?

The four most prominent and popular alternatives to couchtuner are KissCartoon, Tubi TV, Mangastream, and Watch Episode. All these couchtuner alternatives offer excellent service with minimal ads & a greater diversity of content. Thus, make sure you give either of these a shot.

5. Are Couchtuner Alternatives Free?

All of the alternatives that are available on this rundown are free. You can access them for free & enjoy all of their content without even spending a single penny. Thus, keep yourself entertained without paying for any paid media stream.

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