1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites – 6 Best 1337x Alternatives


This article is regarding 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites that you can use. Many Internet users look to torrent sites each year, but the total number of visits to torrent sites gradually decreases. However, when required by a school, workplace, authority, or government, getting access to a torrenting source like The Pirate Bay or 1337x can be difficult.

Torrent trackers like 1337x are one of the best options available. In the event that the website goes down, here are the popular 1337x alternatives that folks typically visit in the event that the website is not operational.

List of 30 Best 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites

No. Proxy Status Speed
1337x Proxy 1 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 2 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 3 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 4 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 5 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 6 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 7 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 8 Online Very Fast
1337x Proxy 9 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 10 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 11 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 12 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 13 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 14 Online Fast
1337x Proxy 15 Online Good
1337x Proxy 16 Online Good
1337x Proxy 17 Online Good
1337x Proxy 18 Online Good
1337x Proxy 19 Online Good
1337x Proxy 20 Online Good
1337x Proxy 21 Online Good
1337x Proxy 22 Online Okay
1337x Proxy 23 Online Good
1337x Proxy 24 Online Good
1337x Proxy 25 Online Slow
1337x Proxy 26 Online Slow
1337x Proxy 27 Online Slow
1337x Proxy 28 Online Slow
1337x Proxy 29 1337× Online Okay
1337x Proxy 30 Online Okay

6 Best 1337x Alternatives

1337x Alternatives that you can use.

1. Zooqle


The one receiving a lot of attention in the world of peer-to-peer sharing is Zooqle. Even though it has lots of information and images on its interface, it is not cluttered.

The torrents are automatically and sensibly organized using Zooqle. According to the site, there are over 4 million verified torrents and about 2,000 trackers that are supported.

A search box at the top includes filters for different kinds of content like movies, music, software, e-books, and so on. You can also run a search by using the Advanced Search option and set various parameters, including size, language, query matching, time-indexed, and more.

2. The Pirate Bay


On a list of torrent sites, The Pirate Bay should rightfully appear next to the other two websites: The Pirate Bay and YTS. is commonly referred to as TPB (The Pirate Bay) and is available in at least 35 different languages. However, it has somehow managed to remain operational through many problems, including downtime and legal difficulties.

This 1337x alternative’s home page is remarkably minimal. Though it may not be visually appealing, it gets the job done. The results screen contains a search box where you can enter your query and various checkboxes to select the categories of the various types of torrents like audio, video, applications, games, etc. Some advertisements appear in search results, but they won’t interfere with your search.

3. KickassTorrents


KickassTorrents, which is The Pirate Bay, has also encountered troubles similar to what The Pirate Bay has faced, such as having their primary domain seized, shut down by ISPs, and legal actions taken by governments. This legendary website is being operated by the original staffers currently and is called

It is difficult to avoid mirrors and fake clones of this torrent alternative. The interface is the same as before, with only a few minor modifications. Unfortunately, the sorting feature doesn’t seem to be working for some reason. Even though there are no annoying ads on the site, the lack of a sorting feature is a major disadvantage.

4. LimeTorrents


For its reliability, most of the LimeTorrents torrent files are verified. KickassTorrents-like website with a color scheme that makes it pleasant to look at.

You can search for torrents, pick various categories, and organize the files based on when they were seeded, how much they’re downloaded, how much they’re seeded, and other features. For our 1337x alternative, we show a verified upload a star badge next to their name in the listings.

Ads? On LimeTorrents, they’re few and far between. The website, however, shows banner ads that go to different VPNs. Compared to other torrenting sites, overall, the experience is not intrusive.

5. Torrent Downloads

Directed toward those who like downloading movies, this torrent website provides you with a selection of videos to choose from. To achieve high-quality movie downloads, the software features a similar interface like 1337x, as well as all of the capabilities that this platform offers.

The website uses a black and brown color scheme and has many mirror sites that aid in the reputation of the main website. Take a look at this one!

6. Torrentz2

Following a series of legal actions, the original Torrentz was shut down in 2016. However, a clone of the website with about 60 million torrents subsequently appeared on the scene known as Torrentz2. This alternative to 1337x torrent search has managed to regain a portion of its user base over time.

A meta-search engine for torrents; a typical torrent download website is not what the site is about. To put it another way, it indexes all popular torrent files and then presents them to the user. You can sort torrents based on upload date, peers, and other factors on the search result page. If you want to give the torrent your opinion, you can do so.

The Bottom Line:

Here, The goal of this compilation is to help you locate an online source to acquire content. If it’s only movies, we have Discographies and other content such as TV shows and documentaries. With these websites as your guide, we hope you find everything you need.

It is always recommended to use proxy servers whenever you use websites that are suspected to be malicious or lead to malware.

Do a quality check on any downloads because a lot of these websites could be blocked by your anti-virus. Please bookmark this page so you can keep up to date with the latest 1337x proxy and mirror sites.

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